Crave Naturals PrecisioTweezers Review

Apparently I’ve never owned REALLY GOOD tweezers before, because what I have been using was immediately put to shame the first time I used my new Crave Naturals Precisio Tweezers. Talk about an awesome pair of tweezers!! WOW!!! These tweezers have a slant tip, made of stainless steel. I can EASILY grab hairs that need to be plucked! EASILY, first attempt!

I can also grab splinters like nobody’s business. MAN these really are precision tweezers!!

The Crave Naturals Tweezers arrive in a super cute little black and white, cardboard tube. Inside the cardboard tube is a more fitted plastic tube that the tweezers fit in and close with a silicone stop.

I would have never thought a pair of tweezers would make such a huge difference! There is no having to keep trying to ‘grab’ hairs. These tweezers grab them and make pulling the hair EASY, QUICK and a lot less painful than fighting to get a single hair out over and over. I LOVE these tweezers!!


Calibrated tension makes removal of the finest hairs easy and will not pinch the skin. Precision tweezers are perfectly angled for the brow bone and are one of the best professional beauty tools you can add to your makeup case.

The Precisio tweezers are very easy to hold on to and comfortable to use. These are slim to hold. These tweezers have the absolutely perfect angle to make easy work of removing all those pesky little hairs!!  Shaping my eyebrows has never been easier.


The tips close evenly for smooth, simple and pain free hair removal. All tweezers are inspected to ensure the tips are precisely aligned to grab stubborn hairs. Just think, NO more ingrown hairs!

From the moment you hold the Precisio tweezers in your hand you’ll know these are truly high quality tweezers. Made with surgical grade stainless steel. I want to keep these tweezers in tip top shape so after use I put them back into the clear plastic sleeve and then into the cardboard container. It sure makes these easy to find in my medicine chest!! ULTRA SHARP TIPS that never require re-sharpening. This means slanted Precisio tweezers will last you for life with all the same accuracy and sharpness as the day you purchased them.

I truly believe this is the last pair of tweezers I’ll every buy. So, what if they loose their shape, or are no longer sharp? Crave Naturals has a FULL lifetime guarantee! WOW

LIFETIME GUARANTEE means you can try Precisio tweezers risk free. No hassle lifetime guarantee means if you’re not satisfied, contact Crave Naturals and you’ll receive a full refund or a replacement.

Two enthusiastic thumbs WAY, WAY, WAY up for these precisiontipped , sharp, perfectly aligned Precisio Tweezers!

Grab your PERFECT pair of Tweezers!! on Amazon for $14.99 with Amazon Prime eligible!

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  • Diane K. Brimmer

    Now this is one thing I am truly fussy one is tweezers. I love the precision of the Crave Naturals. It is great that they never have to be sharpened and come in a plastic case to keep them in tip top shape. Thanks for sharing.

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