Stupid Wednesdays!!

Another day of wanting to eat all day long!! In the past, a day like today would have made me throw up my hands say “Forget it!! I’ll start over on the first of the month” BUT because I’m blogging every night and weighing in on Wednesdays I didn’t!! I ate responsibly and drank more water. (I’m tellin’ ya, being a grownup is HIGHLY over-rated!) It probably would have been even worse tonight, but, I had seen a commercial for Yoplait Whips. If you put them in the freezer they are almost like an ice cream treat. I have to admit the one I had tonight was really good. So! I’m still on track. I didn’t cheat and now I’m going to bed before I eat all 10 of the whips!

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  • Shannon

    LOL. I hate being on a diet. I used to get these things in the canned fruit aisle that you froze and they were really good and were individual sorbets. Not sure if they still make them.

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