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What is Custom Envy you ask? Only my favorite place on the net to design my own PERFECT phone case. But, not only can you get a phone case but also notebooks, blankets, clocks, just about anything you can customize you will find on Custom Envy!

Y’all know me, I am obsessed with photography.  My favorite subject of course being Alice (lets not tell my kids!) I swear I would be happy as all get out if my daughter would send me a picture a day.

I have digital picture frames that flash Al’s smiling face (okay, okay the entire family also flickers on screen)

However,  when I am out and ab out my phone doesn’t play a slideshow for me.

Check THIS case out!!

custom Envy phone case

These are Ma PeEpS!

I LOVE this case!!

My family! My amazing, wonderful family!

Alice and her funny faces; her self drawn ‘beauty mark’ to her posing for a selfie and her daddy mimicking.

A sign of the times with face masks on my daughter Selena’s family shot.

My son Zachary and his family.

I even added The Husband and Miss Bear. Good thing there was an extra square!

My new Custom Envy phone case has a high gloss finish. The photos are bright and crisp. Best of all I designed the whole thing!

The Custom Envy site is easy to navigate.

Designing my phone case was super easy. I strolled through the list of phones. Samsung and Apple phones are listed.

Next pick the case you want. A case with extra protection or a slim case. Now since I have had so many problems with my hands I went with the extra protection.

Custom Envy

Next up deciding how many photos you want on your case. Then place the pictures where you want, adjust to your liking. If you want text you choose your font, color and even size.

The ports are easily accessible.
Custom Envy

I am thoroughly enjoying my new Custom Envy phone case. I noticed they have a great fall sale going on right now. I would head over there quick before its over! It’s definitely worth a look! Not only for phone cases! I’m thinking great Christmas gifts!



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