Gift Basket Box Tower Mothers Day Idea!!

How hard is it to come up with a Mother’s Day gift? Ummmm it’s REALLY REALLY HARD that’s how hard!! Especially when you’ve had a Mom for 58 years! Granted The first 12 years (okay, maybe the first 11) I was gift enough. After that it has become increasingly harder. So where to start?
Let’s start with the Gift Box Tower of goodies!
This is a fun way to show Mom that you love her and if she is a really nice mom she will share so it’s a win-win! Right?

So, what’s in the 6 tier Gift Box Tower? Well, lets first start with the boxes. The largest is almost a full 6″ by 6″ and all the remaining boxes fit inside when they are empty. Nice feature and nice boxes for those last minute gifts and you realize you don’t have any wrapping paper right?! Right! (Man I am on A ROLL with good ideas today!!)

I was a little confused (and it’s one of my whines for this gift set) is the description does not match what was in the boxes. Maybe each set is different? I think the company should update their description to reflect that.  Also, my tower has 5 boxes not 6. HEY!! Maybe that’s where my cheese is?!

All 5 bronze, gold, brown and white boxes are held together with a very pretty, sparkly ribbon and bow. Very nice touch!
Starting with the tiny little box on top. It’s kinda funny, but it held 1 solo Goetze’s Caramel.caramel. It was tasty though. Tower of goodies

The second box held 5 Goetze’s Caramels.
The next box held a bag of butterscotch candies. YUM!! I’m a huge fan of butterscotch hard candies. butterscotch candy

Next box holds apple-rings. YUM!!
apple ringsIn the next box were two bags. One of salted corn nuts. MAN those are gooooood!!! Also a bag of trail mix.
In the last box was also a double bag set. It was of course my absolute favorite box!!  Mango slices. SO GOOD and the second and the bag that was empty before we even left the table was peanut brittle. It was SO GOOD!! YUMM and Yum and YUM!!

Overall these are great goodies. Sweet and salty.  Everything was fresh and delicious.


Tower of goodies


If I had received this tower of goodies as a gift and didn’t read the Amazon description I would have been very happy. The description is wrong on the number of boxes I received and the goodies inside those boxes. I have listed the ingredients Amazon lists:

Box Tower Includes: Foccoccia Crackers 3oz., Gourmet Cheese Spread 3 oz., Mini Spreading Knife, Apple Rings 4oz., Cranberry Trail Mix 6oz., Butterscotch Candies 20 pc., Lindt Lindor Caramel Truffles 4pc.
6″ x 6″ x 16″ Nested Gift Box Tower – 6 Tier



  • Tamra Phelps

    It does all look really good, & I love Goetze’s caramels, but I’d want my cheese, too, lol. Otherwise, it all looks great.

  • michele

    Oh my mum would have loved this.. if the description was wrong I know I would have been disappointed but I would let it go…If time is of the essence and you can’t buy for mum separately this is great….

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