Why Parents Need Life Insurance

So, this happened….. let me start by saying, grab a cup of coffee or tea because this is a long story. It’s also a great tale of WHY it’s imporant to have life insurance.

Anyone read the cartoon Calvin and Hobbs?? I feel like Calvin’s Mom in this story. Then I could title this post Why Parents Need Life Insurance because, yes, I am saying my grown @#$ husband is Calvin.

Calvin and Hobbs

As most of you know The Husband has MS (multiple sclerosis) lately he’s been having a rough go of it. Legs are wobbly, at times he feels his legs are completely gone. His balance if off, memory is bad. All of it. Trust me he’s a hot mess. (FINALLY, it’s HIM that is the hot mess and not me! WHOOO HOOOO!!) However, right now he is going through a particularly BAD couple of days. We are talking wheelchair, walker, or cane about 90% of the time.

The second part of this twisted tale has to do with the house. Remember when we moved to Idaho, we bought a 100000% fixer upper. (With a stunning view!) We replaced all the windows, and doors. Added a new deck and on and on and on. Well, between the doors and the deck and shoddy workmanship we are left with massive leaks. We decided to bite the bullet and call the REAL professionals; Renewal By Anderson to give us a quote for new patio doors. 6 sets! ACKKKKKK (The cost about made my head explode. But it has to be done. Again……. ACKKKKKKKK!!)

Let’s just make this story a trilogy, shall we? I don’t know about you but if someone is coming into our home I clean. I clean like The Queen herself is coming for tea. I run around this house like I’m possessed.

So, that is the background story.

And here is what happened the morning of our Renewal By Anderson visit.

I gave The Husband strict orders to ‘STAY OUT OF MY WAY!!’ Sit, play your video game, and listen to your podcasts. Just chill out dude.

I start my first load of laundry. Then I tackle the main floor. Quick dust, vacuum and clean off the table so that the rep can use the entire space for his presentation.

Next up, I clean the kitchen. Then the 1st bathroom. I am feeling pretty darn proud of myself. I am making record time. I am THE QUEEN of Clean!

As I put away my cleaning supplies, I notice a puddle of water on the floor that appears to come from under the sink. Say WHAAAAAAAAT?? YUP! There is a leak under the sink. I tell The Husband “Houston, we have a problem” I start taking all the items from under the sink out so he can have a look see. (THANK HEAVENS I married a handy guy!) Once everything is out from under the sink, The Husband has collected his tools. I tell him I will put away everything under the sink after he stops the leak. I will also mop out all the standing water. (Apparently, this has been leaking for a while. YIKES!) (Just fix the leak THEN GO SIT DOWN is what I should have said)

I move my cleaning frenzy to the craft room, clean that bathroom and start another load of laundry. I hear shuffling and strange noises coming from upstairs; however, do I go and investigate? Ohhhhhhhhh HEAVENS NO! Not me!! (This is where the woulda, coulda, shoulda of my day came in)

I grab the first load of laundry to take upstairs and put it away. As I turned the corner what do my little eyes behold?? THE HUSBAND is ON THE 6’ ladder. (Our ceilings are 16’) He decided THIS would be the day to take the acrylic light diffuser panels off the lights and clean the dead bugs out. You know the panels that are in my freshly, cleaned kitchen. Surrounded by everything from under the sink. Standing water in the cupboard. (AND on the floor! But, hey, the leak is fixed)

He is determined to fix the panels. He has decided that double-sided sticky tape will help the panels stay in place. (I tell you that part of the story because this means that The Husband has to go upstairs and out to the garage. So, his legs are getting more and more fatigued)

I start putting items back under the sink when The Husband (oh you know what’s coming don’t you!?) Yup, he lost his balance FROM THE TOP STEP of the ladder and he went one way, the ladder went on me and the acrylic panel shattered into a million little pieces.

Time freezes. I right the ladder, and check The Husband. HOW he managed to be okay is beyond me. He has a small lump on his forehead. But, no cuts, no bruises, nothing. The kitchen didn’t fair as well, the decorative crown molding over the kitchen cabinets was ripped from its home. The acrylic panel is shattered and my kitchen is a mess.

Thankfully, he didn’t die from the fall (or by MY HAND) so I didn’t need to cash is his life insurance (however the week is still young).

*no adult was harmed in the making of this story.


  • heather

    I am so glad to hear that your hubby is ok wow what post thanks for sharing my thought and prayers are with you guys.

  • rita leonard

    You definitely had a bad week. glad all is okay now. Good luck with everything. When my husband and I moved we avoided anything that was a fixer upper. Neither of us are that handy.

  • Nena Sinclair

    Wow! I’m so glad that your hubby was okay! And I agree that life insurance is vitally important because you just never know!

  • Tamra Phelps

    Good lord! You guys had a day, lol. I empathize with George. I have issues left over from the sepsis and MRSA, where they attacked my nervous system…so I have numbness and pain sometimes in my legs and it can get hard to do anything…so when I feel like doing something, I just do it without thinking it through, lol. Seriously, I hope he feels better soon, and you both come out unscathed!

  • Karen R

    Sounds like my hubby. He can do a better job than anybody. Why spend the money? He will jump into a project with no thought on safety. I am surprised that he has lived this long. I would be lost without him.

  • gloria patterson

    Sorry I am laughing my ass off!! You sound like the woman that has cleaning lady to come in to clean house. So you clean the house before the cleaning woman gets there.

    A lot of this story sounds like my brother and my poor sister in law ….. Glad your husband is ok and a lesson learn for you relax go with the flow. And it is just me but at 70+ I have life insurance………………. you never know when you might need it

  • Kate Sarsfield

    Yikes! Poor George (and you) but in a twisted way I actually feel relieved. Relieved that I’m not the only one 😉

  • Sam Price

    If you’re going to stand on the top step of a ladder, surrounded by water and chemicals you better have life insurance 😂😂 It sounds like something out of The Floor is Lava. #baddecisions

  • Stacy Preston

    I don’t even know where to begin unpacking this nightmare! Your husband sounds like my husband. I’m both laughing and horrified because I see myself in this post. I always thought of life insurance in terms of old age and work injuries, it never occurred to me he could electrocute himself or fall off a ladder. I’m embarrassed we don’t have a policy…yet?!

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