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Gracie isn’t a dog (okay, fine….. technically she is…BUT Gracie is our baby!) After our human kids grew up and moved out, our house was so QUIET!! So, we went out and got ourselves another kid!! A kid with four legs.
Needless to say, we spoil this baby. We buy her the best dog food. She gets walked several times a day. LONG walks!!  She gets a lot of attention. We want her to be around for years!! I’m so happy to bring you my review of PSCPets IntelliFlora.  So, what is PSCPets IntelliFlora?  This product can be used for dogs or cats. IntelliFlora is used when pets have digestive issues. Pets can have issues for many reasons, food intolerance, allergies, antibiotic use, and even stress! Pets can benefit from PSCPets when they are separated from you, especially if they are being boarded.

Alice and Gracie

We have had Gracie on PSCPets for the last 2 weeks. First, we have noticed that Gracie is VERY regular!

The biggest improvement we’ve noticed, is that Grace is MUCH calmer around the Grandbabies!!  Our 3 Grandbabies are little, Emma 4, Eli 3 and Alice is almost 2. So big ‘ole 100-pound Gracie is a moose in a china store! She loves the Grandbabies, but she truly loves them TOO much. Not to mention that Gracie thinks she is their size!

We’ve noticed that the Grandbabies are able to actually play with Gracie without being jumped on! THIS is AMAZING!!  Gracie usually gets locked in a room because she is just too rough with the little’s!  We couldn’t be more thrilled!! IntelliFlora is the only change we’ve made in Gracie’s life!
We are 100% convinced it’s due to the IntelliFlora.

Alice and GracieYour four-legged kids (dog or cat) don’t have to have any problems IntelliFlora is a great overall nutritional supplement and problem solver.
I really hope you’ll go check them out.

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.



  • ann

    A Gracie what a sweet name . She sounds like a wonderful pet. i love dogs. My son has a husky – I will have to tell him about this . thanks for the review and telling us about Gracie too : )

  • ann

    A Gracie what a sweet name . She sounds like a wonderful pet. i love dogs. My son has a husky – I will have to tell him about this . thanks for the review and telling us about Gracie too : )

  • Ari T

    Ahh it’s nice to see a dog being so friendly and lovable! I’m glad that the Intelliflora calmed Gracie and straightened out any digestive issues she may have had! I love the photos in this post! All are so cute and adorable! That’s Alice with Gracie, isn’t it? Very, very cute! It’s great that Gracie can be around the grandbabies now without getting too rough!

  • Diane K.Brimmer

    Wow! Sound awesome. I wish we would known about IntelliFlora when our dog Buddy was alive. He was 150 pounds and didn’t like getting in the vehicle. We purchased some stuff called quiet moments, it was anything but quiet. He would go back and forth in our little Ford Focus and it would throw us all over the road. No joke! It took three people to take him to the vet. One on each side calming him while the third drove. He was the sweetest dog other than that. He would let the little ones do anything. Our one little granddaughter even fell asleep on him several times. Thanks for sharing , I will keep this in reference for future use.

  • Rose D.

    Huh. I will check this out. My cat gets very stressed when she has to go to the vet. Maybe this will help calm her down!

  • Mer

    What a cutie! This does sound like an interesting product..I know I feel better with probiotics, so why deprive my furry friends?

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