July’s $50 Your Way Giveaway!

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Yeeee haaaaa it’s July. Non camp 2022 is going strong.  Being retired and well, OLD you forget that 11 year old girls don’t need to breathe. They can talk and talk and talk. (I KNOW! The nut doesn’t fall from the tree, that irony is NOT lost on me).

We’ve crafted, hiked, cooked (AND cleaned up our mess too!!) We’ve gone fishing and caught sticks. I swear there are no fish in Lake Ponderay.

We’ve Goodwill shopped where I learned that, had kept all my old clothes from the 70’s Alice would be the happiest kid in the world. I swear if it has fringe, tie dye or well just anything hippie style she’s in LOVE and must have.  I think I will need to buy another suitcase just to get her home!

Alice can eat her weight in Cheetos (she gets that from me), chicken nuggets and ice cream sandwiches. She will clean up her mess and HELP cook! Helps me clean. HELLO!!? Can she stay?

The Husband’s MS has flared up. He’s 100% bed bound right now.  Then yesterday I came down with a nasty cold. AHHHHHHHHHHH it’s JULY!! We’ve gone from COLD to hot, then back to COLD!! Ahhhhh poor Alice this is no way to vacation.  Hopefully I bounce back like RIGHT NOW!!

July $50 Giveaway

Now the REAL reason you are here! AND I’m going back to bed.


I truly am thankful you stop by! Most of you everyday. As always I am blown away by your support and most of all your friendship!!

My monthly $50 giveaway is my way of saying THANK YOU for being a follower! I really do appreciate the fact that you are here. THANK YOU!!!
This months giveaway has the same exact spiel as last month and the month before and the month before that! The year before and well, you get the idea. For as long as this giveaway is popular, I’ll continue to do it. I am truly thankful and feeling blessed that you stop by. This giveaway is open worldwide for PayPal option only. (I’m not sure the other GC would work worldwide) $50 American $$.

This is a Giveaway that is hosted by me and only me.
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GOOD LUCK little Peanuts!!!

361 thoughts on “July’s $50 Your Way Giveaway!

  1. It’s been a long weekend. The right leg rest on the wheelchair literally just cracked and broke last night…at a spot that was thick metal and not a joint or soldered place–weird. It broke clean in two. So…I spent several hours trying to find one I think will work. Hopefully when it gets here it fits; I just know it won’t get here by Tuesday, though. I’ll have to make the trip to the doctor’s with one leg rest, lol. That makes it a little difficult on the ride because those drivers drive like maniacs and your feet are slightly off the ground if you sit back in a wheelchair, so you can slide in the chair when you go around curves if you don’t have the feet rests to use a traction.

  2. Cold still kicking my butt. If I take cough syrup keeps me up so napping most of the day again. Dr appointment hope they can give me something

  3. We are surrounded by thick thick wildfire smoke here super scary and terrible to go outside. I am praying for cooler weather and hoping that they can get a handle on these out of control forest fires.

  4. Had a walk then headed to Longford Town for groceries. As it’s a long weekend I treated myself to pizza, a bottle of plonk & a new houseplant (as if I needed any more!).

  5. the day is going well despite what a friend calls the ‘scudsy’ weather – chilly, damp, still. thanks

  6. The lawn man came yesterday late afternoon (boo) with his brother for extra help. by the time they were done it was almost sundown – I should get out there and rake and clear drains but NO. it is Sunday tomorrow it will be done…

  7. Still fighting this cold kicking my butt just about all I want to do is sleep. Nap for a couple hours get up do nothing then ready for another nap.

  8. There’s not a lot going on today. Sweeping off the porch (grass clippings from the guys who mowed yesterday) was the highlight of my day, lol.

  9. Having a pretty good day today as I not in as much pain and I have the place all to myself, plus the weather is good!

  10. the day is going well. getting caught up on all those things that “should” have been done last week. at least it feels good to cross chores off the list. thanks

  11. My day is off to a groggy start got very little sleep last night. We are in a state of emergency in my area due to excessive heat and wildfires so it was impossible to get any sleep last night.

  12. I’m having a lazy day today, napping, reading. It’s a public holiday weekend here so I’ll avoid the shops (and crowds).

  13. There’s not a lot happening here in KY. At least we haven’t been hit by the floods that are are in various parts of the state right now.

  14. Quiet day today, but this evening is dinner with 2 friends at an Italian place. Celebrating two birthdays.

  15. I just got done cooking hamburgers this morning for dinner later one this evening. It is 112 degrees here today so I had to do all of my cooking early this morning so I don’t heat the house up later on.

  16. this day is going quite well. got a bit of a slow start but shopping needs to be done or no one eats next week (sort of) so have to get my act in gear. thanks

  17. What to do today….weeding is all done thank goodness – a quick sweep of the house and music my book and an early start to the weekend….

