$50 YOUR Way Giveaway September 2021

Happy September Little Peanuts! I am sooo ready for a fresh month! If you have been a Little Peanut for awhile then you know what an insane month this has been for the blog.

Seriously, how many errors and lost pages can one little blog have in a month!?!?!? A hellovalotta of them, that’s how many.
I swear I believe I spoken to EVERY. SINGLE. TECH at GoDaddy! EVERY. ONE. OF. THEM! At least once. I STILL have errors that are making me insane!!
I am frustrated as all get out! The NEWEST error……… if you use the https:://www you can’t open the blog. I am so sorry Little Peanuts.  I truly am as frustrated as you are. I’m thinking this may possibly be the universe saying that 12 years of blogging is enough. I’m THAT frustrated and that disheartened.

WOW! Okay, pity party over…… let’s channel Cher for this one……

I will do my shout out for Granddaughter Alice. A FIFTH grader mind you!!  Can you guys believe how GROWN up she looks?!?!

Okay Peanuts! Drumroll…. the REAL reason you are here!

Giveaway Time!!

I truly am thankful you stop by! Most of you everyday. As always I am blown away by your support and most of all your friendship!!

My monthly $50 giveaway is my way of saying THANK YOU for being a follower! I really do appreciate the fact that you are here. THANK YOU!!!

This months giveaway has the same exact spiel as last month and the month before and the month before that! The year before and well, you get the idea. For as long as this giveaway is popular, I’ll continue to do it. I am truly thankful and feeling blessed that you stop by. This giveaway is open worldwide for PayPal option only. (I’m not sure the other GC would work worldwide) $50 American $$.

This is a Giveaway that is hosted by me and only me. 

So, by coming back often and staying around for a while, looking at more than one page, really helps me. Of course, any extra clicks on advertisements is always appreciated!! Seriously, HOW subtle is that?!

GOOD LUCK little Peanuts!!!

406 thoughts on “$50 YOUR Way Giveaway September 2021

  1. Today my son and I went to Costco and then I attempted to teach my son how to drive. This old lady was going to have a heart attack. Lol

  2. Another internet repair guy came today. This one seemed to better know what he was about, lol. He said it is somethin g wrong with cables not in my place…turns out others here are having issues, too. So, later this evening it went out again, but when I called ready to holler at somebody, she said it was down while they tried to repair the big issue. Hopefully, they did. I know these are ‘1st world problems’ as they say–but that internet connection becomes your lifeline. It seems you can’t get anything done these days without being able to send an email or log on to their website. (Ha, the internet lady said ‘when you go to log back in, you might need to reboot, follow the instructions in the email we’ll send.’ Uh…if I can’t get online, how will I read your email??? Fortunately, this is not my first reboot, lol. Not even the first one today.)

  3. My day has gone fine so far. It is hard to believe that it is the last day in September. We have leftovers from dinner for lunch tomorrow – hurray!

  4. Not a bad day really. Bit too warm for my liking though. I guess we only get a week long Fall then back to summer.

  5. It’s a gorgeous day, again. I can’t remember such a great end to September. Though, the leaves are dropping rapidly. The cooler “real” fall is coming.

  6. My day is going pretty good super busy doing housework and catching up on laundry. I am taking a break right now and watching a little television.

  7. Day is going good. My new bath rug and toilet cover lid came in. I struggled to get that cover on, I like it and don’t want it to have to go back, it is a little too small….. hmm maybe double-sided tape will help? It is staying on…. for the moment! Yippee…

  8. My day is just starting but it’s going to be a long one. I have to take my mom for a colonoscopy later this morning. Luckily I have a good book to read while I wait.

  9. Quiet day at home. Learning my new phone and downloading apps for it.
    Cold front came through over night. Yesterday’s 83 degrees is the last warm weather we’ll see for a while.

  10. Today really feels like fall. I had my regular “summer” clothes on, but I had to cave in and put on a sweater. But it is so nice!

  11. My day is going pretty good just got home from going to the store. It has been a fast week I can’t believe it is already Wednesday.

  12. Thunderstorm and hailstones last night kept me awake and now the council are tarring the road outside so not much chance of a much-needed nap. I do love the smell of tar though! Remember Mum telling us of how children would follow the tar truck breathing in the fumes to clear their lungs.

  13. Looking at the weather and deciding what trouble I can get into today – /i would really like to clear out a flower bed and re-plant with flowers for Christmas. greenery and red flowers!

  14. My day is going fine so far. I got a very early start today. I am chugging away at getting parts of my big project done.

  15. Sigh. I can’t seem to get a thing done. It’s my own fault…I start something, get distracted and forget what I was supposed to be doing, lol. Story of my life.

