Death Waits at Sundown L. Ron Hubbard

L.Ron Hubbard master storyteller!

Truly L. Ron Hubbard has written timeless stories. I have been listening to the Golden Age Stories and I’m enjoying each and everyone! Death Waits at Sundown is awesome! I love the music on this cd, it’s a mix of Bonanza and Dirty Dozen.

Each of these cd’s is done in the old time radio style. All of the sound effects, birds in the background, feet shuffling, horses galloping all of it!!

This video clip is very interesting.  Did you know where the term ‘Pulp Fiction’ came from?  Noooo it’s not a John Travolta movie.  It’s actually the type of paper that these fiction books were written on!!

Death Waits at Sundown:

When Lynn Taylor’s kid brother, Lee, gets framed for stage robbery, cattle rustling and murder, the boy swears his innocence and instead accuses McCloud, head of the vigilante committee responsible for removing the town’s former sheriff.
To save Lee from hanging the following night, Lynn hatches a wild plan to rob the next stagecoach with the help of the ex-sheriff—hoping it will raise doubts about Lee’s guilt if the crimes continue. But Lynn gets more than he bargained for when he’s snared by McCloud’s men, and the time to the hanging gallops rapidly his way.
This cd actually has several stories on it. Including “RIDE ‘EM COWBOY” AND “THE BOSS OF THE LAZY B”  
I have to admit I enjoyed “The Boss of the Lazy B” the most. Women have been falling for the bad boy for an awful long time!! 

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