Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People

Simple times book cover
If EVER there was a craft book that SCREAMED my name it’s this!! I am cracking up just reading the description.  I need this book!!
Fave Craft site is giving away a copy… go!  Sign up!!  : )
You’re welcome!  You know I’m always looking for cool stuff for you!
You might be able to tell by the title of Amy Sedaris’s new book that she’s not clambering to become the next Martha Stewart. In fact, her goal in Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People seems to be to poke fun at the crafting community. Readers may be offended by the implicit sexual remarks and drawings included in the chapter on “fornicrafting,” the graphic images in the craft safety section, and the chapter on Crafting for Jesus, but crafters with a dry sense of humor who are comfortable laughing at themselves will love the clever writing and colorful photo spreads. If you’re a fan of Amy Sedaris, you’ll love this raunchy, saracatic spin on crafting.

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