Day 13 Photo a day challenge!

I thought today I would share a picture of my ADORABLE new chair!! I love it… It has one flaw…..

It’s to small. I found this chair at a junk store today!  It’s for Norgan our “Elf on the Shelf” for next Christmas.  I crack myself UP!!!!  How adorable is this chair?!?!  It’s a PIN cushion!!  Then I found a miniature laptop which I will paste a picture of Santa on the screen.  My daughter thinks the whole thing is creepy.  COME on!!  This is funny STUFF!!!  Grandbabies are gonna LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!

Nooooo I doNOT have too much time on my hands, that’s a rumor my kids started.  
OMG I love this chair!!  I want the grown up version! Please!??! 
Ohhh I do crack myself UP!!

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