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Day 18 Photo-A-Day Something I made

Day 18 of my very own personal Photo-A-Day challenge. For the month of March I am posting pictures from inside my HUGE craft-room. This is helping me get motivated to blog more often and share what an amazing space I have been blessed with.  I’m enjoying sharing my treasures with you and I’m seriously thinking of continuing into April.  I will share pictures of the inside of the rest of the house. Whaddya think? Then May the outside of the house? June could be the town of Sandpoint?  This might just work!

Yes, these pictures show you what a hoarder, collector and wack-a-doddle I am. Now in my defense my Dad and my Grandfather were major hoarders so it’s in my DNA.

Today’s prompt is I Made This.

I am constantly working on different projects. T-shirts for Alice using my Cricut Maker. Kitchen towels and aprons. Recently I started making metal stamped items, spoons, key chains and such. I have projects started on each counter in my room.  Trouble is…. most of the projects I’ve MADE are no longer in the craftroom.

Soooooo I only have a few things. Paper Mache items; snowmen, ugly angles and trees. I have a ton of fun making these because each one is quirkier than the next and no two are ever the same.

Now I’m working on un-paper-towels; decorative cotton on one side and terry cloth on the other. Not only do these clean the counters but shiny surfaces too. AND they were uber cheap, thanks to old towels from the GoodWill and I found some great material there too! SWEEEEET!!

Next up I wanted to paint wooden eggs for Easter decorations. I started with this 12 piece set 4 white, 4 tan and 4 natural (ADDED Bonus they set came with paints, paint brush and small tray for mixing. The first thing I did was try the marble look, adding paint to my plastic tray and rolling them around. I liked the effect with one color, so of course I had to try it with a double color. Next I’m going to try my hand at speckled robin blue eggs. I plan to paint the eggs a soft blue color, dry and then speckle with deep brown using the old toothbrush splatter. I’ll let you know how those go. So far the first egg is done, sprayed with gloss sealer. These will go in my old wooden bowl on the table when they are done. I’ve been scouring Pinterest for ideas! I may try my hand at a Rae Dunn inspired egg or primitive look. Maybe I’ll get out my wood burning kit and try my hand at that too. Hummmmm……..I think I will need another dozen after I decide which look I like better.

This still has NOT caught on…..and yet it doesn’t keep me from asking!  Maybe no one reads this far down? MAYBE NO ONE except The Husband even reads PBnWhine anymore. Ahhhhh I’m okay with that… this blog is therapeutic for me.  So, what does your I Made This look like?  If you email me your picture I’ll post them on a weekend round-up post! [email protected] In the subject write I Made This.  

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