  18. Good news & bad again today! Good news is that Idris is doing much better. Blood results so far are fine & he’s going back to the cattery this morning. Bad news is the bill. I don’t have pet insurance for him so my bank balance is now down €300. I shouldn’t complain but I could do a heck of a lot of decorating for €300!

    1. Glad to hear about Idris –but that vet bill…yikes. I hope Idris knows, lol…but cats just assume they are worth it, no matter what, lol.

  19. Well, the doctor’s office that was trying to get me an appointment quicker than December called this morning. They can see me this coming Thursday! Fine by me. Now let’s see if the transportation gets screwed up again…

  20. My day has been pretty good! I spent about an hour down by the pool swimming and reading my book. Oh and eating some goldfish crackers as a snack lol

  21. It is 112 degrees here today and I just got stuck in road construction delays for 40 minutes!!! I am so ticked off about it! I feel badly for the road construction workers and everyone on the road. The guy in front of my car had a dog in the bed of his truck and I felt so sorry for it he even tried to turn his vehicle around and go back the way he came but the flagger woudn’t let him. I am just about ready to call to complain about it. No one should be out there in this heat working on the road and all they are doing is putting down oil and gravel doesn’t even need to be done! Thanks for listening.

  22. Good news & bad news today:
    The good news is that the contracts are being posted out to me today!
    Bad news: Idris the Wonder Cat is at the Vet with a fever, lack of appetite & weight loss. He’s on a drip & they’re running a load of blood tests. He’s staying there till they get all the results in and make a diagnosis. I feel so guilty about his being in a cattery all this time.

    1. Well, you really had no choice!! Maybe he’s just missing you? And he will soon be back home, which is wherever you are!

  23. I’d be doing great if I had tickets to Lollapalooza tonight so I could see Metallica so needless to say today is a big bummer.

  24. Our rescue kitten with the broken leg can certainly move, even with the cast which is completely covering her right back leg! I let her out of the crate when I am cleaning it (food, water, litter box, etc), and she scoots back and forth in the small bathroom that I have her in. The vet wants her contained, thus the crate, but she needs the chance to move some as well.

  25. I could not sleep much last night so I got up at 4:30 and decided I was going to go downstairs to do laundry. When I got back and put everything away I decided I might be able to take a nap………….. was out for 3 hours

  26. All I want to do today is pack up and go to the beach for the day – reality no fantasy..lol….time to get weeding!

  27. So, the ftsb bus never showed up to take me to my doctor’s appointment. That happens sometimes. It is not at all acceptable. They are the only wheelchair accessible transportation in this area, so I have no choice but to use them, but if they had competition I would switch in an instant. They are supposed to call me back when they figure out why it happened, lol. (They won’t call.) I had to reschedule the appointment, which I was lucky to get so quickly. Now, I can’t get in until DECEMBER!! She will try to work me in sooner if they have cancellation. I absolutely hate being dependent on other people for things like this.

    1. So sorry this happened…December will be here before you know it though…look on the bright side on this new moon day…. sometimes things – even though a pain – are for the best…

    2. Ah for heaven’s sake, what next? Being dependent on others robs you of your independence. When all this is over you might become an advocate for disability issues in your area!

  28. My day has been a busy one so far. I had to run to the store again today to purchase another fan for the house it is going to be 112 degrees here tomorrow and this heat is making us all sick to our stomachs.

  29. Don’t feel good I think it is cold have not had one in so long I think because of mask. Just in case I tested for COVID had the free kits at home so I made test again tomorrow just in case……………….. so all I am doing is sleeping and playing on the computer

  30. My project for today after Greek lessons is going through all my gardening pots and deciding which to scrub, sanitize and dry to pack – yes I am still doing this even though I have no idea how, when or where we are moving to but we are! Corfu is my destination of choice…I have lived here 22 years longer than anywhere I lived in the states including my childhood home…..but it is time to go…..

  31. Finally got to sleep at 5am then a phone call woke me at 9: The hospital, wondering why I hadn’t turned up for the pre-surgery assessment. I knew nothing about it. Apparently the secretary hadn’t made a note of my new address so the letter went to my sister’s house & it’s still sitting on her desk, unopened, 3 weeks later. AGH!! Anyway, they’ve re-scheduled the surgery for the 23rd of which actually suits me better.

  32. Spent some time trying to type up a list of what I want to know from the doctor tomorrow–if I don’t do that, I swear I forget half of what I want to ask.

  33. Trip downtown to get a new kind of Covid vaccine. Two shots in my rear. I didn’t know what I would feel like after so I got a ride instead of driving myself.

  34. got up a 6 as normal ETC ETC and dressed………… Walked into the living room sat down turn the tv on decided to watch for a few minutes…………………. 3 hours later I woke up

  35. I had to run to the store to buy a “good” fan only took like two hours to put together!!!! What a joke! I am needing a major break now lol.

  36. Another decent night’s sleep and a nap this afternoon. My health insurance is due for renewal next month so I’ve been shopping around for the best deal.

