How Do Cloud Faxes Work?

The cloud has revolutionized the way business is conducted, enabling companies to do more with less. This revolution also includes the way we send and receive faxes. If you’ve wondered, “How do cloud faxes work,” this article will provide a comprehensive overview, and explain the technology behind it, its security measures, its benefits, and why this service is overall important.

Understanding the Concept of Cloud Faxing


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At the heart of cloud faxing is the principle of using online storage and processing for fax communication. Just as emails are sent over the internet, so too are cloud faxes. This elevates faxing from a landline-dependent activity into a flexible, modern communication method.

Traditional faxing requires a dedicated line and hardware (fax machine or multifunction device). But in cloud faxing, an online service provider manages these necessities on your behalf.

When faxes are sent, they’re transformed from a digital file into an image file. The image file is then sent to the cloud, where it’s stored and ready to be retrieved by the recipient. The recipient merely needs a device with an internet connection, not a specific line or machine.

The Underlying Technology Behind Cloud Fax

At the helm of cloud fax technology is a technique called T.38 protocol. This protocol serves as a system for fax transmission over Internet Protocol networks in real-time. Once a traditional fax is sent, it’s digitized and converted into packets, allowing it to operate seamlessly with IP-based networks, i.e., the internet.

Apart from the T.38 protocol, store-and-forward technology also plays a vital role in the digital fax ecosystem. All incoming faxes are stored securely in a server and then forwarded to the recipient’s email as a PDF attachment or to a web-based app for retrieval.

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, and FoIP, or Fax over Internet Protocol are other integral technologies utilized by cloud fax services. Both protocols facilitate the transmission of voice or fax data over the internet, enabling businesses to cut costs associated with traditional phone lines.

Security Measures in Cloud Faxing


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Security is a top priority for most businesses, particularly when sensitive data is concerned. With recent enhancements in technology, cloud faxing now provides robust security to users.

Most cloud fax providers leverage advanced encryption standards (AES) to encode faxes during transmission and storage. This means that even if the data is intercepted inadvertently, it can’t be read without the unique encryption key.

Furthermore, cloud fax services adhere to strict compliance standards. This includes regulations like HIPAA and SOX, which are prominent guidelines for maintaining the privacy and security of data transmissions.

Advantages of Integrating Cloud Fax in Your Business

Cloud faxing offers businesses numerous benefits. First and foremost, it provides considerable cost savings. Businesses no longer need dedicated phone lines, expensive hardware, or endless supplies of paper and toner.

Furthermore, as faxes are sent and received digitally, it increases the efficiency and speed of operations. There’s also the advantage of being able to send and receive faxes from anywhere, on any device, and at any time.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, it provides additional security features. With encrypted data transmission and storage, and compliance with various laws, businesses can rest easy knowing their data is well-protected.

Overall, cloud faxing is a technological advancement that businesses are increasingly adopting for the myriad of benefits it offers. With a clearer understanding of how cloud faxes work, you can now make an informed decision about integrating a cloud faxing service into your business operations.


  • Tamra Phelps

    I can’t get regular faxing to work half the time. It is so irritating when doctors are trying to fax each other to set up appointments and it doesn’t go through. If this does better, I say great!

  • gloria patterson

    I am old so I have saw a lot of changes and ways of getting paper work from point A to point B.

    This was very interesting I had not read or saw anything on it before.

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