Framed art work Jack Jenkins

Day 19 Photo-A-Day Black and White

Day 19 of my very own personal Photo-A-Day challenge. For the month of March I am posting pictures from inside my HUGE craft-room. This is helping me get motivated to blog more often and share what an amazing space I have been blessed with.  I’m enjoying sharing my treasures with you and I’m seriously thinking of continuing into April.  I will share pictures of the inside of the rest of the house. Whaddya think? Then May the outside of the house? June could be the town of Sandpoint?  This might just work!

Yes, these pictures show you what a hoarder, collector and wack-a-doddle I am. Now in my defense my Dad and my Grandfather were major hoarders so it’s in my DNA.

Today’s prompt is Black & White. My first thought was to show you several old family pictures that are in black and white but then I thought of my FAVORITE tip. Long ago……… like 40 years ago wait….. 43 years ago I worked at a small cafe in Rush Colorado. Now mind you the town of Rush is larger than the town of Yoder (where I grew up!) Yoder has a post office.  That’s IT. Rush has or HAD Books store (think tiny town 7/11) with a gas pump. Rush Cafe. DONE. A couple miles from there is Miami school, that houses Kindergarten to 12th grade. It’s where I graduated.

Just for kicks her is Yoder: BTW, these aren’t my Black & White I’ll get to those in a minute.

Yeah, little towns! LONG bus rides home!

Now on to my black & white. While I was a waitress, cook, dishwasher (small town! Only one person works a shift!) I had a customer that I absolutely adored, Jack Jenkins. He didn’t have a lot of money. He did have A LOT of talent. He would sketch on the back of placemats for my tips. He did occasionally bring painted pictures as well. Those are hung in a different area of the house. This particular sketch has always hung in a predominant area of the house.

I do love my cowboy!

Still didn’t catch on, yup still askin’. MAYBE NO ONE except The Husband even reads PBnWhine anymore. Ahhhhh I’m okay with that… this blog is therapeutic for me.  HOWEVER, if you would like to share a Black & White email me your picture I’ll post them on PBnWhine! [email protected] In the subject write Black & White.  


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