10 Craft Projects to Keep You Busy This Summer!

The beginning of summer is always the best. When you’re fresh out, summer vacation feels like the best thing to ever happen. You think you could never get sick of all the freedom. But then those long, slow, lazy days creep up, and soon enough, you’re bored out of your mind.

If you’ve run out of ways to stay entertained this summer, that’s where these fun and easy crafts come into play! Not only are these crafts a simple and active way to spend your day, but they also yield beautiful results.

Grab your partners-in-craft, an ice-cold lemonade, and your craft supplies and get ready to dive in to 10 great craft projects to keep you busy this summer!

  1. A Unique Doorpiece

For a fresh take on the traditional door wreath, fashion a bouquet of fake flowers inside a funnel, a metal watering can, bucket, or basket and hang on to your front door. Simply loop wire around a nail to hold it up!

  1. Homemade Keychains

Keychains are great because they can be made of anything as long as you can attach it to a key ring! For a fun family activity, buy a pack of keyrings and head to the thrift store or flea market to find fun trinkets to add to your keychain. Using wire, chain, or rope, and a little help from hot glue or gorilla glue, attach the trinket to the key ring and continue adding your house or car keys as well. Now you all have personalized keychains made with summer love!

  1. Birdhouse

The classic summer craft: bird house or bird feeder. Stick to tradition and build one out of plywood, or craft one with more creative supplies like a milk carton or cereal box. A bird house can be customized a million different ways, so make one that represents you!

  1. Placemats

Summer has some great opportunities for dinner parties or BBQs. Add some pizazz to your next get together by fashioning homemade placemats! Take a visit to the craft store to find some fun fabric, needles, thread, and even some embroidery yarn if you’re feeling brave! Stitch together patches to create a stand-out dish mat and embellish with embroidery of your name or a fun summer symbol. For more guidance on the world of embroidery, visit https://embroiderywithstyle.com.

  1. Outdoor Mat

Using a broken or unwanted garden hose, cut the hose into pieces a couple inches long. Taking zip ties, tie the pieces together in a looping fashion to create an outdoor, water-resistant rubber mat.

  1. Paper Pinwheels

For all those summer parties, save money on decorations and put your heart into it! With just some fun patterned paper, you can create pinwheels and fans to hang from the ceiling in lieu of streamers or balloons! For multi-purpose, look for a pack of paper with different pattern and color options.

  1. Mason Jar String Lights

Don’t stop decorating! With a collection of empty mason jars, place tea candles or electric tea lights inside and tie string onto the metal rims before securing on the jars. Tie the jars from small hooks in the ceiling of your patio for a chilled-out summer glow in the nighttime.

  1. Paper Straw Garnishes – Umbrellas and Flowers

A great group craft for a party, these paper garnishes make any drink more fun. Using construction paper, cut out and bend pieces to create umbrellas or flowers and leaves, attaching to the paper straw with hot glue.

  1. Postcard Wallets

If you’ve accumulated fun postcards from friends vacationing from afar, use those mementos to create a travel companion of your very own. By folding postcards in half and stitching the open sides together, you can create a vintage paper travel wallet.

  1. Sunbathing Cushions

Nothing is more uncomfortable than a hard chair when you’re trying to bask in the sun. These simple outdoor cushions are fun to make and fun to use. Simply sew together three pillowcases, stuff with flat pillows, and fold up to take with you when you hit the beach.


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