Just Moved In? Cross These Jobs Off Your List

Moving into a new home brings all kinds of excitement. Between the unpacking and making it feel like home, some things can be forgotten. 

While you’ll want to focus on decorating and making home improvements, there are some things you should consider doing to help you get settled in, and avoid problems in the future.

Here are some jobs to cross off your list when you first move into your new home.

Make sure all your bills are taken of

Getting all of your bills signed over to your name is one of the first things you need to do when you move to a new home. This helps ensure you don’t end up paying for anything incurred before you moved, and it can help you get a handle on your budget. Starting fresh with a new household budget can help you get your finances off to a great start, and help you plan for all the things you want to do to your new home.

Get into a cleaning routine

It can take time to get to know your new home, and one of the things you’ll need to think about is how you’re going to keep it clean. Maintaining your brand new home can be a lot of work, but if you get a handle on things at the beginning, it will become much easier. It can also help you think about some of the things you’d like to change about your new place if there’s something that requires too much maintenance.

Book your appliances in for a service

While your home might be new to you, there are some things that might not be so new. Your appliances should be serviced once you’ve moved in, just to help put your mind at ease. You should bring in air conditioning repair to take care of maintenance and any repairs you might need. Handling issues at an early stage can help you avoid expensive repairs or replacements later on.

Change the locks

Even if you have no reason not to trust the previous owners, it makes sense to get your locks changed when you move in. You never know how many spare keys have been handed out in the past! It’s a small expense to pay in exchange for making your home more secure.

Introduce yourselves to the neighbors

Moving to a new neighborhood can be daunting, but it’s a good idea to get to know the neighbors. There are a lot of great ways you can introduce yourselves to the neighbors, and you never know, you could end up making some great new friends as a result!

With everything you have to think about when you first move into your home, it’s useful to have some suggestions for things you need to do once you’ve got the keys. Enjoy settling into your new home, and with the little things taken care of, you can focus on really making it feel like yours. 



  • Tamra Phelps

    Definitely change the locks!! When you move into a new apartment, especially, they often don’t even change the locks and God knows who might have a key.

  • heather

    This is a great list of important tips when moving into a new home. I will have to save this one change the locks is a great tip to remember first thing.

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