  16. Went to the T-Mobile store to get my new phone set up. Funny how you can hate an inanimate object like a phone. But I swear it was evil and had to be replaced. Now all the fun stuff of getting my new phone set up just like I want it. I asked about cleaning up the old one to give to a friend and it’s pretty easy to set it up to Factory install which erases everything on the phone like apps, contacts, pics, etc. I won’t tell her that the phone is evil. I’m sure it will work fine for her.

  17. Well Mercury went Retrograde and you could surely tell at the health office this morning – went for my second vaccine dose and it was chaotic, disorganized and all look confused…Also yesterday late afternoon we had a hailstorm here! Yes hail at 10 degrees north of the equator – a major thunderstorm cause an updraft and when the wind driven rain came back from the higher atmosphere it was balls of ice…

    1. Is Mercury in Retrograde why I can’t seem to focus lately??? I swear it seems like life in general has become chaotic! And I can’t remember squat, lol. I get distracted. My brother joked the other day that I’m like a dog that spots a squirrel…(right after I switched subjects literally in he middle of a sentence.)

      1. confusion abounds Tamra – things get delayed and communications are off.. a time in these 3 weeks to go back over old things – do research and basically regroup. also major outer planets are going direct later this month – things will improve after the 18th!

  18. Day is going good. It is dark and rainy, but I like that sometimes, it is cozy. Trying to get some things done around here.

  19. I had a rough night sleeping…up every couple of hours so I am pretty sure its going to be a long day with a few naps!

    1. I know that feeling…Some days the only thing that gets me through is the mantra ‘this too shall pass.’ Repeat until you believe it!!

      1. Oh ladies I know – this is but a temporary blip in the greater scheme of things and we all go through them. Some days are harder than others though. Honestly when you think what others have to go through I should feel ashamed and count my blessings. I just hate not knowing and have very little patience. I just want the house sold, have a bit of money in the bank and move on (somewhere, anywhere)!

  20. My day is going fine so far. I am getting a lot done. A grandchild was great on her first visit to the pediatric dentist – hurray!

  21. My day is going great we are getting some rain and I am so happy. Just got home from doing some running around town and now relaxing and getting ready to make dinner in a little while.

  22. Day is going good. I got my flu shot today, and I went to CVS so I could have the cute bandaid with a red heart on it – love it! Then I did a few other errands before walking home. I saw a praying mantis on the hallway wall yesterday, so avoided that stairwell. Today, I didn’t see it, so I started down the stairs and it came out of nowhere and landed on my hand! AHHHHHHH! I screamed and shook it off. So much for trying to avoid it. I know they are a “good” bug, so I didn’t tell maintenance, but I prefer this bug to be OUTSIDE!

  23. Its a cold & rainy day already. Wish I could stay cured up on the couch with a book but my mom has to get a covid test. She has a procedure Thursday so I guess this is the new normal.

  24. It bucketed down all night long and there’s a lot more due this week. My hip’s really sore and when I tried out the new sink stopper it leaked. Right that’s the moaning out of the way! Onwards and upwards (fingers crossed).

  25. As much as I would love to spend the day outside in the garden the vacuum cleaner is calling me – inside for me today…

  26. My day is going fine so far. I am making a list of things to do today. I hope to get lots of things done. Have a great day, everyone!

  27. Wow. Last week it was baking. Now I’m sittin g here actually having goosebumps because it’s chilly in here, lol.

  28. Day is going good. It was perfect weather today, and I ended up staying home and doing some cleaning. I’m tickled with my new stove, and have been looking for some home decor to go with the new scheme.

  29. My day is going nice and quiet today just taking it easy and relaxing on this Sunday. Hope you are having a great weekend.

  30. My day is going fine so far. I completed a large project this morning and it feels good to have that out of the way. There is much more work to be done, step by step. We are enjoying the cooler temperatures.

  31. It’s a gorgeous lazy Sunday! Just finished a huge breakfast of sausage gravy & eggs. I stumbled upon a new bakery that had sausage, cheddar & onion bread so I used that in place of biscuits! Delicious!!! So far I’ve had 3 of their breads and loved every one of them!

  32. Internet guy spent about 3 hours straightening out the issues with my internet today. Turned out, in the attic, past occupants seem to have spliced the cables for other hook ups, and it was degrading the signal, and he ran a new cable…and other stuff I don’t comprehend, lol. Anyway, for now, it seems good. Fingers crossed, knock wood…throw salt over your shoulder??? Anything that might bring luck.

