Chin Strap and Mouth Guard Set Review #Chinstrapchinguardmouthpiece

I’ve shared before that I snore. I snore LOUD. If a Mount Vesuvius eruption and NASA Space Shuttle launch combined into one loud noise that would be MY snore. The Husband has to wear ear plugs to sleep. It’s annoying AND it’s embarrassing!! So, of course I have to share it with you guys!

Sleep3I am always looking for solutions to try. Right now I’m trying this Chin Strap with Sleep Aid Mouth Guard. This is a long piece of stretchy material with Velcro on the ends. There are two cutouts for your ears. Basically, you fit this stretchy piece of soft material around your head to keep your jaw in the optimal position thereby keeping your airway clear during sleep. The fabric cups your chin like a sling.  The Chin Strap keeps the muscles in the jaw and face from relaxing during sleep which causes snoring.

The Chin Strap can be adjusted to fit almost any size head. I imagine if  you have a larger head this won’t fit. The strap is     almost 31″ long with large Velcro squares. It will stretch to almost 36″.  It takes some patience to get the fit right. The first night I had the strap way too tight and when I opened the Velcro the noise jolted The Husband wide awake. The second night I lasted some of the night, when I woke up the strap was not on. I’m not sure if  I will make it the entire night with the Chin Strap on or not. The material is soft enough, I’m just having a hard time with something on my face all night.

The Chin Strap also comes with a Mouth Guard. This is a fitted mouth guard; you have to put it in boiling water to soften then mold it to your teeth. It’s a nice added bonus.

Together the system does work. It’s just hard for me to sleep with something around my head all night.


When it arrived it had a very strong chemical smell it took a couple of hand-washings with a delicate detergent I used Woolite and it worked fine.


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    I have sleep apnoea & sleep with a mask on most nights. The difference it has made to the amount & quality of sleep is HUGE! I sleep alone so the noise element doesn’t disturb anyone else but in our last house all I could hear at night was Mum & Dad snoring (they both wore ear plugs!), the old black lab groaning/chasing rabbits, the Siamese hitting the dog to shut him up, the dishwasher & washing machine and the nightly trains running along the coast. Now we’re in the middle of nowhere & apart from the occasional owl or fox I generally manage to sleep right through – bliss!

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