Snugg Skinny Fit Cover for iPad Air

I am so excited!! For several reasons! First, DH surprised me, I DO MEAN surprised me! with a new iPad Air for my birthday!! MAN this little guy is light! AND fast!! I’m just zooming through apps, pages and pictures. I LOVE my new iPad Air!! Thank you sweetheart!

I already have my first review for a case! Yes, my obsession with cases is renewed. NOW I start over! I need cases in every color for my lighter, thinner, more awesome iPad Air!!

This is the Snugg Robust and Protective Skinny Fit iPad Air Cover. This awesome cover doesn’t add any weight or bulk to my thin iPad Air.

The Snugg is made to fit perfectly around the Air. The case is made of black silicone, with non-slip squared elements. The little squares make the grip perfect! Easy to hold.  I even like the look, very rugged. The case reminds me of a tire. I dunno why it just does!

If I had one wish concerning the Robust Skinny Fit Squares cover, is that it would fit more of the front of the screen. That’s just me and in no way impacts the protection or the fit of the Snugg, it’s more the ‘look’ that I would like.

The Snugg is perfectly fitted to the Air. The ports are all perfectly matched. There is no shadow for the camera, there is no blocking the speakers. Just a perfect fit.  The Snugg truly protects my iPad with impact absorbing elements.  Dropping an iPad is bad all the way around, but this will protect the corners which is where most of  the damage comes from when dropped.The rubberized squares absorb these bangs and prevent damage. The small black squares really are great for gripping though, I am really more sure I won’t drop my Air.

Inside of the SnuggSkinny Fit Rugged case is a non-scratch smooth surface. I want to mention you can also get this same case in white.

There is even more to love!!  The folks over at Snugg offer a Lifetime Guarantee and the Snugg Quality Promise!!  You can’t beat that!!

Snugg also has an amazing selection of cases for ALL of your electronics! From iPads to iPhones. From Samsung Galaxy phones to eReaders. Camera’s to iPods. Truly AMAZING selection and variety of cases!!

Next up on my wish list?? Snugg iPad Air Executive Case!! It’s pink, people! PINK!!!!! Of course if you  aren’t gaga over pink there are several other colors to this case as well.

I am thrilled with my new iPad Air and the protection from my new Snugg cover!! Two enthusiastic thumbs UP!! WAY, WAY UP!!!

Disclosure: I was provided the featured product free of charge to facilitate my review, but all opinions are 100% mine. I have not been influenced in any way. I am disclosing this in accordance with Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the use of Endorsements and Testimonials In Advertising.Peanut Butter And Whine.

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