  33. Had to go to Costco for a couple of things. I remember why I don’t usually go there on Saturdays. Aisles were crowded but checkout was quick. Lovely weather. Sunshine and 83 degrees.

  34. My day is going pretty good just got in the door from doing some running around doing some errands. It’s going to be 90 degrees here today so I am staying inside. We should get some cooler weather starting tomorrow I can’t wait I love the rain.

  35. Day is going good. It is a perfect early fall day, I should be outside! But it is good weather to get things done here, too. Just got done making handmade cavatelli, now they are drying on a rack. Visited with a couple of my neighbors a little while ago.

  36. I had an awful nightmare last night. Haven’t had one of those in decades. Heart-thumping, my shouting woke me – phew! Managed to get back to sleep eventually only to have another weird dream that was turning nasty but it was one of those lucid ones so I woke myself up.

    1. Those have become rare for me, but man, they will keep me up the rest of the night when I do. My Mom used to actually talk and carry on in her sleep. One night, when she was already not well, I woke up to her yelling for me to help her, ‘call for help!’. I didn’t even turn a light on or anything, I just jumped up and grabbed the phone and called. I was on the phone with 911 when Mom looks straight at me (I was in the living room with her by then but it was still a little dark because the light was off, but the TV was on)–she says “who are you talking to?” I said, “It’s 911, you said call for help!” –Well, she had been having a night terror, I guess. All she remembered was someone had got into the house, was after her, and she was trying to get me to come help. The 911 lady was laughing her ass off, lol. The ambulance & fire rescue came, woke the neighborhood up—and I think I needed them more than Mom did, lol!! I was a wreck! But she was not well by then and I worried constantly about her, so that was my instinct–jump and call for help.

  37. Just sitting here remembering when we used to go out dancing…even farther back to dancing with my father at weddings…well going to turn on the music and dance!!!

  38. A lovely day. Took my friend to the botanic gardens. They are have their Fall plant and bulb sale. Didn’t buy anything but the flowers around the gardens were beautiful and it was 74 degree with lots of sun.

  39. Nice day here again. Was real productive today. Just cleaned the dinner mess up in the kitchen and we are indulging in some adult beverages now. Have a great weekend.

  40. It was another lovely day so I washed the outside windows. A farmer was spreading slurry nearby so I couldn’t hang the washing out or it would’ve ponged of poo! Oh, the joys of country life!

  41. More internet issues today. They’re going to send out a technician tomorrow, for now it’s rebooted and working but there’s an issue in the connection somewhere.

  42. It’s getting chilly over here! We had our first light frost last night, but even today, the sun isn’t out and it’s definitely fall.

  43. My day is going pretty good. Wish I didn’t have a headache but still going to try & bake some peanut butter cookies. My husband has been bugging me to bake some & the weather is perfect baking weather!

  44. Day is going along. We have an ongoing email discussion/controversy about our condo budget. One lady who hasn’t been here very long keeps sticking up for something she doesn’t know the whole story. My brownies came out good, and since they were made with healthy ingredients and not too much sugar, I had one for breakfast. Heh heh!

  45. Today is my last day of cleaning vines off citrus trees.. thank goodness…moving on to putting string beans and zucchini in grow beds than begin my weekend…

  46. What a day. Internet problems/outages off and on all day. Dropping everything I pick up–why does that happen some days??? Geeze, I hope tomorrow is better.

  47. Good swim with friends. Then a couple of errands and went inside the grocery store since my last pickup didn’t have all that I wanted. Got a long john for dessert.

      1. It’s my favorite pastry, lol. It’s a long rectangular pastry stuffed with a creamy center, usually topped with a glaze or icing (my favorite is caramel icing.)

  48. My day is going pretty good just got home from picking up some items from Walmart curbside pickup. I like curbside pickup because I don’t like going into that store.

  49. Day is going along. Have some ‘healthy’ brownies in the oven, haven’t been able to make them in years! Made with whole wheat.

  50. It’s a lovely autumnal day today. I’ve cleared out the cupboard under the sink, got my vice grips & sealant gun so I’m going to attempt to dismantle the plumbing! Go me (I think)!

  51. I wish that the vines on my trees grew a bit slower, have to get out to the guava grove. and clean those trees today!

  52. My day went pretty well today. I got pretty much caught up on all housework and got to talk to an old friend on the phone.

  53. Having trouble commenting. I wonder if this will go through… it keeps telling me I have been blocked and must enter my info on a form so the admin can add my IP to allow me to comment. HUH???? Ok. Connie says she was trying a new spam blocker–apparently I sound like spam. Okay, let’s try this now. Here…we…go…

  54. Raining out. I tried out my new oven first time, a batch of healthy crackers – something fast and easy, just to figure out how the features work. The crackers came out really good, and love having an oven! I used whole wheat with a touch of oil and coconut sugar, and rolled them onto sesame and poppy seeds, and brushed the tops lightly with a mix of honey and bbq spices.

