Stuhrling Original Women’s Watch

Watch2Y’all know that I love jewelry! I love big fun, funky jewelry as much as I love the classics! This women’s watch from Stuhrling Original is so pretty! From the stainless steel round case and a rounded bezel as well. The watch case is 31.5 mm. the viewing window is approximately 1¼”, which means that I can easily see the time even without my glasses. The watch has a classic, soft, genuine leather black strap. The sparkle and pop comes from the black crystals inside the watch face. On a beautiful quilted design there are tons of beautiful crystals.

There are no numbers on the watch there are crystals where the numbers would be along with tons more stones, giving this watch very beautiful sparkle!!

Another bonus of this watch is that it’s water-resistant to 165 Feet. All watch lovers know that Swiss quartz movement watches are the most reliable and accurate in the world.

This watch does have a second-hand which is a feature I look for in a timepiece.

One of the most important features is time. If a watch doesn’t keep time it doesn’t matter how good it looks. This watch keeps perfect time!!

Another bonus is the packaging! My Stuhrling timepiece comes so beautifully that all you would need to do is add a bow for perfect gift giving! Not just packaged beautifully, but the watch is also well protected. There are covers on the watch crystal as well as the clasp on the bands and anywhere else that there is sterling silver. There is a tab under the crown that needs to be removed before setting the time on your watch. The tab is a great feature because it keeps the watch from wasting battery power. A little side note, if you pull out the crown (where you wind or set time on the watch) when you aren’t using it your battery life will be much longer!


I don’t have a single whine! The Stuhrling Original Women’s 799.01 Symphony Analog Display Swiss Quartz Black Watch is impressive from the box to the band. This elegant watch quickly moved to my favorite.



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