Winter Preparedness Mountain Style

After the craft room clean-up that I posted about yesterday. I thought for sure that I would immediately be creating masterpieces right and left. I was WRONG!!! The Husband had other plans for me. Plans I did not particularly LIKE! But, since I do like to be warm in the winter I had to help. Sooooooooooo, pouting, chopping, and stacking wood took up the rest of last week.  Now not just my back hurts, my shoulders and MY HEAD hurts too! THANKFULLY, my feet don’t hurt.  Walking on uneven ground back and forth with arms full of wood to different piles, I’m just glad I have plenty of cushion in my boots.   Seriously, without those metatarsal pads, my feet would be killing me.

John Deere Tractor

WOW the picture of the wood pile against the barn doesn’t look all that impressive BUT, the pile is just over 4′ high. That’s just a gigantic barn. It has to be to house the John Deere, the side by side and, and, and …… farm stuff ya know? So, it really IS an impressive stack. I promise.

The second stack is the side door that goes out the garage. That is another amazing stack. The front porch and inside the house are full.  I THINK!! We are set for winter. I guess by next spring we will have learned we had enough or NOT near enough. Anyone wanna take out a wager?

I seriously could not wait to be done so I could play in the craft room. THE SECOND I was done stacking wood I practically FLEW downstairs. I’ve had this idea floating in my head (YES! Yes, you should be scared). Well, remember Francis from 4 years ago? My view

I wanted to do something along those same lines. SO!!! How about a concrete Christmas Tree?!?!?! The Husband grabbed me two rolls of large 3/8″ inch manila rope.  I have a huge tomato cage just sittin’ around waiting for next year……. so I covered it with saran wrap, mixed up concrete, submerged the rope in in the concrete mixture and started wrapping the tomato cage.  I’m so pleased with the look!! The rope looks a lot like twigs or branches. (LIGHT BULB!! Next year LET’S make one of BRANCHES!! Ya know cause The Mountain in Idaho doesn’t have enough trees so I have to make ones out of cement and branches. Don’t JUDGE ME!! I HAVE to do what the voices in my head tell me to do).

I plan to add solar lights to the inside and place this outside my craft room door.  I can’t decorate it. Remember the fiasco a couple years ago? Where I decorated the little pine tree outside the door and the deer thought the bulbs were apples. They kept stealing the bulbs. JUST LIKE they STOLE THE PUMPKIN last week. Deer gangs are no joke.  (I made a funny!)

Well, a quick update here. The cement tree is a bust. It isn’t connected all the way. So, the top falls off.  UGH!! Mostly because I didn’t use REAL concrete, I used Feather Finish. Soooooo, now I have to think on how to fix this and not waste all that rope. I guess maybe buy concrete, paint in over the rope and Feather Finish. Right??

Idea’s anyone??

Cement tree failure


    • Connie: The Head Peanut

      Thank you. It fell apart. The FEATHER cement is NOT strong enough. It has been banished to outside until spring when I can get REAL cement and fix it. (I mean really ISN’T outside the door where you stack failed projects??)

  • Rosie

    ooh I miss having a woodstove, and splitting wood. All that chopping, carrying and stacking all at once, when you haven’t been doing it, would cause me to be laid out flat! I used to use wedges and a sledge, a lot safer than anything with an ax end.

  • heather

    Wow such a creative idea with the cement Christmas tree. The only thing I can think is somehow rig a 2 x 4 up the inside so the top in more secure.

    P.S. We have deer gangs here too lol – flowers what flowers!

  • gloria patterson

    1. You must grow some big ass tomatoes………………… I have never saws cages so big!!

    2. Was not sure about this tree at all.

    3. BUT the last picture I love it!!! It kinda looks like thick grape vines.

    4. Maybe COVERED WIRE in reds & greens – Lowes

    5. I hope you can save your tree and finish your ideal

    • Connie: The Head Peanut

      OMGEEEEE I sent The Husband to HD to get a tomato cage. I saw on Instagram someone made a ghost out of cheese cloth and tomato cage then attached it to the Roomba vacuum. I was giddy to try it. The Husband brings back a tomato cage that is larger than 4 Roombas. I don’t know how big he thought Hazel (Craftroom Roomba) was!?!?! Anyway, then I kept putting off going to the store and sadly no ghost. BUT a tree sounded like a fun idea. Sometimes the voices in my head have REALLY bad ideas.
      I LOVE the idea of color wire. HD here I come. (I may just come home with a new tomato cage too. It’s never too early to decorate for Halloween right?!?!

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