  37. this day is going quite well. it’s still hot and sticky with the high humidity (not the norm for here). thanks

  38. It has rained all morning and I really wanted the lawn man to come and cut but no way…looking around up here and everything is clean and dusted so out to do some yard work in between the rain drops….

  39. Is it the norm in Ireland to take so long to finalize this stuff? I’ve seen people here ‘take possession’ in about a week.

    1. Well, I meant for this to post as a reply to Kate, but it posted as a comment of its own, lol.

  40. Sort of a rainy, gray day here. It was so dark in my bedroom every time I woke up that I assumed it was still really early and kept rolling over & going back to sleep. Finally, I thought ‘geeze, why do I keep waking up?’ And I checked the time: 11:14. What? It was so overcast outside it looked like it was still dark in here. Usually, the sun shines right in my bedroom window in the morning.

  41. Judy Collins at the Denver Botanic Gardens was fantastic! A couple of bouts of rain, but then a rainbow right over where she was singing.

  42. My day is going HOT today already like 100 degrees here and it will get up to 108!!! That is horrible I just got done making a big pasta salad for easy cool eating over the next few days.

  43. My day is going not so great do to really bad degerative disc disease and un-Godly sciatica pain.

  44. the day is going well. weather’s variable – raining, sun, overcast, then sun. luckily, I don’t shrink in the rain. thanks

  45. I slept last night! I actually slept for 7 solid hours. Cannot believe it. Just back from a walk, picked some wildflowers with seeds for spreading in my new garden (if I ever get there!).

    1. Is it the norm in Ireland to take so long to finalize this stuff? I’ve seen people here ‘take possession’ in about a week.

      1. 6 – 8 weeks was the norm before Covid. Plus add in summer holidays … it’s maddening & benefits no-one. Congrats on your win!

  46. Have no motivation to work at all today – will get to my weekly dusting of the gallery and drawing room – do I want to then go out and do some yard work.. a resounding no! but I will….


    I had my sister, 2 kids under 7 and a baby for 2 day in a one bedroom apartment………………….. And we were on the go for 2 days and they left this morning early flight.

    Peace and quiet I have slept off and on for the last 12 hrs

  48. Yep, the entry form is back to normal today. Lol, I have no idea what was going on with Giveaway Tools for the last few days…but it seems to have been resolved. Not a lot going on here. I did win $50 in Amazon’s Prime Day small business sweepstakes. Yay me!!

  49. My day is going pretty good just trying to get things done before the triple digits hit. I am almost done with all the laundry.

  50. Another lousy night’s sleep. I seem to go into a deep sleep for an hour or two, wake up, get tired, sleep another hour … all night long. Then I’m tired all day. Anywho, I’m heading out to the nearest big town (Longford) for a bit of shopping.

  51. Sunday – 3 loads of wash done curtains- dish towels – all hung out and now enjoying my 2nd cup of coffee…emails to do then relax until time to cook! Happy Sunday all….

  52. Got home today from a weeks vacation and found my big freezer open lost $100. of dollars worth of food many meat.

  53. Well…am I the only one seeing the entry form in a weird way, like it’s just written text with no actual ‘form’??? Yesterday it wouldn’t load at all. The rest of the page looked fine just the form wouldn’t show up. Same for the Novica giveaway. Weird. I’m going to try clearing my cache again.

  54. I’ve done absolutely nothing again today. Too wet to go for a walk. Still warm though. Just been napping & listening to a couple of plays on the radio.

  55. The storm last night must have been worse than I thought, since my grandson just came home saying his office had ceilings which were bowed down, likely because of water. They hope to have it fixed over the weekend, but probably that is unlikely.

  56. Haven’t done much apart from sleep today. The forecast is for rain this weekend – good news for hayfever sufferers!

  57. Yesterday I had plans of doing all the weeding – the on again off again rain showers stopped me in my tracks.. the pooch looked at me and said lets stop this and play – so we did..LOL

  58. I have an appointment Wednesday with a D.O. who is supposed to know something about Post Sepsis Syndrome, so I’m a little hopeful. I don’t let myself get really hopeful with medical people these days, lol. I had to look up D.O. It’s a doctor of osteopathy, they treat illnesses through the manipulation of joints, muscles, bones, etc. They have to understand the connections each system has to the other systems, I guess. So, they are the first step if you have problems that might all be related.

  59. Good swim with my friend. Then a bit of a trip to a Kaiser clinic because the one I went to earlier this week had the lab closed because a CAR RAN INTO THE BUILDING!

