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Yes, this is MY house in Idaho!! Can you imagine next year’s picture??  Once I decorate the tree with lights??  It’s going to be soooo pretty!!

This giveaway is hosted by me alone so all the entries are only about me and my social media wants and needs. You can find more information about this giveaway if you want to scroll all the way to the bottom.

 The Whine Report November 2017

This is my monthly whine report; in other words my personal gossip is under the widget.

The Husband is back from Idaho for the Holidays. He stayed up there a few weeks, painting and getting things ready for the move. He will head back up in January to get new doors and carpet installed. It’s going to be a brand new house! And since I still need to help my Mom (remember broken hip in August!) I will be staying here in California with her. See how easily I got out of having to paint?!?!

I’m still a big ‘ole sloppy mess! Crying, happy, sad, worried, giddy. It’s a horrible vicious cycle!

Then the packing thing is not going well at ALL. Yup, hoarder does not even begin to describe me. EVERY single space in this house has stuff.  I’m going to cry when I start on my craft room, it’s so overly cramped. Who knows what all I will find in there! Besides with The Husband home I can’t pack. I just can’t. It’s got to be a mental thing……  So, when he leaves I’ll resume my packing schedule. Having 6 more months to pack is just tooo much time. You guessed it, the first of June I’ll be wreck because moving day came too fast.


So, that’s it for the Whine Report this month!! Mostly a lot of whining. I DON’T WANT TO MOVE!!! How is YOUR day going!?!

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Since I’m the sole sponsor of this giveaway, you can expect that all of the entries are about me, me, me, me and of course ME!!

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425 thoughts on “December 2017 $50 Your Way (Cash, GC) Single Blog #Giveaway!

  1. My day is fine Im spending New Years Eve with my kids we are going to count down and watch the ball drop into 2018 & pray all things get better than 2017

  2. I just braved the traffic and bitter cold to go buy more food because my husband seems to think we don’t have enough for tonight!!! If only he were the one preparing it all!!!

  3. Not a great day, family and I are not feeling well. And it – zero outside. May go back to bed.

  4. It is really cold today, I went out bundled up and it wasn’t as bad as I thought. So far so good!

  5. under a snow warning here near cleveland. have to get our treats for tonite. we stay home and play games and watch twilight zone

  6. Honestly I am so glad to see this year go…. so much sadness not only in my family but for so many friends…I have to believe that 2018 will be better for all of us.. Happy New Year all!!

  7. Working, working, working.. Better than the last couple of nights though.. Not quite as busy

  8. I am determined to get things done today, but I am feeling tired so I might end up taking a nap for a little bit.

  9. Had a great day playing cards with a bunch of friends! Door prizes, great food, and lots of laughs!

  10. I was sitting here a bit teary eyed over your mom’s passing. Then I laughed out loud to see my name on the 31st. Hugs to you Connie.

  11. Mum announced this morning that her demeanour was low. Think she’s been watching too much Jane Austen lately but I know exactly what she means. I’m in a bit of a mood slump myself. There’s just so much sorrow affecting so many families that sometimes it’s hard to see the joy and beauty that is all around us.

    1. I totally agree with your mum. Usually, I can raise my mood for New Year’s Eve…new hope & all that. Not feeling it this year & not willing to fake it.

  12. My husband and I went to Target today to get new pillows. It is REALLY cold today, and is supposed to get much colder tonight, tomorrow, and New Year’s Day. We lived in Florida for a couple of years-I sorely miss it today!

  13. Our day is perfect today~Hubz home for long Mew Year’s weekend; snuggled in against a freezing day outside; marathoning some favorite TV shows.

  14. I’m sitting here watching it snow, thinking this has just been a really sad year for so many. Connie, I’m sorry the year has ended on such a sad note for you. I hope 2018 gets better for all of us.

  15. No if ands or buts about it I cannot do any outside work today.. it has been pouring now for days and everything is sloshy and yucky in the gardens.. so.. inside.. warm and toasty and i am not even cooking today sandwiches and potato salad with something pineapple for dessert….

  16. My day has been great. Just laying back in bed with my amazing boyfriend. We actually stopped by target and got two weeks worth of groceries for just $69.00 even! My first time grocery shopping there and am now a big fan.

  17. It’s been a great relaxing day at home! I love having time off from work for the holidays!

  18. I made potato & bacon soup because, you know, it’s freakin’ cold outside! Something about this weather just demands homemade soup.

  19. I ventured out to do some shopping for New Year’s Eve. It was crazy traffic but I survived!!! Plus made my mother in law happy by picking up a few groceries!

