Planes and Fat Clothes

WHINE alert! I hate flying. I hate flying. I HATE flying.

I hate that I can NOT get rid of my 9-month belly.  No, I’m not pregnant. I am just angry that I can’t lose the belly. It’s all Zachary’s fault. I KNOW he is 42 (Years, not months!) but STILL, I know it has to be his fault.  I refuse to believe that it could be the peanut butter M&M’s and the Cheetos. I refuse.


MORE WHINING!!!  I’m packing for the trip to California (Alice graduates from grade school into middle school. Celebrate her 11th birthday and then whisk her back home for Non-Camp 2022).  NOTHING fits!! Ya know, when ya live on a mountain where I can schlep around in sweatpants and bagging flannels does not prepare you for the real world. Trips into town were easy, I’ve hidden  under a down coat for the last 7 months.

I did do a pedicure though. So the Koala Toes are now ready to be seen.

I haven’t been on a plane in YEARS!!

Do we still have to have a ziplock with all liquid things?  Shoes still come off?  Do I need a Covid test? Ackkkkkkkkkkk.

ALSO, I REALLY need prayers! I’ve been driving in Idaho where people are nice. The pace is SUPER slow! I’m going to San Diego area where there are SO MANY people. I am no longer that aggressive California driver.  So, let’s make that three things. I hate to fly, I hate fat clothes and I hate to drive in California. I’m screwed.

This picture is the first stop light when you get into Sandpoint. See?? I have FUN traffic.

I don’t have THIS traffic!

That was all. Really. I needed to whine. Hate flying. Packing is a nightmare. My shoulders are already tense thinking of driving the 5 and the 15. Ahhhhhhhhh crap.

I’m off to double check my packing list.  What’s the ONE (or 10) things you always forget to pack?





  • gloria patterson

    YEARS ago the company flew me to LA for 2 weeks to help out with computer work. They wanted me to rent a car I almost fell out of the chair laughing at them!!! They finally agreed to cabs, there was no way I was going to drive there.

    They are not called fat clothes!!! They are called comfortable clothes and don’t you let anyone tell you different.

    I sure you have a good flight both ways. Me when I sit down in a plane I just close my eyes and sleep most of the way.

  • Karen R

    I get a little anxious before a flight. It is safer than driving. I would love to see my niece and her family in San Diego. I don’t think that will happen. I don’t forget anything. At least, I don’t remember forgetting anything. You have a great excuse to go shopping. Amazon has some cute dresses.

  • Tamra Phelps

    You could not pay me to drive in L.A. I’d be willing to pay someone else to drive me, lol. As for flying: Nope. I hate it too. I only fly if there is no other option and I am convinced my grip on the armrests is the only thing holding us up in the air!! And I always forget something VITAL, like medicine or underwear, lol.

  • heather

    Oh man do I hear your pain!!! I have had to drive in that LA. and San Diego traffic and it SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just remember one thing…. in Cali the motorcycles can legally share a lane with you on the freeway!!! I had forgotten about that during my last trip down there and I had a CHP officer sharing the lane with me while we were doing like 65 mph on the freeway – freaked me out! Enjoy your family and stay in the moment.
    God – I hate it down there no thanks!!!! No seasons, no rain, no animals just crime!

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