  60. Cooking early this morning then out to do the weeding.. looking at flights and air b’n’b’s in Corfu and Crete…

  61. NOT so well i had text my sister (working not allow phone) that she was going to have to cancel her flight on thursday. Mom (93) is sick and does not feel like talking or seeing anyone. She was bring her great grandkids to see grandma. Sister kept telling me she was going to wait till tomorrow morning before canceling just in case mom felt better. Told her to cancel…………… I hope she did

  62. Two years ago today Mum died. Such a lot has happened since then I decided to have a quiet day by myself.

  63. wow, it’s hot out there today. I went to get the mail and the second I opened the door, my glasses fogged up because of going from the AC inside to the heat outside…

  64. Up early and raring to go.. already cleaned the downstairs apartment ( shades of mum) taking a break then after breakfast tackling the top of the downstairs closets that have all the suitcases….the weeding can wait until tomorrow…

  65. A bit cooler today, only 96. Have to go out to the clinic and get my boobs smushed. AKA mammogram.

  66. shopping at walmart my sister is flying in with her great grandkids. One is a 6month old little girl. To save carry lots of diapers and different baby foods I said I would pick them up. I was told what brand and number to buy but so many different baby foods. She wanted fruit I look at 7 different mixs of fruits. the same goes for veggies. Diapers there this and there that

    I hope I got some right stuff

  67. What a relief it is today, from the heat the past couple days. My, oh my!
    Thunderstorms and rain, and much cooler.

  68. the day is going well (so far). one never knows what is in store. sunny skies with t-storms later so will have to get the outside chores done before it gets too late. thanks

  69. Hoorah, the heatwave has broken. All records were broken in the UK & Ireland yesterday. Much more comfortable today.

  70. another stormy rainy day – guess I have to look at more houses in Greece and check out utility prices and food prices – transport costs also!

  71. I had finally nodded off about 3 a.m. when the smoke alarm started doing it’s every 45 seconds loud beep to say the battery was dead. Oh for crying out loud!! There is no way to make it stop doing that except change the battery–and I obviously can’t get to it–so I had to get up and sit here until about 8 a.m. when the maintenance guy got here. And my brother got here about 5 minutes later, lol. Where were they at 3 a.m.??? I decided to go back to bed and take a nap about noon. about an hour later, both my nephews showed up, lol. So, back up. When they left, I was so tired I went back to bed and slept until about 6:30–so, my day was shot. What a start to the week.

  72. Denver reached 100 degrees on Monday afternoon, breaking the previous record of 99 degrees set in 2020.
    This marks the 104th day where Denver recorded 100 degrees since 1872.
    Denver breaks 144 year old temperature record.
    I just stayed inside.

  73. did a little of this and a little of that have company flying in on Thursday evening. My sister and her great grandkids 8 yr old boy & 6 months old little girl.

  74. It has been a super busy day for me so far. I had to trim the dog and give her a bath and that just about wore me out. Then I had to run to the store and did a ton of driving time for an adult beverage lol.

  75. My day is fine, but my grandson’s psoriasis is acting up. Many don’t really know that what is often seen as just a skin problem is really an autoimmune disease that basically can affect every part of the body.

  76. The time has totally gotten away from me this morning – should be cleaning the drawing room and dining room but I have been sitting here for hours – yes hours – looking at homes for sale in Corfu, Crete and Mykonos….if I could do this today! also looking at air fares

    1. Just a word of caution, Michele: The whole of mainland Europe has experienced v. high temps, wildfires, evacuations, drought etc. due to climate change. eg. soil temp in Spain etc. is 69 degrees, nothing grows, water is saved for the tourist economy. Before you fall in love with a house please check insurance & all the practical things too! Banish all Shirley Valentine thoughts!

  77. It’s 9am & it’s already in the 80s. Already been for a walk & back inside now for the rest of the day. We don’t have air conditioning in Ireland!

  78. I’m watching a comedy where all the characters are looking for a lasagna recipe…now I wish I had lasagna, lol. Oh well…

  79. My day has been okay – we are in a crazy heat wave so im inside to beat the heat with air conditioning!

  80. rainy day its 3:26 and the sky is dark and looks like it is late in the day. I was going to the store but I might melt if I get wet

  81. My day is going pretty good so far. I just made a HUGE homemade macaroni salad and it is so so so so yummy. I have it chilling right now and I just know later on it is going to be even better.

  82. the day is going well so far. clouds are clearing off so it should be getting warmer later. not used to the high humidity, though. thanks

  83. Temps are up in the 80s which is tropical for Ireland! There is a nice breeze today so it’s not so bad.

  84. You know what I ate today?? Watermelon/grapes/oranges for breakfast and chocolate chip cookies for dinner, lol. Hey it’s Saturday, I can eat like a toddler if I want to!

  85. Still ordering my groceries online and getting them at the pickup place. Just this week 4 people I know have got the virus. It’s still around and I don’t want it.

  86. It’s nowhere near as hot as the UK or southern Europe/ Mediterranean but it’s too hot for me. Went for a drive, got some groceries and needed a shower. If the skies were clear it’d be better but it’s cloudy & hazy, with no wind.

  87. It’s a beautiful warm day here
    Perfect weather for our annual local fair and rodeo. Heading down there shortly 😎

  88. today is going well. got all the ‘need to do’ chores done so the rest of the day will be taking what comes. thanks

  89. My day is going pretty good just didn’t get very much sleep last night and my tummy is a little messed up today but other than that I am having a nice day hope you are too.

