The craft room

I’ve been trying really hard to get my craft room organized after the remodel.  (Refresher: added an apartment for my Mom… we knocked out my old craft room in the process….)  The remodel is officially done.  Our little 4 bedroom house is now a 3 bedroom with a full on apartment!  WOO HOO!!  But, since the kids moved out the ‘other’ bedroom had became the ‘catch all….store (throw) it in here’ room (ALONG with everything from my craft room).   I know you are imaging a tiny room with floor to ceiling boxes and crap stuff everywhere.  You would be soooooooooo RIGHT!!!!  I feel so 100% overwhelmed by this ‘room’ (is it really a ROOM if you can’t get IN IT!??!)
Soooo, I’ve been searching for organization idea’s for small spaces.

Look at how beautiful these rooms are!!!!!!!!!!  Wouldn’t those rooms inspire you to be creative?  Make baby cloths for Grandbabies?  Finish those scrapbooks?  Just sit and be HAPPY!??  Ahhhhhh sooo pretty…  now..
Wouldn’t THIS room make you pull out your hair and run screaming for the nearest exit!?!?  I know… I’m already in the car waiting for you.


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