  55. I can’t remember if I posted yet or not as they don’t show up till the next day. Anyway, just in case: I had to go to the builder’s merchants to buy a new ‘pop-up’ stopper for the bathroom sink. Now to see if I can fit it!

  56. Its a rainy start to fall here today. I think I will stay cuddled on the couch with a good book and drink warm apple cider.

  57. Yesterday went so well that I was home within an hour – no one was in the pharmacy or any other of the shoppes.. Today I have coconut plants to put in the ground before the rains come.

  58. Had a doctor’s appointment today. Basically, xray was inconclusive, so I get to have an MRI. Yay me, lol. Well, in the end it’ll probably wind up being just arthritis. Hopefully.

  59. Went downtown for my infusion. Then treated myself to Smashburger.
    It’s finally mostly Fall. Had to put on my slippers yesterday. Snow on the tops of the mountains.

  60. You know those days when you get out of bed, and you just know it’s going to be a challenge to get through the day. Yup. That’s the kind of day it is today.

  61. My day is going pretty good just getting ready to do some shopping. We need to find something to keep the woodpeckers away from our house they are just terrible here.

  62. Happy Birthday to me! I’ve just had cherries, yoghurt & muesli for breakfast and this evening’s meal shall consist of spicy chicken pizza with a candle on top, and for dessert some Reece’s cups, chocolate-covered brazil nuts and best of all, none of the calories count 😉

  63. Starting autumn with a nice crisp chilly morning! May rain later though. Looking forward to baking something and not have all the air conditioners and fans going!

  64. It is staying so dark in the morning and getting dark early now. Fall is here, but the leaves aren’t really turning yet. Time to put away the sleeveless tees and shorts. My new stove came in late yesterday, so I haven’t had time to figure out how to use it, etc. Also, I have to buy some food, a new adventure after not having a working oven for a few years.

  65. I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow, with a foot/ankle doctor. My left ankle is giving me fits. Most likely, it’s because my left leg/foot still have to take most of my weight because of that bum right knee, but I’m having it checked to be sure. I need it to keep working until the right knee is fixed and I’m through physical therapy–then it can rest!

  66. It is nice and cool today. My stove should be delivered later today, I’m getting psyched about it. Will need to get groceries so I can actually cook in the oven! I did get a slow cooker, and have been using that, and learned you can make so many things in it, even bread! But those pies….

  67. Last night I got a splash of paint in my hair so stuck my head in the bathroom sink & turned on the taps. The pop-up stopper didn’t work. Dash to kitchen sink & got the paint out. Googled videos of how to fix the pop-up so that’s first thing on my ‘do-it’ list today.

  68. Getting an early start to a long day! First its errands for my mother in law then at 5 p.m is a Dr appointment for my mom. Doing errands & shopping in between for us.

  69. Today is a stunning day.. bright sun, blue sky what a beach day, wish I could run there but the beaches are still closed.. but the borders are open….

  70. Good swim without my friend today. She stayed home to watch the Broncos win their 2nd game. Not very many games that start at 11am like today so she’ll be back swimming next week.
    Then a stop at the library to pick up a book and return 3.

  71. My day is going well. It was nice all weekend, except chilly nights. We almost got down to frost. Now I need to get in high gear, and get the spring bulbs planted!

  72. I swear, I woke up with a headache this morning. It has gradually sub sided, after a few naproxen, lol. Sinuses? Maybe, I don’t know. They don’t seem to be acting up but who knows. It was one of those back of the head headaches. I hate those.

  73. A super relaxing Sunday! I’ve snuck in a couple of cat naps too! Going to attempt homemade chicken nuggets in the air fryer later. I’ve done them before but forgot & came out ok.

  74. Happy Sunday. I have a good bit of baking to do today so I had better get started – after that the day is mine!

  75. It unexpectedly turned into a nice day – suddenly sun! Getting some laundry and cooking done. I keep trying a few different wrinkles to making my own tortillas. Getting ready to cook these to go with the other dish.

  76. I have just discovered that I’ve forgotten to paint my bedroom door. HOW??? I walk in and out through that door several times a day. HOW have I not noticed that it wasn’t done??? Do I walk about with my eyes shut?

  77. I really need to bake today – from bread to cupcakes but the sun is shining and the sky is so blue – outside I go.. will bake tomorrow…

  78. Uh oh, a dark cloud is creeping in to those white fluffy clouds out there…here comes the rain again, I guess. Oh, well. At least I don’t have to go out in it…

  79. Pretty good day today. Had to make a Wal-Mart run for paper & bath products. Now trying to figure out where to order dinner from.

