iClever Foldable Keyboard Review

Check it OUT!! My electronic devices just got a whole lot easier to use thanks to this foldable keyboard. The iClever® Portable Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard has to be one of the coolest gadgets that I’ve reviewed! First, the keyboard folds up small enough to fit in my purse along with my iPad Mini. When the keyboard is open the keyboard is easy to use. When the key board is open it’s very comfortable to type on. It’s almost the same size as the keys that are on my laptop.

4-year-old Alice and I go a lot of places during the week. Some of our favorite play spots are Got Air and Playwerx. One is an indoor trampoline park and one is an indoor climbing park. BOTH wear that baby out (which is my main goal)!! Both are so kid friendly that parents and grandparents can relax and read or in my case work. I don’t want to drag my laptop with me. However, I do always have my phone and my iPad with me. I pull out this tri-folding keyboard from iClever and I’m working as fast as my little fingers can type.

When the keyboard is open it’s a full 10″ long and a little over 3.5″ wide and just under ¼” thick.  When the keyboard is closed it’s approximately 5.7″ long and 3.6″ wide and a little over a ½” thick.

Another awesome perk is that the iClever® Portable Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard holds a charge for weeks!

Pairing couldn’t be easier or quicker. There is a blue Bluetooth logo on the C key. Pressing the FN and C keys together starts the scanning mode. Up pops Clever IC-BK03 Keyboard, quick and easy. Done! Now when I unfold the iClever keyboard turns it on and starts the connecting process.

This is such an amazing keyboard!! I am productive anytime I need to be!! Whether I am answering emails or writing blog posts; this keypad ROCKS!!! I am 100% impressed with this keyboard. Not only is this keyboard convenient to take with me for day to day work but it’s perfect for traveling since it takes up hardly any space!

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I am thoroughly and completely impressed and loving this keyboard! I haven’t found a single whine. The keyboard works with my android phone and with my Apple products as well.



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