  90. trying to decide do I take that nap that has been yelling at me for the last hour or do I go to laundry………………I got a feeling that it is going to be the nap :-0

  91. Time to change drapes and spread in my bedroom – washing windows – polishing .. bleh…should be done by lunchtime so I have some fish marinating!

  92. What did I do today? Well, a cousin texted about a genealogy question and I fell down an all day rabbit hole, sorting through old records, lol. I used to spend hours doing that stuff, still have all the notes.

  93. My day has gone very well. We shopped at an old fashioned general store. We had a wonderful sandwich lunch there.

  94. shopping with my great niece (5) we spend a lot of time in the toy departments……………. But it was fun

  95. Had to run a quick errand and had a craving for Starbucks summer Paradise drink and the Starbucks was closed. Why in the middle of the day? drat, had to drive quite a distance to get my fix lol but I got onE! ok I got 2 lol

  96. I am trying to have a good day but there are some things that make it a real chore. Hope you are have a great one Happy Friday!

  97. Still no news of the house. Must check on my plants but it’s too hot to water them right now. I’ll go for another walk later on as well. These 4 walls are closing in on me.

  98. This rainy season has been a doozey – tropical wave # 19 going string since the alert at 5am… all the torrential rain but lots of thunder drama also – no real break to walk the pooch – dried her off -she was as wet as I was – she was not pleased but her sweet disposition was still there!

  99. Hmm, I didn’t do much today. I called the ride service to arrange for them to pick me up next Friday for an appointment to take measurements, check requirements, etc., for a new wheelchair. I cut up a watermelon, mango, grapes, mandarin oranges, pineapple–and made fresh fruit salad. Maybe I can fool myself into thinking it’s ‘dessert’, lol. Actually, I love fresh fruit.

  100. today is going well. lots of appointments but they are being taken care of. looking forward to a quiet evening. thanks

  101. I was sitting at home beginning very lazy and I saw on facebook where great niece (5) was selling kool-aid for a $1 a cup at her aunt’s house. I didn’t want to get dressed and go out in the heat…………………. I don’t want to ……..all time I was getting dressed.

    Great niece was so excited I stopped by to buy kool-aid I gave her $3 ………………… Stayed a minute and talked and Zay sold another cup. When I got to the highway I poured that kool-aid out on the road……………………… I HATE KOOL-AID

    Great niece had to call mommy and tell I stopped by and it made her happy

  102. I just had to run to the store and man is it hot out there! Makes me a little grumpy these days. I am now sitting in front of the air conditioner and fan until I feel better.

  103. I’m having a bit of a bad day. Woke up crying & have been on & off since then. No particular reason, just a whole lot of little things. I’ll go for a walk later, that should help.

    1. Stress? I have days like that. Too many little things build up and it comes out when I have a meltdown over something ridiculous, lol–or for seemingly n o reason at all. Rob dropped by a few weeks ago when I was in the middle of a teary-eyed meltdown and I had to laugh at the deer-in-the-headlights look on his face, like ‘If I back out slowly, maybe she won’t notice me’.

    2. Sometimes we just need to let it all out – the emotions always overflow with the full moon – at times it all just seems way out of your control – trust me it will pass and you will move on brighter and stronger!

    3. I think it’s just all the waiting, feeling helpless, Dad’s Bday, Mum’s Bday, sis’s Bday, Mum’s Anniv. etc. I’m not good at thumb twiddling!

  104. Today is scrubbing and packing away all the planters that I plan on taking to Greece – whenever right! LOL…I have so many that they will not be missed at all…

  105. Well, I have been side-tracked a dozen times today by needing to put up groceries, and look up people on the family tree for a cousin–so here I am at nearly 11 p.m., finally online, lol.

  106. It was wonderful to do my first Sensory Garden tour in 3 years. We had 12 people, toured the garden, and then they planted a plant to take home.

  107. Nice day did a little shopping picked up something for the kids next week. I know what great niece (5) likes she spends time with me. But great great nephew (7) only get to see him once a year he lives in TN. Had to pick up chicken nuggets and FF for the freezer, the only thing cameron likes to eat.. And carpri sun to drink. Of course I picked up a lot of other stuff if they don’t eat or drink they can take it home with them.

  108. My day is going pretty good just got home from a check up at the dentist and all is good so that makes me super happy.

  109. Not done much today & no news at all. I did go for a longish brisk walk though. All this living in one room and no garden is making me so unfit and I need to get my strength up for surgery & moving house.

  110. resending this as the computer glitched just as the first message was being sent. please disregard this one if the first is received. thanks

    the day is going well. getting laundry done and then taking on thoroughly cleaning one room/2-3 days. thanks.