  80. My day is going pretty quiet just taking it easy today and staying home. The weather is getting cooler and I love it we should get some rain tomorrow and I can’t wait.

  81. I walked to town early this morning, to do a few chores. It is dark and overcast, had wanted to get that done before the rain starts. Looking up some recipes for this weekend, nothing fancy, but most for new ideas!

  82. Friday..well the weather looks wonky so I just might wait an hour or two and if it still looks the same I am taking the day off!

  83. My day is going pretty good so far. I am just getting home from running around town and now time to relax before making dinner.

  84. Day is going good. Big storms later, but right now windows are open and letting some fresh air in. Getting some cooking done for later.

  85. I’ve got an appointment next month to see a consultant about my gallstones. I’m not keen on general anaesthetic and am Googling to see if it can be done with an epidural so I can see what’s going on! I had the ligaments in my wonky knee replaced using an epidural & found it fascinating! Just hope it doesn’t interfere with selling the house.

  86. My day is just getting started but I feel its going to be a good one! I plan on relaxing and resting up for a big day of errands & laundry tomorrow.

  87. Big job today… cleaning out our drinking water tanks…emptying them always scares me.. what if it doesn’t rain?? but logically it is rainy season and these months coming up are the rainiest…so here we go…

  88. It definitely is going to rain today. Very overcast, but muggy, out there. Hopefully, rain will break this mugginess.

  89. My day has gone fine so far. An long set of appointments ended earlier than expected – hurray! I am going to cut up and chill a watermelon this afternoon.

  90. Rainy day here today. Was pretty humid running errands with my mom. Its cooling off now while getting ready to take my husband to his 2nd shot appointment.

  91. It’s another great day of relaxation for me. No doctors poking and prodding, although I am still very sore from my Wound Care appointment on Monday.

  92. It is nice and cool today, although cloudy, but a good day to get some things done. It sure feels like fall. and this is the time of year I really like. My new stove is going to be delivered next week, and I haven’t used my oven now for over a year. I’d say it took about four months to come in after ordering. I’m very excited and looking forward to make some fall pies!!

  93. Halfway through September already. Honestly my life is just whizzing by and bugger all to show for it. Sorry, having a ‘poor me’ kind of day!

    1. Oh, that’s me every other day sometimes!! But honestly, time does go quicker these days…it must be! I can’t be imagining it.

  94. This morning before I go out and weed.. so much fun.. I am going on a virtual art gallery tour.. do not know as yet which one but I have my coffee by my side and the cats so off I go…

  95. My day is going pretty good just got in the door and just doing stuff around the house. I am so ready for fall weather to come it is supposed to be 90 degrees here today and I am so tired of it.

  96. Day is going along! I washed the bath mat and matching toilet cover, oh oh, now the cover is shredded. I just fussed with it to get it ready for “surgery” soon, to see if I can put it back together. I washed it on light, but I should have put it in one of those netting bags. Woops.

  97. Yesterday I replaced the sealant around the bath & sink – moving on to steam-cleaning the shower today (well, that’s the plan, anyway).

  98. Just finished changing the house over to fall decorations.. One might think I have lost my mind but even though I live here I still need fall and all the trappings of it! Cannot have the cool/cold air but pumpkins I can have!

  99. My day is going okay just got home from doing some running around and happy to be home. I miss the old days when it was ladies first in the door at the grocery store these younger men have no manners these days.

  100. I’m getting very impatient. I really want to get that knee surgery done before Winter…hopefully, I will. I’m tired of being patient. I’ve been patient for about three+ years now, and I’m getting impatient with being patient. I am getting very close to the weight he wants me at, so maybe it’ll happen soon.

  101. Worked really hard this weekend so today I have done the minimum. We sorted & stacked wood onto pallets for the grills and smoker (I even saved a baby toad from being crushed) and all kinds of chores yesterday so today I was like MEH. I hope you had a nice weekend,

    1. I cut my own for ages now. I’ve gotten a little better at it. I recall when my mom let me cut her hair, I had to keep cutting the other side to even it out, and would mess up each time until her hair was really short. Oops. She was a good sport about it, but I still feel bad. She didn’t want to go back to her hairdresser, who was our neighbor, and she didn’t have the nerve to go to another hairdresser. Miss my mom.

        1. no! At this point I can laugh at the haircut, missing my mom is something that happens, not due to anyone! But thank you for caring!

