Studying and Camping – Is it Even Possible?

Camping is a cool way to spend a vacation, but it certainly has its limitations. For one thing, you won’t have access to many modern conveniences, not least a toilet, and for another, you will probably have to sleep on the floor. Despite this, camping is awesome fun, especially if you are an outdoorsy type who loves to sleep under the stars and drink coffee brewed over a campfire.

Cheap Vacation

Anyone can go camping, but if you are short of cash, it is a very cheap vacation. For this reason, camping is popular with students, as they can erect a tent pretty much anywhere and enjoy a vacation as and when they get some free time from college. Of course, as any busy MSW online student knows, there is rarely much free time when you are studying for a masters of social work online. This means that you will probably have to take your study materials with you on vacation, so is this even possible if you decide to go camping?


Camping and studying are not mutually exclusive activities. You can do both, but only if you plan your trip to allow for some study time. Firstly, decide how much studying needs to be done, and what materials you are going to require. Any type of study that requires an internet connection could be tricky, unless you plan on staying at a larger campsite with Wi-Fi. The only other option if you need Wi-Fi is to invest in a Mi-Fi device or use your smartphone as a personal hotspot. If you use the last option, make sure your cell contract can accommodate the extra data you will use, or it could get expensive.


Be Organized

Opening up your backpack in the middle of a remote forest and discovering you left your textbook back at home is not going to get you very far. It’s important to be organized when you need to study on a camping trip. You might end up miles from civilization, so it’s not as if you can buy a new pad or pencil if you left yours at home. Make a list of everything you need before you leave on your camping trip, check it twice, and then check it again.

Aside from the most obvious things – like a tent and some food – make sure you pack a reading light so you can hit the books once it gets dark. Take some bug spray, too, or you will be eaten alive once the lights go on.

Study Schedule

Prepare a schedule of what you need to accomplish while you are on your trip. Since the primary point of going camping is that you need a break, don’t try to pack too much study time in. An hour a day should be sufficient to keep your studies ticking over, unless you have a ton of reading to do.

Everyone should try camping at least once, so plan your next trip and have some fun.



    I’ve always structured my time so that I mix up study with all the other things I’ve got to do. This was particularly important when I was working full-time and studying for my last degree/masters over 5 years. It takes determinedly sticking to a regime. Time off is sacred to my mental & physical health so I would never study during that special time!

  • michele

    No no this is not for me… give me a hotel with an indoor pool and restaurant wifi and all the amenities.. I am sure studying shall be possible there…..LOL

  • clojo9372

    I have never been camping. The idea of being outside all the time without modern conveniences makes me antsy. I am willing to try it though… as long as I can have wi-fi. LOL. 😉

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