Kick The Kids Colds And Flu Symptoms!! GIVEAWAY!

Is there anything worse than when this kids in your life are sick?? Now that Alice is going to pre-school 3 days a week she is bringing home a lot of cool things, artwork, journals, worksheets. She’s also bringing home disease! (did that sound too dramatic?) Fine, she is bringing home colds and the flu. I blame her for the last cold I had! It seamed like it would never go away! Then we kept giving back and forth. It was a long 6 week period.

I am so glad that we had Kids Relief in our arsenal for Alice. You have to be careful what medicines you give to your children. I actually prefer homeopathic options and my favorite is Kids Relief. The entire line is amazing and safe for 6 months to 12 years old.
Michele Boisvert is a pharmacy graduate and the first woman to open a drugstore in Quebec. KidsReliefIn 1985, Michele encountered problems finding adequate homeopathic supplies for her pharmacy so she decided to manufacture her own products. Given the difficulty in finding a supplier, she formed an association with a European laboratory and began importing homeopathic substances. In 1987, she became the founder and president of Homeocan Laboratories Inc. and in 1988 set up a dilution center and began manufacturing products in her Montreal laboratory. In 1990 she founded Homeolab USA to distribute products to the United States.

Homeolab products include over 200 over the counter formulations (single remedies and combination remedies) developed from more than 1,500 different root substances. We also carry trace elements, essential oils and plant extracts. Homeolab’s homeopathic medicines are manufactured from only the finest of natural ingredients. Our commitment to quality and purity assure that you are getting the finest products available. All Homeolab products are manufactured in strict accordance with FDA and HPUS guidelines.

KidsRelief1The KIDS Relief packaging is easy to spot of shelves with the child like writing K•I•D•S Relief logo on top and a cute little teddy bear on the bottom corner. 

Starting with Kids Relief Flu; the helps with fever and chills, aches and pains and feeling run-down. According to 4-year-old Alice this raspberry liquid tastes good.  This can be taken every 8 hours.

Cough & Cold Syrup; this one might just be my favorite. This helps with that dry cough and it really did knock that cough right out. According to Alice this takes like juice. Cough & Cold also relieves chest congestion, thins and loosens mucus, suppresses coughs and relieves pain and reduces fever.

Pain & Fever Oral Liquid; quick help for a sore throat! This one is cherry flavored and trust me if the medicine tastes really bad Alice won’t take it and she is happy with the taste. I know that this works because she was back to her rambunctious self quickly. You can administer this one every 4 hours if needed. Pain & Fever will always be in our medicine arsenal!

Cough & Cold Nighttime; We have tried several different nighttime products but she always seems restless in her sleep. Kids Relief Nighttime let her have a full nights REST!! No coughing!! This is also good for aches and pains, fever, dry cough, chest congestion and loosen mucus.

I am very impressed with all of the products we have tried from Kids Relief. I think you will be too! One very lucky Peanut Butter and Whine follower will win the same 4 Kids Relief Products that I reviewed.  Good Luck!

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