Sleep! Oh How I Miss You

If you have been on Peanut Butter and Whine for a while, you know that I complain WHINE about not sleeping well. WELL, I’m hear to whine some more. Is it my age? Is it the mattress? Is it the pillow? Is it The Husband? (Yes, I do like to blame him for everything. WHY not this??) All I know is I wake up tired. I wake up with my back hurting. My neck hurting, and the dog is snoring. I think the only one in the bed getting a good night’s sleep IS THE DOG!! (she does NOT look amused at the early morning photo shoot)

Miss Bear The Bernese Mountain Dog

A doctor’s visit and a home sleep study gave me some answers. I have severe sleep apnea. Oh GOODIE. Let’s get fitted for a CPAP machine. I was absolutely dreading that. I imagined what my uncle had, a big machine with a huge pump, and a continual swooooosh sound. Thankfully, that is no longer the case. Nowadays CPAP machines are small, the mask doesn’t cover your entire face. It covers your nose. THAT’s ALL!! Now, OF COURSE, the only thing SMALL on me is my nose. So, getting fitted has proved to be a bit of a challenge. I’m on my second mask. We will get this right eventually. (I hope!) I have horrible stuffy nose problems. So, even though this thing shoots air up my nose, I still can’t breathe. You also have to keep your mouth shut for the CPAP to work. I’m a mouth breather. THIS was a hard adjustment. I had to add Mouth Tape. That seems to help, until my nose gets stuffy, then I can’t breathe at ALL. I know that once I get this remedied it will help. So far, I’m still waking up tired.

I do know that it is beyond time to replace the mattress. Between The Husband and I, we have to add Miss Bear, the 125-pound Bernese Mountain Dog. Yup, between the three of us, we NEED a new mattress. Now, can we afford a new mattress? Noooooooo we can not. Not right now.

So, I looked for other more affordable solutions. For instance, I can afford a new pillow. After a LOT of research. AND After a STACK of pillows that DON’T work for me. I have found a Buckwheat Pillow. If you’ve used a buckwheat pillow before and the noise bothers you? Well, the folks at Pine Tales fixed that with a unique designer bamboo pillowcase that helps muffle that sound by 50%.  Not only that, but this pillow is fully adjustable because they over pack the pillow. How brilliant is that?  PineTales buckwheat pillows has other benefits as well.  For instance, this pillow uses 100% organic buckwheat hulls, which is known for enhanced air circulation. This pillow is good for all sleep positions even us side sleepers. So, much so, that this pillow was voted Best Buckwheat pillow for side sleepers by the American Sleep Foundation.

All and all a great pillow. Now…….. could I possibly convince them to create a mattress?? If a pillow works THIS well, just think what an entire bed would do?!?!

How do you sleep at night? Are you like The Husband? Close your eyes and next thing ya know it’s morning? Are you a toss and turn gal like me? Do you have any other advice for me?? I would really love to know.


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