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Luxana LED Curtain String Lights For A Princess Room!

My 6 year old daughter is a girl’s girl – a really girly princess and her imagination is so inspiring and endearing that I wanted to create a bedroom to enhance that quality. After tooling around on Pinterest for light curtains bedrooms I found the perfect idea. With the Luxana LED Curtain String Lights I mounted them along the perimeter of her platform bed to give it a fairy tale feeling. I used clear thumbtacks to mount the curtain strings along the ceiling, pulling the twists slightly apart and placing it over the tack head and letting the rest hang down. I think now that everything is done I will swap the tacks out to small clear 3m hooks so my daughter doesn’t get poked if the curtain gets pulled down (and let’s face it, at 6 years old that’s most certainly going to happen).
String of lightsWall of lights Wall of lights

Don’t be alarmed if your box comes and it looks like the wrong product, the company is now Luxana and no longer Bing-Xing. It’s the same thing. There are no directions included but it’s pretty straight forward, the string of lights is wrapped in sections extending from one main line and each thread of lights is zip-tied with teeny tiny white ties, DO NOT CUT THOSE they are essential to keeping the shape of the curtain!!!Wall of lightsDon’t be put off by the wrapping of each strand it looks daunting but it unravels rather easily.
Wall of lights

There are 2 choices in color depending on what your project is. I chose White (a cold white with blue undertones) because I wanted it to look like ice. The warm white would be my preferred tone for any other project in the home.

There are different light patterns and each is imprinted on the controller and everything is controlled with 1 button. I went with the slo-glo for my daughters room but there are 7 other choices: combination, waves, sequential, chasing/flash, slow fade, twinkle/flash, and steady on.

If you have a large (wide) project fear not, just like your holiday lights the end has a female plug that you can plug a second string into, each set it 9.8 feet by 9.8 feet. The lights are great for indoor or outdoor and are cold to the touch.

The finished product was a huge hit. I wanted to add a sheer over the lights but my daughter liked it as is.Wall of lights

This post was written by my darling daughter Selena.

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