Surprizamals Cute Collectible Plush Goodies!!

Surprizamals Stuffed Animals
Remember last month I told you how obsessed 5-year-old Alice is with blind bags and blind bag reveal videos. OBSESSED!! She can binge watch bag reveal videos for HOURS!! Like The NaNa watching Walking Dead season after season!!
As giddy as Alice was over last months bags she was ecstatic to be offered Season 3 Surprizamals to review.

Surprizamals are soft, snuggly, teeny-tiny, adorable stuffed animals. These cuties are little surprises that fit into a plastic surprizaballs.

When Alice opened each of the Surprizaballs her face lit UP when she saw the little face that peeked out. She was so excited!!

The series three surprizeballs are a very pretty almost iridescent purple. Inside soft and cuddly cuteness!!

Surprizamals are extremely soft. The eyes are strongly attached to each Surprizamal. Again, I tried to pull off the eyes much to Alice’s distress! Once again she screamed at me: “NONNNNNNNN! What are you DOING?!”
Each Surprizamal eyes are full of beautiful colors with a ring of glittery colors on the outside. So pretty!!
SurprizamalsOnce again, as with Series One and Two, Surprizamals Series Three has an ear tag that Alice says they MUST stay ON!! Otherwise we will forget who they are, when they were born and their favorite things. Once again, good point kid!

The surprizaball clicks tightly closed each time. I believe the colorful surprizaball will last as long as the Surprizamal itself! Each of little cuties sleeps in the surprizaball at night and at the end of Alice’s bed. These have been Alice’s favorite ‘blind bag’ type toys. She is over the moon with all things mini and add in the fact they are stuffed animals? She just couldn’t be happier.


Alice was so excited to reveal the Ultra Rare Hanna Horse! A Rare Barry Boxer and the remainder were commons. Hudson Husky, Fin Dolphin, Penny Hippo!

Alice’s goal is to collect them all!


Not a single whine here. These are fun to open. Surprizamals are cute as all get out. Fun to play with and cuddle with too. They are also super cute sitting on the shelf side by side.



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