  111. the day is going well. getting laundry done and then taking on thoroughly cleaning one room/2-3 days. thanks

  112. I’m super tired. I went to bed late last night, then a storm came through. Thunder so loud, it woke me up.

  113. Whew! It’s a hot one today. I’m so glad I got the errands run completed yesterday. Today will be lovely. Thank you.

  114. I have to take another day off – so even though it seems a bit crazy I believe in creative visualization so starting to pack up things for the move ( God knows when) that I will not need for the immediate future…my Holy Communion china – yes that happened 62 years ago but I remember fondly my mum going to Saks Fifth Ave and picking out the most beautiful china Bridal Rose and to my dads dismay bought an 18 piece place setting with all the add-ons ALL it is a huge array – you would think we had 200 people for the event! I use it 2 maybe 3 times a year and the most for 4 persons! I cannot give this up so out come the boxes and the bubble wrap and away I go!

  115. I am caught between happy with summer and events and being sad with somethings in my personal life..

  116. It’s been a pretty good day here. It’s hot but not too muggy outside, and the skies were blue today. My oldest nephew came by for a while. We talked about baseball, soccer, basketball–all the things he loves, lol.

  117. I took my son to the dentist this morning. I’m heading soon to pick up a food order. It’s a hot one today.

  118. birg rain storm wind and rain for a couple hours…………….. sun out air smells clean

    Just a lazy day for me

  119. I am a little grumpy today had very little sleep last night because it was so hot in our area. We will still be in the triple digits today.

  120. Nothing much going on apart from singing Happy Birthday to my sister’s answering machine!

  121. Taking it easy today -took a slide down an embankment yesterday trimming bushes and really feeling it today – the hip that is! LOL….

    1. Whoa!! Promise me that when you go to Greece or wherever you will stay away from those Aegean cliffs, lol!!

  122. My day went well. I spend some time at the pool with my daughter and then did laundry. Now I’m relaxing and I’m going to bed early. What is it about being at the pool that always make be feel so tired.

  123. Twenty degrees cooler today after a ‘cold’ front came through. Back up to high 90s later this week.

  124. Well, Medicaid will pay for me to get a power wheelchair. So, that will help me when I go to the grocery or a doctor’s appointment at one of the big hospitals. I don’t anticipate using it a lot around the house–I think that the daily workout I get from maneuvering around the house helps keep me in better condition. Anyway, overall, it will make life a little easier.

  125. the day is going quite well. got the appointments over with, now on to making up for the time lost when appointments went late. thanks

  126. My day is going pretty HOT so far we should hit 106 degrees here today and that is Misery! Seems like the older I get the more I do not like the heat of summer.

  127. We now have a full house: 17 Ukrainian refugees, including 3 children (one with ‘special’ needs) and 2 long-term residents (including me). The place is quite noisy until the early hours. Gave the plants in my car a lot of TLC, hoovered the room & cleaned shower.

      1. It’s so sad, Michele. One young woman lost her boyfriend in a bomb attack, another lost her father & brother. And we think we have problems …

  128. It appears the dramatic weather is over today so I must go out and do some pruning and trimming before the party is over! I must admit this yard/land work is getting tiresome!

  129. There’s not a lot going on here. My youngest nephew’s Summer league baseball team is playing in the championship game today for the district (I think. I can’t keep track of the tournaments, lol. District? Regional? State?) So, I hope he wins.

  130. Had some old friends stop by and bring lunch………………… we had a good time catching up on what has been happening

  131. My day is going pretty good so far. I just got done making a HUGE pasta salad and it tastes soooo good. I like to have salads ready to eat in the refrigerator when the weather is this hot.

  132. the day is going well. the weather is much better than it has been so that really makes a difference. thanks

  133. I had a great day at the lake with my family yesterday. I’m heading to my brothers for a pool party today.

  134. Just got power back! Tropical wave # 17 or 18 who knows anymore started at 1 am and let up around 10 am – torrential tropical rain and wind – have to go out and do a quick yard investigation before it starts again the sky is dark and ominous..lol….quickly walk the pooch and give the stray cats some food and get water out of the turtle pond they are at the top and begging for help!

  135. Summer has arrived in Ireland and is due to last a week! It’s 72 degrees & 10 higher on the east coast where I used to live. That’s hot enough for me, thank you very much!

  136. Well, it rained most of the morning, so it’s been a wet day here. I just spent the day reading a new biography about John Bonham (Zeppelin’s drummer)–a complicated character, it seems. He hated touring, had a real fear of flying, and drank too much to self-medicate…and then the guy everyone described as the nicest, most generous guy in the world, turned into a little bit of an a$$hole. Apparently, he missed his wife and kids and their farm so much it drove him round the bend a bit…really odd for a rock & roll guy. Of course, in the end, it took him down just before he was, evidence suggests, getting ready to chuck it all for a quieter home life. Stories like that always make me sad. You know, the ones where a young person with so much to give is suddenly gone in such a stupid way.

  137. My day is going well. I was able to get all the major cooking done early so it’s now time to sit down with a cup of tea.

