May 3rd Photo-A-Day C

C is for Connie. Except I hate taking my picture! My nose always looks like it’s 10 times to big for my face.

C for candy. Except that I really have too much candy around and well, it would make you guys so hungry!

C for coffee. That would have been wayyyyy to easy because where I am there is coffee.

Instead I picked cotton. Not like cotton clothing, although there is nothing better than a vintage, soft cotton t-shirt. Not cotton balls which I seem to go through a ton of every month.

But I chose cotton tufts also known as cotton boll! The kind you decorate with.  There is something very rustic and country chic about cotton bolls.

This particular set comes with 12 cotton bolls and a rustic wire on the back side that is about 2″ long. My plan is to wrap around sticks and branches that Bear and I find on our walks. This will eventually become a rustic, country looking arrangement for our dining-room table.

I will add a few of our magnificent pinecones as well.

I love that these have the flexible wire so I can adjust the look and easily move the tufts for that perfect look.

These cotton tufts are just so cool. So easy to work with. So many options with these.

Yup, another craft project! It’s really a great thing that my craft room is so large.

Do you decorate with cotton bolls? What do you put with yours? I’m still scouring Pinterest for inspiration. I have a look in my mind…… sorta……… but it’s looking a little on the lame side right now. Sticks, bolls, pinecones? Ummmmmm and?????????



  • Kate Sarsfield

    So that’s what cotton looks like – never seen it before! We have a wild cotton that grows in mountainous boggy areas and yes, I do use it in arrangements!

  • Crystal K

    Woah that’s neat! I didn’t know you could buy cotton like that either. But you’re right…C is for Coffee, mostly 🙂

    • Connie Gruning

      Crystal, I really wanted to add them to the new centerpiece I made today. They looked stupid. So back to trying to decide where to place them. I think in the kitchen behind the glass doors. You are correct mostly COFFEE!

  • Rosie

    I haven’t tried decorating with cotton bolls yet. I do like them. I have, however, collected things from hikes to make arrangements, esp in the fall. It sounds like a nice idea. I’ve seen wreaths online somewhere made with cotton bolls!

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