How To Maintain Your Brand New Home

Welcome to your new home sweet home! While it’s a place where you’ll collect unforgettable new memories, let’s not forget that things might not be move in ready right away. With that in mind, it’s an absolute must that you get a new home inspection – after all, why move in with preexisting conditions that could be the builder’s responsibility to fix (which, following the inspection, they hopefully will fix)?!

If left unattended, your new home may turn into a mediocre living place. This is especially true if you have kids and it becomes difficult for you to spare time for carrying out home maintenance tasks.

However, if you know how to schedule and conduct preventive home maintenance, you can stay away from costly repairs.

Wondering where to begin? 

Let’s find out.

Clean Your Carpet Regularly Or Just Ditch It

Since you’ve just moved into your new home, it’s time to bring in novice home décor ideas into the home. So, why not get rid of the carpets you bought when you were living in your previous home? If you’ve packed them already, we’d suggest to drop them instead of bringing them into the new home!

And there is a reason for that.

Carpets are home to dust mites and different types of bacteria that can cause severe allergies. But if you’re attached to your carpets and can’t let go of them, vacuum them regularly.

Save Your Wooden Furniture Before The Termites Attack

Picture this: you’ve bought patio furniture you had been dreaming of since years. The day to place it in your new home has arrived. But after a few days when you invite your friends over for an afternoon tea, you suddenly notice a small hole in the woodwork.

Oops! That’s the beginning of termite infestation.

To ensure you never experience this disaster at all, it’s wise to know the signs of termite attack beforehand. Plus, consult Delsea Termite & Pest Control about the preventive measures you should be taking to keep your furniture safe from termites.

Kid-Proof The Walls

Kids love to experiment their drawing and coloring skills on anything – including the bright and spotless walls of your brand new house!

You can’t stop them from applying their creativity, of course. Still, there are proactive approaches to adapt:

  • While painting the walls of your kids’ bedroom, choose washable paint only so you can remove the hardened clay, thick scribbles, and stubborn paint strokes every month.
  • Educate your kids about the new rule before entering the new home, i.e. they’re allowed to eat at their table only.

Change Filters Often

A clogged HVAC filter brings debris and dust within the interior of your house, thus affecting the air quality. Besides, it reduces the air flow while causing the heat exchanger to shut off quickly because of overheating. This prevents your home from getting the heat warming it deserves from the HVAC system.

The only solution is to replace the HVAC filters every six months. If your HVAC system doesn’t work even after replacing the filter, it’s time to call HVAC Contractors so they can inspect the issue.

Pet-Proof Your Home

The living room is the first interior space of your home your guests are going to notice when they’re coming over for the first time. However, your fluffy cat can destroy the first impression of your new home if it likes to live, eat, and sleep on the living room furniture!

Don’t forget that cats have a natural scratching habit. Your couch may be the victim. To avoid such a scenario, get an indoor cat tree for the fluffy friend. Your furniture will thank you for this.

Prepare For Winter In Advance

Though your home is brand new, this doesn’t mean that it will not require annual home maintenance at all. The snow, rain, and strong winds can damage the exterior of your house. Therefore, replace the missing or cracked roof tiles before the winter comes.


  • michele

    Kid proofing your walls is a great tip.. when my granddaughter was small she wrote on walls and it was a mess to clean.. Great tip….

  • CJ

    Termites are the absolute worst…. we have had problems with them in the past and it is so hard to get rid of them without professional services (which can be pricey).

  • Amy Green

    I like all of these suggestions. I will say this to new home builders though. Please stop using this new material you call “tile” that’s meant to look like hardwood floors. It’s ugly, cheap, and actually temporarily dyes your bare feet!

  • Rosie

    This is good information. I once thought it would be nice to have white carpet, although only in the bedroom. It knew it is hard to keep clean, and what possessed me to have a package of red jello mix in my hand when I ran in to grab the phone once is beyond me, and stumbled and red jello powder oh oh. I could vacuum quite a bit of it, but after that I couldn’t have it cleaned as any moisture made the jello powder go red. After that, I said no more white carpet! Too hard to live prissy enough for it, at least for me.

  • Naina Singh

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