  138. Got my hair cut first thing this morning then a longish drive to get a change of scene. Got a bit of shopping for the weekend.

  139. today is going well. got up and out early to avoid the crowds so the outside errands are done. on to the inside ones. thanks

  140. I am having a great day so far even after getting some very disappointing news last night. I decided I am not going to dwell on it.

  141. My day is going fine so far. We are expecting thunderstorms today in the afternoon. I had a great sweet roll with breakfast.

  142. Updated yesterday from the lawyer regarding the sub-division… will have an answer from the planning commission in 2 weeks regarding the matter – if I am denied I do not plan to appeal – the appeal process is very long and I don’t want to wait 2-3 years to move forward with my long range plans…I have Plan A and Plan B and even a Plan C!!

    1. You are the woman with the plan!! And the backup plan…and the other backup plan! Lol, you will get it done!!

  143. My day has gone fine so far. We had some rain today. I saw a lovely stage performance of The Sound of Music.

  144. It has been a busy day for me. I had a lot of running around to do and sure got a lot done. I am tuckered out and am just now sitting down for a major break and came to my favorite blog.

  145. Started the day lazy then decided to do some cleaning………… getting company end of the month

  146. the day is going well. there’s a bright sun in the sky, light breezes, and a bit of cloud. lots to do so must get at it. thanks

  147. I went to a chiropodist this afternoon and tomorrow I’m going to the hairdresser – felt like I needed a bit of pampering! Found out there’s a concert in aid of Ukraine tonight with some Ukrainian singers involved. Told the refugees staying here and we’re all going!

  148. Well, I had lost 8 lbs. at the doctor today, so that’s good news. He’s been doing some research into Post Sepsis Syndrome and has found a doctor who can deal with it, so that might finally help me get these ongoing issues healed. I hope so. Trying to deal with them individually just doesn’t work, it seems. They are interconnected, somehow, and they have to be dealt with as a whole.

  149. Good swim today with my friend. I still think 10am is too early, but having a quiet pool to ourselves is very nice.

  150. Nice day trip to walmart and found kid summer clothes on sale. Picked up 5 pr shorts 7 tshirts and a pair of long pants for a little over $20. for great niece

  151. I ran some errands and then went to a dentist appointment. My teeth are starting to hurt,

  152. Had a dermatologist appoint today for my 6 month body check, it’s the first time in 2 years that I did not have to have a biopsy.

  153. Went shopping yesterday and all went well…was able to get everything done – prices have skyrocketed! all over the world prices have gone up but here it is out of this world…we still have the few perks of products from the UK, Ireland and Australia and New Zealand – old crown colony trade deals – but US products are off the charts – of course the groceries never say they have to keep their profits up they blame it all on the supply chain and shipping costs – my rant for the morning…

  154. My day is going fine so far. I have a committee meeting to attend today. I have a cauliflower to roast today.

  155. My day has gone fine so far. We have been eating leftovers for our meals. I am looking forward to cooler days.

  156. Cable & internet issues off and on yesterday, storms today and a doctor’s appointment tomorrow. What a lousy few days, lol.

  157. the day is going well. was out early to run some errands and now the sun’s coming out. always a positive sign. thanks

  158. My day has been a busy one lot of cooking and cleaning and laundry today. I am taking a break right now.

  159. Yawn! Got up early to go swimming at the Adults Only session with my friend. Was good to have space and quiet. Then over to my friend’s house where her friend, a barber, cut our hair.

  160. Yawn! Got up early to go swimming at the Adults Only session with my friend. Was good to have space and quiet. Then over to my friend’s house where her friend, a barber, cut our hair.

  161. The neighbors shot off more fireworks last night. I hope that’s the end of it. My dog does not like them. I don’t like them. Got a nap today to make up for the lack of sleep. It was up to 100 degrees. We need rain or the grass will die.

  162. It’s really windy today, so I’m guessing it’ll storm before the day is out. The air just has that feel.

  163. It has been a busy day just got home from big grocery shopping day and I am worn out. I am so taking it easy for the rest of the day.

  164. My day is going fine so far. I had a hamburger for lunch. We will have fresh corn on the cob with dinner.

  165. nice quiet day headed out to the farmers market wanting a big ripe tomato

    Then headed to the store to buy plain old white bread………. nothing like a tomato and mayo sandwich

  166. Another day, another mass shooting in the Land of The Free. Sometimes I despair. Easy access to killing machines just doesn’t make sense.

  167. Inter tropical convergence zone activated – when it isn’t one thing it’s another! LOL. pouring rain – well inside to make lists for shopping tomorrow then puttering around….

  168. It really seems that this country can’t have a day go by without a mass shooting. Seriously, what have we turned into?? I don’t have answers. Just questions.

  169. headed out in a little bit to attend a BBQ nothing better then a hot dog or hamburger on the grill. Will get to see the fireworks from across the river.

