TryAce®Car Dash Cam Review

Living in Southern California means there is a lot of traffic. By a lot I mean that my commute usually doesn’t let me go over 25 miles an hour. It also means that there is some idiot that still thinks they could go 80! Who needs coffee with that kind of adrenalin rush? (Well, me! But, it does give you an added morning boost!) That was a long way around explaining why I love having a dash cam in my car. Today I want to tell you about the TryAce®Car Dash Cam. This dash cam has a G Sensor in it. What the G Sensor will do is “lock” any part of the video if it finds a quick change in movement. Abrupt stopping! Yes, the G Sensor is an awesome feature! In case of an accident it’s all recorded and saved!

Now that I’ve told you my favorite feature let me tell you more about the camera. Starting with the look. This is an extremely thin and light weight dash cam. This comes in silver and in black.

The dash cam requires a MicroSD card which is not included. You can use up to a 32GB card. I added a 16GB and it works perfectly. Once the stick is filled the camera just loops the recordings so 16 is fine. You can set the camera to record for as many minutes as you want to record. Short 3 minute, 5 minute or 10 minute videos.

The TryAce®Car Dash Cam arrives with a very strong suction cup; my camera has been in place almost a full month and hasn’t budged. The mount allows a wide range of motion. I placed my dash cam right under my rear view mirror, it doesn’t block any of the road from my field of vision. Also included is the cigarette lighter charger and USB cord.

Now let’s talk features!! The TryAce®Car has a parking feature that I am impressed with. You can set the TryAce®Car Dash Cam to stay on for 1 to 3 minutes after you have parked. However, if someone hits your parked car the DVR will start-up again and begin recording. Of course, doesn’t do a lot of good unless the damage is to the front of my car, still an interesting feature.

There is a feature to turn off the audio which I like. The camera starts up and shuts down automatically starting and shutting off your car.

The TryAce®Car Dash Cam is a 720P camera which is perfect for watching the videos on my laptop.


I did have a problem with the initial set up because I couldn’t figure out how to get the display to English instead of Chinese. However, once I found English setting this camera up was easy.



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