Christmas Stocking Stuffers Galore!

I am in full on Christmas mode! It may have something to do with living in the snow for the first time in 38 years. HOLY GUACAMOLE Batman. Thirty-eight years?! Y’all will be glad to know that snow is JUST AS COLD as I remember.

I figure since I have snow, cold and I’m retired with a little too much time on my hands. I decided that we should have our Christmas tree up. Truth be told I would have put it up in October just because I love this time of year SO MUCH!!!

Stocking stuffers. It’s an important part of our Christmas and probably yours too right? Now, finding those stocking stuffers is sometimes a daunting task.

Radz are super cute little candy dispensers in Holiday shapes! An Elf, Reindeer and Snowman! Fill with little red and green candy. Each Radz (not just the holiday ones either!) arrives with a bag of candy enough to fill the dispenser twice. Added bonus, the candy is actually good! It’s a small, hard candy that starts out sour then goes sweet. YUM!

Just like the fun Halloween Radz candy dispensers these have interchangeable hats.

Unscrew by gently twisting to the right. Fill the dispenser and replace the hat. To dispense candy simply push the hat towards the back. The Holiday Radz sticks out it’s tongue with a candy! It’s the funnies thing since the reindeer that pooped m&m’s.

Yes, things like this do crack me up!!

Don’t forget to look for #FiveNightsAtFreddys Radz Twistz cause they are so cute too!

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Find Radz at Target and Walmart.  Other Radz products available at Kroger, Burlington and more!!


Pfffttttt nope, cute little Holiday toys that dispense candy?? How can you whine about that??

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