The Story of the Sock Monkey!

IF you are of a certain age YOU no doubt had a sock money growing up. I STILL have mine (AGAIN, I AM NOT a HOARDER!) Handmade by my Aunt Mary Jo.  Side note… at 65 years old I still have several of my favorite toys.  (kinda makes that whole “I’m not a hoarder claim fly out the window huh?) OR were you surprised??  Regular visitors, I am 100% certain that this did not surprise you at ALL!!  Just a little FYI here; the Sock Monkey originated in the Victorian era. Those Nelson Socks have come a long way! Now socks are a true fashion statement as well as a way to keep our little tootsies warm.

Connie's toys Connie's toys

Before I moved to Idaho I lived in Southern California where socks were just for fashion. I only chose socks for the look. Warmth wasn’t as important to me. Sure, a few days a year it was cold enough (I just MADE A FUNNY!! COLD? California? NOOOOO Idaho!! IDAHO is cold!) Sorry, I got sidetracked again.  AS I was saying I was not the sock connoisseur that I am today.

Guess where this is leading?? YES!! A site about SOCKS!!  I’ve found the BEST EVER site!! Wait until you see this.  I think you will become as completely obsessed with socks, as I am!! Trust me you’re gonna love this! The Thread, this is Your Ultimate Guide to All Things Socks! I recently partnered with Chrissy’s Socks to explore their blog, “The Thread,” and let me tell you, this is a treasure trove of sock wisdom! Seriously!

From the history of socks (which I found VERY interesting!) to the latest fashion trends, they’ve got it all covered.

Custom made socks!! YOU GUYS!! They have BLOGGER SOCKS!! Sorry for shouting, but they HAVE BLOGGER SOCKS!!

chrissy's socks

They have thin socks, thick socks, stripped socks, even socks with polka dots!

The custom-made socks are amazing for sports teams, family Christmas pictures! Seriously, why should Christmas Pajama’s get all the glory?? Some of us want to be in matching socks! Maybe with The Non’s (me!) picture all over them??  Ya know, I might be on to something here! Merry Christmas to my family. LOVE Mom (aka The Non).

Chrissys socksEven colorful socks. IN ORANGE!! Thick solid socks. These will match my car!! (I mean, everyone color coordinates socks and cars. It’s a thing. I just made it up. But it’s a thing (now? maybe?).

I would love to know your favorite sock. AND are you willing to start color coordinating your socks to your car? Hummm??




  • gloria patterson

    Have to admit they do have a lot of socks. I could see some of them going with ugly sweaters.

    As for sock monkey they used to be a car drive up express (change oil/check stuff etc) in town there mascot was the Sock Monkey. I remember buying a couple for my nieces.

    You made me think about old stuff I have. Perfume bottle, pink/green decorate bottles and 2 homemade quilts from my grandma. I am a get rid of stuff person

  • heather

    I had one of these sock monkeys when I was a kid. I think my grandmother gave it to me. I wonder where that is now? I will have to look for it.

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