    2. I’ve cut mine for years. Fortunately, we live in an age when ‘choppy’ cuts are fine, lol!! I just say ‘I meant for it to look like that’ and carry on…

        1. I literally just reach around and cut away at it, lol. I do check with a mirror and try to make it look fairly symmetrical, lol. But, like I said, I’m fine with ‘choppy.’

  102. Didn’t go swimming today because it was the first in-person rehearsal for Sage Singers. I stayed at home and watched it on Zoom.

  103. There’s an odd smell here today. I can’t figure out what it is or where it’s coming from… it’s driving me nuts! It’s weirdly sweet but a little like mowed grass, too. What the heck is it?????

      1. Lol, it was scented clorox bleach!! The handyman here knew I had complained about a slight mildewy smell when I turn the a.c. on and he poured bleach on the coils of the outside unit. It had a ‘summer meadow’ flowery scent… and they mowed the other day, so cut grass got on the coils, too, I guess. Thus the slightly sweet but grassy scent… Anyway, the mildewy smell is gone.

  104. My day is going pretty quiet so far. Just catching up on laundry and doing stuff on the computer. Just taking it easy today hope you are having a nice Sunday.

  105. Another beautiful day! I just got done vacuuming and doing some other chores, hope to get out and enjoy the weather in a little while!

  106. Enjoying a nice quiet Sunday. Its football season which means Sundays are snacking & grazing days. I don’t have to cook a big meal. Basically throw things in the oven or in a bowl.

  107. I’m feeling extremely lazy today. I might do a bit more work on Mum’s old table. Have I mentioned that before? Over 150 years old, oak, ornate, oval side table that was mildewed, covered in years of spray polish, shoe polish, water marks etc. I’ve spent hours sanding & cleaning and one coat of Tung oil that’s already soaked in. The colours of the original grain are beautiful although there are still a couple of stains. Another coat of oil, I think.

      1. Tip of the day: when sanding anything have the vacuum cleaner on! That stuff gets everywhere. I learnt the hard way!

  108. We have been experiencing short power outages lately due to the weather , so I have decided to upgrade our 12v and solar.. even though it is Sunday our electrician is coming today to see what new 12v things we can move up to…

  109. Today I went to the store and then made soup for my daughter and grandkids who are dealing with covid. then my other kids took me to birthday dinner at Cracker Barrel.

    1. I hope she doesn’t. I’ve had several relatives who got Covid. Many of them fibbed to me about getting vaccinated. Now some of them are finally getting the shot(s).

  110. today has been busy – lots of outdoor chores this morning and now it’s raining – moving to the indoor chores. thanks

  111. Kind of a quiet somber day being 9/11 but my mom & I made a quick trip to the farmers market so I could stock up on garlic. Plus its Concord Grape season and they are my favorite ones of all so I grabbed some and pretty much devoured them in one sitting!

  112. Day is going good. It is cool like fall and sunny. I’ve got a big apple cobbler in the slow cooker, with Granny Smith’s. Thinking about 9/11.

  113. Just sitting here trying to get my ass in gear, looking at the leaves turning golden & red. Memories of 20 years ago flooding back; the futility of it all.

  114. Man. What a day. I didn’t fall asleep until daylight this morning…I hate those days. I slept until noon, lol, but still felt tired and cranky. Well, those nights happen now and then.

  115. Just hiding inside from the heat and the smoke. Hit a record high temp for the entire month of September today at 97 degrees.

  116. My day is going pretty good. Just got in the door from doing some shopping. I like to stock up the house with my groceries before the weekend to avoid the crowds.

  117. My day has been exhausting! Spent 3 hours writing for my mom to get her pre-op testing. Now relaxing and enjoying a cool breeze.

  118. My day is going fine so far. We had home made hamburgers for lunch. Next I’m going out to check our mailbox for today’s mail.

  119. Day is going good. It is bright enough I can get some things done here. Making custard right now – what to do with extra eggs!! Yum.

  120. Another rainy day.. I should get out the dust rags and vacuum and start doing my weekly sanitizing but I really want to sit here drink coffee and play with the fur babies…

  121. Good swim with friends. Then the library to pick up a book on hold. Then Kaiser for a walk-in flu shot. Then Smashburger to reward me.

  122. My day is going pretty good so far today. I am just doing stuff around the house and taking care of our pet babies. I love being a pet parent!

  123. We’re having more rain today, at least it isn’t a hurricane! But they expect flooding from all the prior rain from the 3 hurricanes already. I’m just getting a few things done here, nothing too heavy duty.

  124. The thunder storms & rain have gone. Now we have all-enveloping fog that’s making it so quiet & spooky! The cobwebs are bejeweled!

