Click-A-Brick Army Defenders 100pc Set Review

A while back I was lucky enough to review Click-A-Brick Animal Kingdom Safari. Alice STILL loves to build with this set. Click-A-Brick gives me some down time because Alice get’s so intent on building and creating that I don’t have to chase after her!

The Click-A-Brick Army Defenders is a much larger set than the Animal Kingdom Safari. The Army Defenders has 100 Pieces! This set really does scream Army to me with its green, brown, white and a few yellow bricks thrown in for good measure. The day this set arrived, DH took one look and well, HE wanted to build an Army robot.  EVENTUALLY I believe this will be a perfect building set for our 5-year-old Grandson Eli. But, we have to wait until DH is done building his designs.

You can build so many items with this set. A tank, a soldier, gunship, jet fighter, and 6 other vehicles, or just use your imagination. There are detailed instructions included to build so many cool designs.

Click-A-Brick Army Defenders like other sets are a different kind of building sets. The blocks don’t just connect one way. Click-A-Brick’s can be connected from all sides and all corners; even forming diagonal lines!! This blocks are so unique and so sturdy!! The bricks are made of a non-toxic ABS plastic. These are large blocks that are easy for little hands to build with. Not to mention the blocks snap together easily.

Building with Click-A-Bricks helps kids (and husbands) improve motor and dexterity skills! Click-A-Brick also helps with the way kids address their spatial reasoning.

Spatial reasoning is something that develops naturally when you are a child and continues to grow as you get older. It is regarded as one of the most basic reasoning abilities, along with verbal reasoning, logical reasoning and numerical reasoning.
Click-A-Brick Army Defenders has 100 pieces total.

Click-A-Brick encourages your child to use their imagination and be creative!!

Click-A-Brick Army Defenders bricks are well made and I’m certain they will be handed down to younger children in the family. This set is so much fun.  Recommended for kids 5 and up. (to say 65?)


Not a single one. The bricks are strong! The creativity that these evoke in kids is amazing! They will play with this set for HOURS!!! How can I whine about that!?! And so far it’s keeping DH outta my hair too! It’s a WIN-Win!



  • Tamra Phelps

    My nephews are 5 & 9, and they love this kind of thing. Anything that lets them build something is great! It can be LEGOS, OYO sports building sets or these Click-A-Bricks!

  • Carol S.

    My grandson loves building and it keeps him so occupied. It’s almost like he is in his own imaginary world building towers or cars. I think every child should grow up with these!

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