Video camera headlamp

Conbrov® Full HD Video Camera LED Headlamp!!

Wait till you see this little gem!! A FULL 1080 HD Video Camera in a LED Headlamp!! Yes, a headlamp! I was so intrigued by this design I couldn’t wait for it to arrive! This camera is so unique!!

The camera is super comfortable to wear. It really is so comfortable that you will forget you have it on. The straps are elastic so I am confident that this will fit even the largest heads. Both The Husband and myself can comfortably wear this camera. The battery pack sits at the back of your head. The piece that touches your head has a nice thick piece of soft, pliable rubber so it truly is comfortable. I did not find that the batteries put off any heat.

The camera is a little bulkier than just an LED headlamp, but I didn’t find that it weighed too much more. Like I said it’s a comfortable camera to wear.

The pink batteries fit inside the battery pack quickly and easily by simply pulling the rubber lid to the side.  The Conbrov® Headlamp camera comes with the batteries. These are high capacity batteries that will allow me to record for 4 hours even with the lamp on!! That’s a huge bonus. The batteries are rechargeable with the included USB cord.

On to the camera; the video quality is great. The fact that there is a light attached means I can take videos night and day. The camera takes microSD card which does not come with the camera. Under the camera/light is a rubber piece that protects the microSD slot and the USB slot. There is a white button on the top of the camera that turns the camera on. The green button on the side turns on the light.  The camera is on a ratchet style mount and allows you to tilt the camera in 5 different angles. I recommend practicing a few times, I did several videos actually had the camera tilted up too high. You will be able to see the red light if you look up, which I find very helpful! Steady red means the camera is paused. Blinking red means you are in record mode.  Hold the button till the light goes off to turn off the camera.

The LED light has three brightness levels as well as the SOS mode. In order to get to SOS mode simply hold the green button down for a steady 3 seconds. For the regular lamp simply press the green button until the desired brightness is achieved.

Check out the mash-up of videos that I took using my Conbrov® Full HD Video Camera LED Headlamp in all sorts of different lighting situations.


The user manual is not very helpful at all. Changing the date became so frustrating that I just turned it off. Other than the manual I am thoroughly pleased with this Conbrov® Full HD Digital Video Camera camera. I can’t wait for Yosemite! Since The Husband doesn’t go with us to Yosemite because of his MS, he will still be able to see the beautiful landscape that I gush about. I’ll be able to record everything from hikes to campfires. This will be awesome for video reviews as well (lucky YOU!). I am having so much fun with this hands-free camera!



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