  125. My day is just starting. Finally found a second to pop in and see if I could get in here. Thought it was my device & gave up last month.

  126. Quiet day at home. Got email that I won a Little Bites prize package that includes a $25 Visa.
    Smoke and 87 today. No clouds, but no blue sky either.

  127. Dark, dreary and rainy from Tropical Storm Mindy. Just made angel hair pasta and sauce and about to watch some tv here in a few.

  128. My day has been just okay. There was a gigantic rainstorm this morning. It was in the middle of our running errands and we got drenched.

  129. My day is going okay just got home from doing a bunch of running around and also paying bills. Now time to relax and come here to my favorite blog. Thanks for all you do love your blog so much also your Instagram.

  130. Was dark and gloomy, with storms at noon. Now at 4:30 the sun is shining through the clouds. Kentucky weather.

  131. Another beautiful day. The fire marshal office is here, our complex has managed to weasel out of remedying so many things. The fire marshal doesn’t do the statutory annual inspection, so you have to call in complaints. The management here told me they would make my life miserable if I ever call the town again, so if you believe in God, please keep me in your prayers, for protection from their retaliation and threats. There are many bad situations here, and many people too old and infirm to be able to get out if something happens.

  132. Thunderstorms, torrential rain … the swallows are getting ready to leave … life goes on though and the big clear up won’t happen by itself.

  133. Had so many garden plans for today but the sky turned dark and I hear rumblings of thunder…Anyway I will work in the garage to plant seedlings…

  134. It sounds like I am always complaining. Our Internet service provider is working to get the lines fixed. Have service now but who knows how much longer.

  135. 10 degrees cooler today, but still all the smoke.
    I got my new modem from Century Link but will wait til tomorrow to set it up. I have the skills…..
    I looked it up and Qwest became Century Link in 2010. My current modem says Qwest…. So really? 11 years old?

  136. My day is going just okay so far today. I have had an upset stomach all morning so that has been no fun at all. I am finally starting to feel a little better. Taking it easy today as it is going to be hot and smokey here.

  137. Went for my vaccine today.. first dose of Pfizer.. waited for this one because of FDA approval.. taking the rest of the day off…

    1. Yay! Good to hear. My sis & niece both had Pfizer and were fine after the first. Bit of a sore arm, that was it.

  138. My day is going fine so far. We had microwaved frozen meals for lunch. I have some cooked chicken in the refrigerator for dinner.

  139. Had to collect my niece from Dublin yesterday so lost half a day of clean-up & packing. Today’s gorgeous so hopefully I’ll get out there. Otherwise, clean up the main bathroom, re-apply sealant round bath & sink etc. et voilá, another room finished!

  140. My day is going pretty good just got home from grocery shopping it was pretty quiet out there today. Hope you are all having a nice Labor Day today.

  141. Well, I do li.ke this slight change in the weather here in Kentucky. It’s not surface of the sun hot but it’s not full-on Fall either. Perfect September temps. A little rainy but that’s okay. Today looks sunny.

  142. Day is going good. It stopped storming, so it is sunny enough that I just finished vacuuming and will be heading down to the basement to see about laundry and how the water is doing in the storage bin.

  143. My day is going fine so far. Our son in law is doing a cookout on the grill today. Almost everything tastes better when it is grilled.

    1. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Michael, Happy Birthday to you (and many more!) x

  144. Good swim with my friend today. Then I went INTO the grocery store because I am out of milk. I have to order $35 to get free pickup and I didn’t need anything else.

  145. Well we lost power again at 2am and the internet went down also…digicel came back a short white ago but thank goodness current came back at noon… writing my shopping lists for tomorrow and deciding to go and do the vaccine this week…

  146. Rainy day. The temperature has definitely dropped this month, though, so that’s nice. 95° days do not bring me joy ?! Of course, September can be unpredictable– it might turn into Summer again any day.

  147. Today has been a good day so far. I went grocery shopping. I like the cooler temperatures we have been having in the mornings.

  148. My day is going pretty quiet here so far just taking it easy. The smoke from all the wildfires is so thick that we can’t even go outside so I am watching movies and doing stuff on my computer.

  149. Wow, I get up today and it is like fall! Cool and crisp, we’re having snap of cool weather, nice! And so many country fairs this weekend.

  150. Went to bed at 9pm to watch a new Swedish crime series on BBC. Woke up at 10 this morning. Idris The Wonder Cat was not impressed at being locked out.

  151. My day is going pretty good just got home from the store and now doing some stuff around the house. I am making some homemade iced tea so yummy.

