Cliff Dwellers Pastime Puzzle

DH and I love putting together puzzles, actually the whole family does. Check out the puzzle we just finished. This one is rated for ages 8 and over.  This one is challenging!  You can’t just put the frame together and go from there. You have to think about this one.  SO MUCH FUN!!  There are 30 whimsical pieces. There are shapes like a duck, a star, a boot, and the letter w. SO COOL!!

This is Cliff Dwellers by Daniel Smith. This is a 300-piece pastime puzzle from Winning Moves Games.  The finished puzzle will fit into an 18″ x 24″ frame.  We plan to put this into Grandson Eli’s room.  Eventually, AFTER we find the missing W that is!!

Here is how I preserve my puzzles for framing!  I would show you step by step photo’s….. but, someone (not naming names, EMMA!) needed the M for a project. So, when the M is found we will be putting this together permanently.

You’ll need:

Paint Brush
Decoupage Glue. I prefer matt finish. I don’t like the glare on my finished puzzle.
Wax Paper

Tape two piece of wax paper together. Longer than the puzzle. Slide your puzzle onto the wax paper. The wax paper will keep your puzzle from sticking to the card board or table that you’ve put your puzzle together on. Ahhh smart aren’t I??

Next make sure the puzzle is tightly together and smoothed down. You don’t want any little puzzle piece to be loose.

Start painting your puzzle with the Decoupage Glue. Make sure to get everywhere on the puzzle.  It will start out white and dry in about 24 hours to a clear matt, frameable piece of art!!

With the next puzzle review that I have coming up in a week or so, I’ll show you another even easier way to make a puzzle ready to frame!

We love these puzzles!! Two enthusiastic thumbs UP, WAY, way, WAY up for Winning Moves Games, Cliff Dwellers Pastime Puzzle!!

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