Personalized Cutting Boards!

WOW! WOW!! WOW!! I can’t stop saying that! WOW!! Wait till you see this stunning personalized cutting board. Although calling it a cutting board seems so wrong to me; because I will CUT you if you put a knife anywhere near this board!! We will serve cheese, bread, crackers and such on this board but there will be NO cutting! I AM SERIOUS! I really just want to leave it on the counter for a decoration only! It’s too pretty to use!! Thank you Straga Products!!

If you have an occasion coming up that you want to celebrate in a unique and very personalized way; do yourself a favor and check out these cutting boards!! These boards make perfect gifts for weddings, anniversaries, house-warming or just because!

When I opened the box I smiled, you know me, I’m all about presentation, my new cutting board arrived wrapped in tissue paper with a bow! I could tell right away something amazing was inside. When I tore away the tissue paper my jaw dropped!! WOW! I’m sorry I can’t stop saying that!! I unwrapped my Straga cutting board and WOW!! I can’t help it; the cutting board is so pretty!! As beautiful as this cutting board is in the pictures it’s a million times prettier in person.

With rounded corners and the etched branch design in Walnut this board measure almost 12″ by 7½” and ¾” thick; this is one spectacular board!! WOW!

The folks at Straga Products have started a Kickstarter campaign their goal is to expand the design customization capabilities. With the Kickstarter community support they are hoping to create a web-based platform that allows complete freedom in design creation and altering.

Beginning with font style and size selection along with date format and many other design elements. Eventually buyers will have full control of what will be engraved on the board! How COOL IS THAT?!?!


All Straga boards are carved from natural wood of the highest grade, quadruple sanded, immersed in mineral oil and finished with homemade board butter for ultimate durability, luster and shine.

Boards are personalized with a state of the art laser engraver. Each and every board comes with cutting board butter and in a beautiful gift wrapping, at your choice.

Why Straga Products?

What sets Straga Products us apart from other Kickstarter Campaigns? First, their extensive experience. Straga Products are tried and tested with over 2000 satisfied customers in 35 countries from Canada to Argentina, from Australia to Spain!! Not to mention Vista, CA!!

Straga operates an established business and have a streamlined process which means that we are able to deliver your rewards within the set time frame, guarantee quality and customer satisfaction. Unlike other Kickstarter campaigns, they are not looking to establish themselves through backing and support. They are already established. Their goal is to build the application that would deliver unprecedented world-class customer service and convenience to our valued backers.


Are you kidding?! LOOK AT MY CHEESE board!! It’s beautiful. I promise you! This company is worth backing!!


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