  170. My day has been pretty busy just made a huge potato salad and getting ready to start grilling. Hope you are have a wonderful 4th of July.

  171. My day is going fine so far. Happy 4th of July everyone in the U.S. We are going to have a festive cookout style lunch.

  172. Gorgeous sunny day with a blue blue sky…going to split my day between working inside and outside – cleaning the library shelves for an hour then outside to scrub and sanitize plant pots to put away for my next new life…crazy maybe but I do believe in creative visualizing…

  173. The day has turned upside down. It started out cold, rainy, and windy. Now it’s warmer with not a cloud in sight. I’ll take it.

  174. It’s been a hopping day for a Sunday, lol. And everything I wound up having to do was unplanned–spray the front porch after noticing a line of ants headed for the front window, fix the wheelchair brakes when one literally fell off (okay, my brother actually did that, but I was in the chair at the time, so I count it), clean out the fridge when I noticed something had leaked and gotten under the crisper drawers…was it John Lennon who said ‘Life is what happens while you’re making other plans’? I would add ‘or when you think you have no plans at all.’

  175. Having a hard weekend & not celebrating the 4th as we usually would. My brother in-law lost his battle with colon cancer and passed away at the age of 53. We’ve had all the services this weekend. 😞

    1. So, so, sorry Kim. It’s what killed my Mum, my sister’s just had an op. for it & an family friend died last weekend from it. 53 is no age at all.

  176. My day is fine. Hoping the neighbors don’t set off fireworks tonight. I was trying to sleep and our dog was scared last night.

  177. My day is going so so think I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed today but I am trying to turn it around.

  178. My cell phone service has been sprint but now it is t-mobile. They mailed me a sims card to switch services. I knew I was going to have problem but I tried to do it anyway. I finally got the old sims card but I could not get the new one to fit and to go in the slot. After over a hour of lots of words and threats……………………. got dressed and drove to the t-mobile store. He didn’t laugh at me but it took him less then 2 minutes to do it and to test that it worked………….. they were nice guys After I left there drove to McD and got a ice cream cone!

  179. The day is going well. Got up early to water the indoor ‘jungle’ and do some work in the computer. We need some sun.

  180. Went for a long drive today just to blow the cobwebs away, fed & watered the plants and did some grocery shopping.

  181. My day is going fine so far. We will have fried chicken for lunch. Thunderstorms are predicted for later today.

  182. So sorry to hear about all the illness here.. wish I had a magic wand to help George and Tamra and Kates sister….

  183. the day is going well. had an early start and got lots crossed off the to-do list. tomorrow will be a time to rest? thanks

  184. I have had an off & on issue with my mouth ever since I had sepsis (& was intubated for about a month, thus no brushing my teeth, etc.)–I take meds and think it’s cleared up but it always comes back…Clearly, I need to use the meds for a longer than usual length of time. I have an appointment with my doctor Thursday, so I’m going to insist on getting this issue solved. My mouth right now is raw. My tongue has blisters. At first, they said oh, it’s probably just thrush from being intubated…but the meds for that didn’t help. So they decided it must be something viral, but the meds for that aren’t helping much either. I need this solved. And it’s so close to July 4th that all I’m hearing outside is ‘boom, boom, boom’ lol. That will go on for a few weeks.

    1. Time to get pushy (again!) and insist on a diagnosis. On the other hand, ice cream is soothing and if it’s for medicinal use then the calories don’t count.

  185. Having a really nice day. I had some early running around to do today and now just getting home. The weather is so perfect here today only about 76 degrees and I am loving it!

  186. Bummer of a day. Found out an old friend (and an ex of my sister) died of colon cancer. He’d been in remission since the 80s. Went for a drive – car wouldn’t start. Went for a shower – no hot water. Went to bed.

    1. My sympathies, Kate. To your sister, too. I know that a lot of cancers are very curable now, but colon & pancreas are two that still seem so hard to catch in time.

  187. My day has gone fine so far. We had shrimp for lunch. It is 87 degrees here and we should have rain tomorrow.

  188. I really hope George’s flare-up of MS doesn’t last long. I know what it’s like to be bed bound. It just absolutely sucks. And Alice is right about Cheetos. They are the best. (Open them & let them get a little stale before you eat them…I think they taste better after that!) And I wish I still had the leather/suede fringe vest I had in the mid-70s!! Man, that was cool, lol. Made me feel cool. So, it must have been powerful…

  189. I hope hubby’s MS attack is short lived. I know what it’s like although MS isn’t the same for everyone. It isn’t fun for anyone.

  190. Here’s wishing you both good health.
    I love Alice’s sweater with fringe.
    I’m having a quiet day at home.

  191. My day is off to a good start so far. It is hard to believe that it is already July. We are having cooler weather here and that I love.

  192. My day has gone fine so far. It is very hot here. Some friends and I had fun doing an art project.

  193. Oh, Connie, so sorry to hear George is having a rough time. Hopefully he’ll be better soon xxx

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