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THAT! Was Painful!

If you’ve been around Peanut Butter and Whine for a while, you know that I am a self-proclaimed HOARDER!! I come from a very long line of Hoarders. My Grandpa; BIG TIME hoarder. My Dad blew him outta the water! With 480 acres in Yoder Colorado, my Dad tried his hardest to fill that place UP!!  See?? I didn’t stand a chance; hoarding is in my blood.  Now, we aren’t talking about magazines, newspapers, and trash. I promise I’m not ready to be on an episode of A&E’s Hoarders. (BUT, let’s not ask my children, just to be on the safe side).  I’m mostly talking about craft supplies. SOOOOOOO technically that’s not hoarding that’s considered a hobby?? Right??

My BFF Marilee came up to The Mountain to craft with me two weeks ago. My room was so disorganized, so FULL of STUFF that I spent a large amount of time LOOKING FOR THINGS that I KNEW I HAD!! It was so frustrating. So, when Marilee left, I went on a terror.  I emptied 5 BIG cupboards (24″ deep and 36″ wide) and I dumped them ALL out into the middle of the floor.  Well, THAT WAS STUPID!! I spent the next 8 days organizing, cleaning, GROUPING like crafts with like crafts (SERIOUSLY!??! Why wasn’t this done before?? Then I tackled the OTHER 12 cupboards. Except I did them WAY, WAY, WAY smarter. I did one cupboard at a time. I actually finished today. I am so happy.

Just looking at this picture gives me anxiety!

I feel calm, organized and HAPPY!! I am SORE as all get out, but HAPPY.  Seriously, my back hurts, my shoulders hurt! At the end of the day I was so thankful for my arnica cream and my pain relief roll on.  That was the only way I could sleep, I hurt that much. Up and down the step stool. Taking trash bag after trash bag to the garage. BOXES of things to go to the Goodwill. Y’all remember when I was homeschooling Alice? That was seven years ago. WHY am I still holding on to this stuff? Crafts for little 4/5-year-olds? Goodwill, it goes.  I filled the back of The Husbands truck with trash for the dump. THEN a second load of TREASURES (wink wink) to the Goodwill. I was ruthless. Okay, as ruthless as I could be without giving myself a heart attack.

Even Winston seems happier. LOL

AND now……. my beautiful room.  Now……… time to relax…….. ahhhhhhhh *#&$& bring me my arnica cream. The Husband wants to cut more firewood. My job is carrying and stacking.  I’m so glad I bought two bottles of pain relief roll-on and a LARGE tube of arnica cream.


    • Connie: The Head Peanut

      It’s SO organized and SO clean, I can’t find my little bottles with tiny nozzles for glue. GRRRRRR back to Amazon. OF COURSE you know that as soon as that order arrives the little bottles will show up.
      It REALLY does feel good though.

  • heather

    Okay, I have to admit my jaw dropped when I read you had to go through 12 cabinets! The last picture of your craft room is so great.

  • gloria patterson

    OMG That was really really stupid to dump it on the floor!!! I would have had to use a reacher to get it up. One at a time was better.

    My niece had been helping her mother clean out her grandmothers home she is in a nursing home. Her grandmother was in to crafts. Brit brought at least 30 boxes of craft stuff over to my senior building. And with hrs ever bit of it was gone to someone apartment.

    I called in a group that will pick up your stuff and sell it at their thift store for their school. I got rid of so much stuff in the fall.

    Now you are organized the next time you are at a store…………………… AND SEE SOMETHING ON SALE and you start to buy it………………. YOU stop and think NO NO I have lots of that in the third cabinet on the right in the bottom.

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