We Are On A Stocking Stuffer Roll! With Bulls i Toy’s!

Remember these beautiful snow pictures from a couple days ago?  Well, that did it for me I was ready for Christmas. So, it’s officially Christmas in the Grunings Idaho house!! Yes, The Husband and I decorated for Christmas! As soon as the house was a Christmas Wonderland………. the snow melted.

Oh well, whaddya gonna do? Well, Christmas shopping comes to my mind!!

I want to share some more stocking stuffers! (BTW; the little tree isn’t the official tree. But it gives you a really good shot of my new counter tops! Aren’t they beautiful!?)

Today’s toys are from Bulls i Toy, a toy company with a fun attitude and optimistic outlook on life. Check out this exclusive sneak peek at what will be on every child’s holiday wish list this year!

From Squish’Ums to fidget toys and goo. Like Unicorn Poo!! Oh my gosh; UNICORN POO!! Yes, it’s slime. Pink slime. Alice loves slime; who doesn’t? It’s wet but not really. It’s goo but doesn’t stick to anything. I love slime!  We do have one hard fast rule about slime. ONLY at the counter or at the table. NOT on The Non’s new carpet!
It’s PINK!!!!! It’s Unicorn Poo!!

Check out CUB3D!! Block 2 Bot.  This little guy starts out as a block. Elastic bands inside allow you to pose the bot. It’s unique and fun. There are 3 styles to collect. Made of real wood. Pose this little guy anyway you want! This would be a GREAT stocking stuffers. Personally, I would take CUB3D out of the box and put in the stocking. Let the receiver decide what the BOT will be.


















I just noticed his feet are backwards! I should fix that…….. but he’s unique. It’s the way I BUILT him!

Next up is BIG SqueezeZoo Ball. Who doesn’t love a squishy porcupine with a super cute face?! This one may have to just sit under the tree unless of course you have HUGE Christmas Stockings. This guy is soft, squishy and HUGE!  There are 8 different designs to collect.

Last but not least is the Skull Series SQUISH ‘ums. These are SO COOL looking!! With the Day of Dead designs. These are slow rising SQUISH ‘um with 16 different designs to collect! 

These are all such fun stocking stuffers. Available at Target

How about you? Are you in the Christmas mood yet? Are you ready to put your tree up? IS your tree up already?!

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