Where my Impulse Shoppers At?

I am a thousand percent certain that impulse buys at check-out are thanks to me.  Then there is my weakness for the dollar bins, dollar tree, thrift stores and on and on and on.  I am 100% a OHHH SHINEY! I want that. I must have that. Anyone else out there that just loves tooooooo shop??  LIGHT BULB! I wonder if this is why The Husband moved us the top of a mountain?! Away from stores!??! Welllllll that most certainly was sneaky!

Well, played Dear Husband. HOWEVER!!  I have found a fun way to impulse buy from the top of the mountain. HA! I WIN!!

This site is called Freebie Flow.  I ordered the basic package. Which right now is $39.00 a month. Using coupon code SUMMERFUN (that’s $10 off the normal $49.00 a month)

Freebie Flow

So, only 3 days into my month and I’ve already scored (at zip, zero, nada $$) I am giddy about the Laser hair remover!! WOOO HOOO!!

Needless to say, I’m very excited.  I’m anxious to see what I score for the full month.

I hope you are all having a most excellent day.


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