Day 6 Photo-A-Day High Angle

Day 6! I’m on fire here!!  As a reminder this is 31 days of pictures from inside my amazing craft-room.

Today’s prompt is High Angle 

I am very proud of myself. I didn’t clean up the room, I just took the picture. One of the greatest things about having a room of my own is leaving everything where it is when I’m done. I turn off the lights and go upstairs when I’m done for the day. No having to remember where I left off because it’s all exactly where I left it!!
That does include the laundry which is actually on the floor around the corner so the mess doesn’t look quite so bad. One of these days I have GOT TO take the pile of rugs upstairs, put away the rags, hang up the sweaters and well, clean up my paint mess.  Maybe tomorrow. Maybe not until JUNE!! We’ll see.
Well, after I uploaded I realized my room is A MESS!!! I have Cricut projects on one side, sewing projects on the other and painting in the center. My desk is a mess, dog toys strung everywhere…….. Hummmm perhaps it would be a good idea to clean my room before I take pictures.  Hopefully there will be a prompt coming up that warrents a clean space.
If you have a HIGH ANGLE picture that you want to share email it to me at [email protected]  If this catches on I’ll do a weekly post of all the pictures!! In the subject line write HIGH ANGLE


  • Lauryn R

    It’s not that bad, it actually looks like a cozy room! I love your view, too. 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Tamra Phelps

    Lol, I always say my house is an organized mess, meaning I know where everything is. I’m so jealous of your space, Connie!

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