  20. Well, it’s official. I have succumbed to the virus that has been sweeping the nation: temperature, aches, sinus & cough and generally just want to sleep all the time. Hey ho, I suppose it was inevitable but Mum still berates me with ‘That’s what you get for going out with wet hair. When will you ever learn?’.

    1. Oh feel better Kate… tea with honey, lemon and of course a medicinal shot of whiskey….by the way mum is right… a wet head!!! no Kate….

  21. My day is going OK. I hope your day is going as good as can be, thoughts and prayers for you and your mom.

  22. another I was going to relax day but I did a bit of transplanting until the rain was so fierce that even I gave up…Baked some pumpkin chocolate chip muffins and the strawberry champagne cake balls and now relaxing in with my book…

  23. I just got up, so my day hasn’t gone anywhere yet. My husband and I have quite a bit of shopping to do today.

  24. Too Cold for my taste here in the NW (Jersey), Just read about the death of Rose Marie.
    Now I will plan to see the documentary on her “Wait for Your Laugh”

  25. I’ve spent most of the day sleeping. There’s a bit of a viral thing going around so just looking after myself before we get back into Panto rehearsals. I’m so impressed with the care that Connie’s mum is getting. Buckets of much love whizzing across the Atlantic …

  26. Thanks for asking! My day is going good. Just got all of my Christmas decorations taken down. Glad to have my house back to normal. ??

  27. I’m just having a normal day: watching my nephews while their parents are at work. It’s freezing cold here but at least we aren’t dealing with snow.

  28. My day is going ok. It is really cold out!! But dressed warm and didn’t feel it much going out. Connie, I’m glad you can have the hospice at home. Hope it continues to go as good as can be for your mom and for you and your family.

  29. I am exhausted! We just got home from a 6 hour drive back from my parents house for Christmas. In a couple days, we will drive 3 hours to celebrate new years. Then a couple days after that, I will drive back to my parents to pick up our kids!

  30. I swore to myself i was going to continue to relax until after New Years but today was a good planting day so I decided to do a bit of transplanting then that got away from me and here I am just coming up now…..Now I get to relax have a cocktail and enjoy the balance of my day reading, listening to music and watching another Christmas movie….Some folks would be bored by this but I love being home cuddled up and enjoying the peace and tranquility….

  31. I’m at work.. Started off a bit crazy, but now it’s pretty decent.. Have time to pop on and see what’s going on in the blogosphere

  32. My day has been ok.. Getting ready to head back to work after the holidays.. Looking forward to it, but also kind of wish I had another day off to rest and recover..

  33. My day has been rather hectic. I did get a few things done – cleaning up from the Christmas crowd at our house.

  34. Eh, today and yesterday have been rough. I have this horrible cough that won’t go away and it hurts :/. Not liking it at all

  35. I ventured out to see what the Salvation Army had in baby clothes. Boy did I hit the jackpot!!! Every thing was 50% off! Bought my grandson a bunch of cute clothes! Got home and realized I should have grabbed some bibs and blankets but was too tired to go back. Maybe tomorrow!

  36. My day is going good. It’s feeling like Winter today. Cold and snowy. I’m counting the days until Spring.

  37. My day is going pretty good today I am still so tired from Christmas shopping and cooking and think I need some more sleep to recover.

  38. Well, I was feeling a little whiny about what a boring day this has been here, but after hearing about Connie’s Mom…well, it gives me an appreciation for those boring days where nothing happens. I hope you know everyone is sending all the good karma & prayers your way!

  39. I”m very sorry to hear about your mom. You are a wonderful daughter. Prayers for you and your family. My day is going OK. The property manager finally came to see my leaks this morning (that has been going on since March). It has expanded into the stairwell/hallway, so they started to care, I hope.

  40. I’ve just seen the news about Connie’s mom. All prayers, good wishes and thoughts are with you and the family.

  41. It is early-the sun is barely up. Oh wait! You can’t see the sun! It’s cloudy and COLD!

  42. We are showing my daughter in law and my granddaughter her dad and uncles key chain collection which is 22 feet long

  43. A month of preparation, a week of having all my son,s daughter in laws and grandchildren here is almost over and then weeks to recover and clean up the house. But very glad they come here.

  44. My nephew was born in June and my sister’s regular babysitter needed today off. I was supposed to watch him, but felt terrible yesterday and let my sister know. Her husband ended up staying home from work to stay with my nephew and I feel awful about it. I guess on the plus side, I’m feeling a little better, but I’m sad I missed out spending time with my nephew and that I let them down.

  45. I had my nephews today for 4 or 5 hours while my sister-in-law went hunting after Christmas bargains. So, I played new Christmas present games with the 8 year old & his older brother slept (he has an earache.)

