Daughter Selena’s Take on the 2013 Kia Soul

A Love Connection The 2013 Kia Soul:

  • The sound system and light up speakers are wonderful. I love that I can plug my cell phone and/or my iPod into the adapter. The GPS feature is very clear and large enough so that you can easily look at it without drawing your attention off the road. The directions are very clear.
  • The backup camera in the Kia Soul is THE COOLEST THING EVER, I am a great parallel parker and this thing makes me even better – I get so excited by my parking job that I sometimes want to pat myself on the back and air-high-five!
  • Cup holders are the perfect depth so that my coffee cup is not easily tipped over. This is paramount. Spilled milk is no biggy. Spilled coffee makes mommy sad…
  • The keyless entry blows my mind! The fact that I don’t have to use a key in the ignition is almost too much, I found myself trying to get out of the car without turning it off because it’s so user friendly.
  • The safety girl in me loves that I can get into my car without having to dig in my purse to find my key fob and that once inside the bad guy can’t get in right after me. I made my mom try it several times just to make sure.
  • As a pack-rat and Mommy, I love the storage space throughout but especially in the rear. I feel comfortable knowing that if I hit the brakes my little one is not going to get pelted with chicken soup cans. I love that there is netting for restraining groceries and loose items but also enough room to secure boxes. Best thing is the cold storage underneath its G-E-N-I-U-S!
  • The Kia Soul is very spacious, I loved that my 6’ fiancé was able to sit comfortably in the passenger side without slouching and bunching his knees into his chest like he is preparing for a water landing (which is what usually happens in an affordable fun car).
  • Love the windshield size and diminished blind spot on the sides. Downside of such a large windshield is that the sun in the morning can be blinding and there is no means in which to shade your eyes. Although it’s impractical for the visor to be any longer so I can’t imagine there is an easy fix.
  • Has some kick in the engine – not a lot but some.
  • All the features are cool: Heated seats are AMAZING!


Some features I’m not in love with:


  • The Kia Soul has no gutter along the top of the door frame so when I rolled the window down to wipe the dew off the window I was rewarded with a quarter cup of water all over my door and my shoulder – it was invigorating.
  • The driver seat is very stiff; I like to feel cocooned in my seat for long drives to work.
  • I don’t like that I have to accept the terms and conditions on the GPS screen every-time. After the third time I will not read it again so you’ll have to take my word that I understood it the first time.
  • I found the voice-to-dial feature a little daunting; I felt I was more of a menace trying to figure that out than I would have been just holding my phone to my ear.


Overall, I would buy a 2013 Kia Soul. (Yup, I may buy this car!)

We highly recommend heading over to get a quote and schedule a test drive. Why not let the dealers fight for your business??  All in one spot? Request your quote today!! See?? I took care of everything!  I’m a blogging keeper!  HONEST!!!

Here are more thoughts on the 2013 Kia Soul.

Disclosure I received The Kia Soul for a week to test drive for the purpose of my review. No other compensation was provided. The opinions are mine Selena’s and 100% honest. (Selena was bribbed with the use of the car for the day to write her review) I have not been influenced in any way. (even though they aren’t letting me keep it!)



  • Terri Herman

    I’ve seen these all over the place! Thanks for the info. They sound nice. I have back up cameras on my van and I couldn’t live without that now!

  • terri

    the kia soul is a really cute car. i could certainly use the back up camera. i part in the driveway backwards all the time and i am not very good at judging distance when i am backing up and i have ‘bumped’ into the garage door several times. ooops!

  • Amanda

    I’ve thought about one of these for a long time. I need something with decent gas mileage, and plenty of room. Maybe I’ll look at one seriously in the next year.

  • rebeka deleon

    i think i like this. i never really liked the boxy look…i have to find a vehicle soon that will fit 3 carseats, most likely going to be a used one though.

  • Gale

    That rear storage sounds really nifty! I think in Texas we’d need air conditioned seats more than heated ones (hmm…wonder if anyone has every thought of that? Seats that cool so you don’t get a sweaty back? OK, I guess that problem only happens when the air conditioning isn’t working well…or while you’re waiting for the air to cool the oven of a car to normal…hmm, it could work then.

    And something that cooled the steering wheel so it wasn’t too hot to hold for the first 10 minutes in the car…THAT would be genius!

  • Diane K.Brimmer

    Great and honest review. I like the feature of the back up camera. Also would not like the GPS repeating and the uncomfortable drivers seat.

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