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Who else has started their Christmas shopping?? I have with a vengeance! I’m bored! My hands may hurt but I can click that “add to basket” button quite easily.

On my list this year (ppfftt, EVERY year) is Candles. What’s not to love??

First, everyONE looks great by candlelight. That wonderful soft, romantic, flickering light.

Personally, I find candles to be calming. Is there anything better than a bubble bath,  glass of wine and flickering candles?!?! NO there is not.

Bottom line,  candles…. I am 100% a fan.

Checkout out this candle company! Y’all know how much I love funny! Wax Cabin Candle Co has such funny tag lines and really GREAT candles!

These candles are hand poured 100% soy wax candles right here in the USA in New Jersey. Their candles are cozy, boozy and fun!
Their best sellers are Pumpkin Horchata, Cake & Champagne and Brunch.
These cute little jars arrive very well packaged. With the BEST EVER packing tape!! Since we are in a rural area all packages have to be picked up at our little town post office.  The postmaster walked out saying “so, you’re gonna get lit tonight?!?!” Honestly I thought daaaang! I have a reputation!?!? (I did not have on my reading glasses so mostly I had ‘deer in the headlight look’. “Uhhhhh whaaa??” Then he pointed to the tape.
After my flushed cheeks subsided and I stopped laughing I immediately sent that story and a picture of the tape to everyone in my phone!
Cozy Cabin Candle Co
The moment you open the package you can smell all these wonderful aromas.
Seriously,  don’t these candles BELONG in my home on the mountain!?!

Light one of these and the house will smell so wonderful.

What a great gift idea for the candle-lovers in your life!! I’ll bet that really hard to buy for person would love one of these!

Fall Candles

If one of your favorite fall scents isn’t pumpkin, we may have to check your pulse. 

Cozy Cabin

Light your fire with the warm scent of sweet tobacco and leather. A mandle must. 

More Favorite Products.


Man + Candle = Mandle 

Why should ladies enjoy all the  yummy fabulous decadence of candles? Did I mention that our mandle candle comes in a whiskey glass that can be washed and used afterward?

Irish Coffee Candles

Boozy coffee you can enjoy all day long!

COUPON CODE 15% off!!
That’s higher than the code on Wax Cabin Candle Co


I would love to know which candle would you pick.

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Happy shopping!!



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