Conbrov DV9 HD Book Camera with Activated Detection Video Recording Camcorder and Night Vision Review

I have somethingimg_3072 very cool to show you today. A black two ring binder with a detail embossed spine. It’s actually a very nice looking binder; but with a great perk! As in the spine has a HD camera!! Yup, a note book that records day or night.

The Conbrov® DV9 HD Book Camera is easy to operate. Not only does it record at night as well as daytime. The Conbrove has the ability to auto-record via detected motion on a battery that will last for 2 years. Yes, you read that correctly 2 YEARS!!  How amazing would this be to have on your bookshelf while you are on vacation? Or while the babysitter is taking care of your children?  So many reasons that this book is a great item to own. Everywhere that I hid this notebook it blended in!! Below it’s on the second shelf.


Setting up is easy. Charge the notebook, which I did overnight just to be sure I had a full charge. This device does not come with a Micro SD card. The device will take up to a 32GB. There is even paper inside already so it gives it more weight as just a notebook.img_3070

Once the device is fully charged insert the SD card into the metal 2 ring area. There are cheats of UP and DOWN inside the book so you know which way the binder needs to stand. Then move the switch from OFF to AUDIO ON the second switch either REC or MD for motion detection.

Then you are ready to record.  To change the date use the included USB cord to your computer. Also included was an amazing little device that looks like a USB recorder but it’s actually a USB micro card reader!! Simply insert the USB into the computer with the MicroSD card inside. Viola!! I LOVE this little device almost as much as I love this notebook.image1-5

It took me some time to get the book at the correct level but the picture quality is great for such a small camera. The black and white video was taken from a dark room. When the notebook is in a brighter area then it records in full color.

The hidden camera doesn’t light up. There is no way anyone would realize this was a hidden camera.

No whines here. I’m thoroughly pleased with this camera. It’s easy to use. It’s easy to watch your recordings. And when I’m away on vacation I know that my little notebook will record any movement.



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