I’ve Finally Learned To Travel Lite

It has only taken me 50 years to learn to travel with less.  On this last trip to California, I traveled with one backpack and one carry-on suitcase.  Trust me if you knew me in real life you would in AWE!! I have FINALLY learned that I don’t NEED to have 72 tops, 4 pairs of shoes, 36 pairs of underwear. I will not wear 6 pairs of jeans. I will not wear 5 pairs of pajamas.  There is NO WHERE that I travel to that doesn’t have a washing machine. HELLO?? I only travel to see my grown children in their homes. The ones with WASHERS AND DRYERS!! Just like real 40+ year-olds have. GESH!!  I’ve also learned that I will not suddenly wear more makeup than I normally wear when I leave my house now. Why would I think all of a sudden that I would wear that blue eyeshadow?? (I really, don’t own blue eyeshadow. I don’t ever wear eyeshadow). The point is WHY would I think all of a sudden that I will become a glamour queen in full makeup? I do NOT know why. In the past, I’ve always packed so much makeup. NOT this last trip. One eye pencil, one brow pencil, and mascara. Blush. ONLY ONE blush. I do not need 4. 

I use a SMALL makeup bag, with these small containers, these handy little travel jars worked great for me. I use them for foundation, moisturizer, and eye cream.  I don’t need the large containers for shampoo or conditioner. My CHILDREN DO wash their hair. They mooched off me and MY shampoo for 18 years I think I can use theirs.  THEY OWE me!! HA!! I wonder when I get my own room?? Hummmmm I guess we will need to have a discussion about that someday.

So, ONE PAIR of jeans, one pair of dress pants, one pair of yoga pants (no, not to do yoga in but to hangout in) one nice top, 4 t-shirts, one pair of pajamas, and okay, I did over pack the underwear, but some habits die harder than others. I did not pack my UGGS and I also did not pack any dressy shoes. Hello, my strappy cute sandals were just fine for all the outfits I wore.

I found so many helpful tips on Reddit discussion board. These people REALLY know how to pack.

You know what else I didn’t pack? My laptop.  There is pretty much nothing I can’t do on my phone. WHY drag my laptop along? I did take my iPad because I wanted to watch a movie on the flight.

My goal for the next trip? Pack JUST a backpack? Naaaaa I can’t do that……….. can I??

I would love to know what essentials YOU pack for a trip? Are you an over packer?


  • heather

    I am getting a lot better about packing lighter when I travel espeicailly because I refuse to pay those fees for heavy luggage. I will keep your post in mind the next time I pack and I will leave my blue eyeshadow at home! LOL Just kidding I do NOT own blue eyeshadow.

  • gloria patterson

    LOVE IT …. took you long enough to get to that point.

    Years ago we would drive to TN to see my mother, lots of room in the car. So you take all that crap with you. One time I got home and over 1/2 the stuff never came out of the suitcase. I finally decided that there is a WALMART ever where if I needed something.

    When my mother was off to the cruise this summer she had so much stuff in this large suitcase it would not shut. She ended up putting stuff in my brother suitcase.

    I am not sure you can get it down to a backpack but you might think about leaving somestuff at their homes…………. no packing required

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