  152. Where has my brain gone??? I swear it seems I don’t have half the memory I used to have. These days, I can forget what I need to do within seconds of thinking about it! I sit here knowing there was something I needed to do but can’t remember what it was, lol. Argh!! I’m actually thinking of trying one of those memory boosting supplements… I wonder if they help at all.

    1. It’s nothing to do with your brain – it’s just that you have lots of time, so you don’t have that sense of urgency anymore. Pen and paper. Remember them? Best remedy in the world! And crosswords; if you’re not into them, try even the simplest ones. Great for concentrating the mind.

      1. I do like crosswords. I used to buy bundles of back issues of the challenger ones from Dell Crosswords because Mom loved them, too. And cryptograms. Mom taught me how to do those when I was a kid. After she died, I stopped buying them. Maybe I do need to take it back up. Oh, I keep a notepad beside me here. If I don’t write something down, there’s at least a 50/50 chance I’ll forget it!

  153. Current is finally back. We had one helluva freak wind storm with heavy rain that knocked out 90% of the island. thank goodness we here are prepared with 12V and solar…now to go out and clean debris!

  154. Computer sorted! Uninstalled AVG & installed Norton and everything works perfectly! Much cheaper too and recommended by my consultant, my sister.

  155. Aarrgghh! My new phone has a battery drain. I can watch the numbers go down in real time. I got my last phone because I wanted longer battery life. Have to check out what’s happening.

  156. My day is going pretty good just made a pasta salad for dinner later this evening. Now just dealing with a slow computer.

  157. It’s barely past noon and already it’s been a day. Not to be too graphic, but I had to pee in a cup for the doctor this morning because I started peeing blood yesterday… Geeze. I feel fine. I think it’s just a side-effect of a sensitivity to a supplement I’ve been taking. (Tart Cherry Concentrate, which really helps with edema.) It figures that when I finally find something that really helps I’m allergic to it, lol. I knew I was having sensitivity issues with it. I get that weird feeling like you can feel your insides jangling and buzzing (I get that with any antibiotic I’m allergic to, which is a lot of them)–so I had been taking it for three days and then stopping for several days. Thought I might be able to tolerate it, but maybe not. Anyway, I think if it was a UTI I’d feel bad by the time it got to peeing blood, lol. It is doing better today, so hopefully it was just the supplement.

    1. Oh no! Maybe stick to natural diuretics rather than supplements? Get a massage machine thingy or take in a lodger who just happens to be a masseuse/eur?

      1. Turns out it is an infection. On a new antibiotic. So far, only very mild reaction to it. Taking an allergy med with it, lol. I never had these sensitivity issues before the sepsis. They used so many antibiotics trying to keep me alive for those few weeks that my body seems to have reacted by saying ‘nope. We don’t want any more of those.’

  158. Computer problems since yesterday: pc said I’m internet-connected but when I tried to bring up any site was told not connected. AGH!!! Many phone calls & scratched heads later I think I’m sorted (mind you I thought that yesterday afternoon as well). They shouldn’t let people like me loose with technology I don’t understand!

  159. Day is going good. By afternoon the sun came out. We survived another hurricane, that this one the wind wasn’t that bad, but we were a direct center so had heavy, heavy rains for a whole day – over six inches of rainfall and thunderstorms! We’ve now had hurricane Elsa, then Henri and then Ida!! And we typically don’t get the hurricanes until September! Water and leaks everywhere, our condo complex is like an old leaky boat, they keep denying and don’t fix all over the place, up, down. I’m glad I didn’t have to go out at all, though, the flooding was unbelievable b/c the ground and rivers have been holding extra water already from all the other storms.

  160. Alice is a budding beauty! She has poise and it makes her look grown up for a fifth grader, and so darn cute! I have been wondering – who comes up with all these the money origami ideas – I could never invent one!

  161. I did post yesterday, but it’s missing. Today was swimming and then 45 minutes with my internet provider to see why my connection has been slow. Seems my modem needs replacing (well it is very old).

  162. Hang in there Connie. I wasn’t even able to log on here for awhile but seems to be fine now. Nice day here. No rain no humidity so no complaints.

  163. My day is going pretty good today. We have had some cool nights and it has been so wonderful. I am really looking forward to some cooler weather.

  164. I did comment yesterday, twice in fact, but they seem to have vanished??? Anyway, yesterday I had to collect my niece from Dublin so lost half a day of clearing up. Back at it today.

  165. Today is a blah day for me. The weather is gloomy and rainy. I am currently snuggled on the couch. Hopefully your day is more cheerful!

  166. Considering that I was awakened by my dog barking and I got up on the wrong side of the bed, I am very charming. Don’t check with my hubby on his opinion.

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