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So if you are new here; I recently moved from California to a mountain in Sandpoint, Idaho. Wild animals everywhere! I’m getting such amazing pictures from my trail cams.

I have been giddy with my pictures of deer, turkey’s, squirrels and chipmunks. I have some amazing pictures several that have been canvas worthy. Then one day a HUGE shock for this California girl I found we had been visited by a BEAR!! In MY YARD!!  A BEAR!!! A big ole cinnamon bear. WOOO. Now, greedy girl that I am I want a canvas worthy shot of the bear. DUH! Right??

So I bought myself a second trail cam. I have placed it several different spots where the animals seem to show up the most. Then this morning I had a brilliant idea! I stacked 2 logs together to make a ‘redneck’ tripod. I attached my camera. Went in the house.

A couple hours (yes, only hours) later I went out the back door to turn on the sprinklers and did a full turn around in MID air because I saw a BEAR.

No….. it’s my redneck tripod. GESH!!! Am I jumpy today or WHAT?!?!

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  • Rosie

    These trail cams are so nice, I love seeing the pictures. We have mostly black bears, and they are everywhere, and I mean everywhere, even in all the yards in the suburbs. No brown (cinnamon) bears – I wonder if is this a grizzly bear.

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