Connectivity Is The Ultimate Key To An Effective Business Model

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On our little section of the web we are always looking for ways to help business owners improve their current model. Today, we’re going to look at efficiency and effectiveness. Could connectivity be the answer that you’re missing?

First, what do we mean by connectivity? Essentially, if you want a lean, mean business you need to be completing processes as quickly as possible without losing quality. To do that, you need to make sure that everyone is connected. That means keeping everyone on the same page, working towards the same goal or aims that are integrated.

You might think that it’s easy to ensure that your business is running using a connected model. But, we wouldn’t be so sure about that, particularly when you take into account the setup of the modern business. The setup of businesses as we know them today are considerably different compared to how they worked just ten years ago. Let’s think about your workforce. If you’re running a modern business, there’s every possibility that your workers aren’t actually in the office. Instead, they could be working from home or really anywhere in the world. Ironically, in the modern age, it’s quite common for companies to be connected to workers half the globe away.

Then there are who you’re selling to. It’s true to say that customers could be absolutely anywhere. They could be buying in a different country, online or they might be local. The options are almost endless, and that’s why staying connected is difficult. Your business is probably more separated than you realize and this will be the issue affecting efficiency. So, how can we solve this problem and improve the situation?

Tech Dreams And Nightmares

Tech might be part of the cause for the lack of connectivity, but it is also the solution. By using the services of an outsourced IT director, you can get a full network setup for your business. You will be able to use this network to stay in touch with employees, colleagues and make sure everyone has access to the information they need. With a modern cloud server, it can feel as though workers are in the office next door even if they are in a different country.

This type of tech could benefit you and your customers. Your business will be operating at a higher level of efficiency and customers are sure to notice the new speed of service. It is also incredibly useful if your business is modulated into different sections. For instance, the sales area of your company might run in the office. Meanwhile, deliveries could be controlled in a warehouse a few miles away. With a cloud server setup and fully functional both these areas of your business can be connected. Sales teams will be able to check how much of a product they have left in stock. Warehouse workers will be able to notify sales teams when stock has been dispatched. This is just one example of how new technology can boost connectivity.

Social Media Services

There are two roles that social media can play for keeping a modern company connected. The first is the use of social media for staying connected to employees. In the past, if you wanted to speak to an employee, you could just shout down the hall. These days things are different because again, businesses are more flexible. The answer is to use social media to stay in touch with employees online. With instant messaging services, it doesn’t matter how far away an employee is. Business owners and managers are still able to contact and interact. It’s almost the same as being in the office. Although it does make the possibility of a dismissal slightly more daunting, at least for the employees. If a further interaction is needed, phone calls and Skype conferencing can still be arranged. It’s not that these options aren’t available. If they aren’t used, it’s because business owners won’t be making enough of an effort to change their model. This is particularly true for businesses that started offline and have moved into an offline model. There is always going to be a few growing pains that will hinder connectivity.

Of course, social media and online interactions can also be useful for staying connected to customers. Using social media, it is possible to keep customers in the loop about new products or services entering the market. It is also a suitable source for feedback from both customers and clients. Rather than sending out surveys employees can now get in touch with consumers online. It’s a great way to show that clients are important and maintain their role in the business model.

Open Doors

You may not realize that problems with harassment and emotional issues in the office have actually increased over the last few years. Employees are constantly suing businesses that they think treated them unfairly. If you want to avoid a situation like this developing in your business, you must have people who employees can talk to. It is recommended that you hire an HR service for your business. They will be able to look after the emotional well-being of your employees for you. You might wonder what on earth this has to do with effectiveness, efficiency, and connectivity. Well, efficiency will be affected by problems such as distress for employees. Employees will no longer be as productive, and your business will suffer because of it. As for connectivity, by opening your doors, you are making sure employees feel like a team.

The people working for you should never start to feel like tools being used. You need to treat your business like a machine where every part is just as important as another. If you do that, you’ll never fall into the trap of neglecting your employees.

If you take this advice on board you can boost connectivity levels in your business. This will be true no matter what model you may be running. You shouldn’t let distance or technology stop your team from being a connected, driving force.

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    The problem with connectivity, or open-door policies as they were known in my day, is that in an environment where there is a deep-rooted suspicion & resentment of management, then using social media to connect with staff will only worsen that mistrust.

  • Tamra Phelps

    I am pretty close to clueless about business (but I’m not in business.) So, these sound like good tips for those who are in business.

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