Conbrov T11 720p Mini Spy Hidden Camera Review!

Are you looking for a small nanny cam? I have one that is pretty cool!! It’s small as in 2½” tall and only 1¼” wide and 1″ deep! This little guy can be put anywhere easily. Cute huh?? Hidden nanny cam

The camera is not just small and discreet but it has the ability to video with or without sound.

Hidden Nanny cam

The video quality really surprised me for the size! The video quality is smooth and doesn’t have any hic-ups. The camera has a great range of about 26 feet.

I like that the camera will record continuously and overwriting the old videos. Which is nice when I have this camera on motion detection.

One of my favorite features is that the camera can be attached to a USB charger and left on basically forever. Otherwise, the camera battery will last about 4 hours during the day or 1.5 hours using night vision.

Another feature I like is that the night vision doesn’t light up so know one will know the camera is operating. Which is nice when I am trying to catch the candy thief in my craft room!!

The camera takes a micro SD card and you can either use the USB cord attached to your computer and camera to see the videos or use any micro SD card reader.


I do have a couple of whines. First, I wish there was an instruction booklet. It is a little confusing to get started, learning which button does what. Thankfully the Amazon page has a great diagram that shows what button does what.

My second whine is the sound. While the camera does pick up voices and noises very well, depending on where the camera is placed there is a hum in the background during playback.

Overall this is a great little camera, I personally don’t need or use the audio so the hum is not a big deal for me. The camera is easily transported anywhere which is really a great feature.


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  1. The size looks pretty handy. I’ve noticed that a lot of electronics these days just don’t have good instructions with them. I bought a camera a while back & had to go online to find a Youtube video to show me how to open the battery compartment. (& that video was made by a reviewer who said it took him forever to figure it out, lol. It involved using both hands to push a button & slide something else at the same time!

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