Click-A-Brick Set Review

Entertaining toddlers is never ever an easy task. Entertaining toddlers with something that sparks their imagination is REALLY not easy! So, I get really excited when I find a toy that 3-year-old Alice ASKS to play with!! Not just asks to play with but will build and re-build for over an hour! AN HOUR PEOPLE!! A three-year old!! That’s AMAZING!! Thank you Click-A-Brick Animal Kingdom Safari for MY quiet time!!

So, what makes Click-A-Brick different from other building sets? It’s the way the blocks connect to each other. Instead of connecting in just one way, Click-A-Brick’s can be connected from all sides and all corners; even forming diagonal lines!! This is a building set Alice isn’t soon to out grow! I LOVE that!!

The blocks are so unique with building capabilities on all 6 sides of the cube. The Animal Kingdom Safari has 30 pieces; there are 8 yellow and brown squares, 5 orange squares, 2 eyes, there are also 2 yellow and brown triangles, 2 brown half squares, and 1 yellow half square.

Building with Click-A-Bricks helps kids improve motor and dexterity skills! Click-A-Brick also helps with the way kids address their spatial reasoning.

Spatial reasoning is something that develops naturally when you are a child and continues to grow as you get older. It is regarded as one of the most basic reasoning abilities, along with verbal reasoning, logical reasoning and numerical reasoning.

There are directions with the The Animal Kingdom Safari set to help you build a lion. Everything else is up to your child’s imagination!! I am giddy over 3-year-old Alice’s giraffe. Check out the end for the way Alice says goodbye! This kid cracks me UP!

Click-A-Brick helps bring out your child’s imagination and creativity!! It’s so much fun to see what their little minds come up with!!

Click-A-Brick is well made and I’m certain they will be handed down for several more sets of kids! Click-A-Brick Animal Kingdom Safari set is an educational building block set for children aged 4 and up.



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