  46. Happy Boxing Day. Off to volunteer at Blossoms of Light soon. Very cold today. Current wind chill is -1. I will have on about 10 layers.

  47. I woke up and looked over a back-yard covered wit hsnow. The sky was clear and the trees looked dry. I went out for a walk in some woods that I hadn’t visited since summer. The place was different but still magical

  48. My day is going great so far. We had Christmas leftovers for lunch. Our granddaughter is with us this afternoon while her parents go see a movie.

  49. I was hoping to go take advantage of the after Christmas sales with my mother in law but my body is having a tough time recovering from all the pre Christmas and Christmas celebrations.

  50. My day is going very nicely! All the christmas things are done, I have lots of lasagna leftovers to freeze for lunches later, all cooking and cleanup done. And, now I am thoroughly enjoying the peace!

  51. It’s the day after Christmas. I made biscuits and gravy for breakfast, and we are just chillin’ now-literally-it’s only 18° out right now!

  52. Day is going good. It is really cold out today and supposed to get a lot colder. Adding more layers to keep warm!

  53. Happy Boxing Day all…..another free to do as I please day…. grateful for these holidays….

  54. Today is alright. I am hurting everywhere from walking and being in the cold yesterday. My hip is locking and popping, and doesn’t want to move, and the 22 degrees doesn’t help the bones. I have been cleaning so far this morning, moving slow. Had a great Christmas, hope you did and you are all feeling better.

  55. We had an amazing day. My girls had a great Christmas and loved everything they were lucky enough to get. The rest of the day was spent enjoying their new gifts and lounging around the house. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  56. Today has been a nice day, although my family was not able to get into the movie we wanted to see because it was sold out. We decided to watch the original Star Wars movie at home instead and had a great time.

  57. I hope everyone is having a really nice Christmas day! It’s been a cold but nice day around here.

  58. We had a wonderful christmas morning. I’m so glad i was able to get the day off. hope you had a good morning too!

  59. Well today is a true rest day here in this home…. Ham and extras are ready…. Table is set.. wine is chilling.. and I am enjoying a great Christmas cocktail early I know but hey it is Christmas ….Company coming over later on for dessert.. just a dear neighbor ….

  60. Merry Christmas! Today I will be recovering from Christmas Eve at my son and daughter in laws with a very active 1 year old!!! My other son will be stopping over today with my newest grandson! Baby snuggles!!!

  61. I’m still awake at 5.30 Christmas morning. I love ticking everything off my list so now I’m down to just cooking the traditional Sarsfield Christmas Dinner: turkey (a v. small one this year, since Dad is no longer around to carve and munch as much as he could before it even gets to the plates – he always blamed it on being a war baby), a ham, sausage meat, stuffing , cranberry sauce, roast carrots & parsnips, brussel sprouts (yum, my favourite veggie of all time), gravy and my speciality roast potatoes. Everything is organic, the animals involved were happy, free-range creatures, running around in the open air and we give thanks for their lives. It’s a chance to get ‘back to nature’, almost primal, to come together to celebrate the wonders of nature and to hope for better things to come.

    1. What a great Christmas lunch.. but what about the “pudding”.. guess you have to come by me Kate…….

      1. We love Christmas pud & used to make our own but when Dad was diagnosed with diabetes we decide to stop making them as it was just too much temptation for one man to bear! We’ve had one in the cupboard for about 10 years!

    2. My youngest nephew would love you! He’s the only kid on Earth who loves Brussels Sprouts! He gets ticked off if we try to cover them in cheese or something, lol.

  62. A chance to win a book and some apparently amazing handcream (US only):

    Print copy (US only) of A Season of Love Anthology + Jar of Mrs. Kellys Novel Hand Cream.

  63. That’s it! No more carolling for another whole year! Two lots of carols today then a mad dash to buy catfood and get home in time to take Mum to Church to play the organ to sing yet more carols. Now we’ve just shared a pizza and are peeling veggies in front of the telly!

  64. I’m just sitting here waiting for the peanut butter fudge to set so I can cut it. This is the lull before the storm, lol.

  65. Well, I have been pretty down lately, recovering from foot surgery. Today my husband forced me to go out with him and I feel much better, just getting out of the house. I love my husband!

  66. It’s going well so far. I pick up the kids tonight for my Christmas time with them tomorrow so i slept in a little, picked up 2 hours at work and then went to church. Now relaxing for a bit 🙂

  67. we are hosting my family and hubby’s family in about 2 hours for Christmas eve. Always a fun day

  68. To all my dear friends here Kate, Tamra and Connie I wish you all a very Happy Christmas…you have made me laugh and Tamra made me cry this year…

      1. Here’s to each and everyone of us – Merry Christmas and the hopeful promise of better things to come xxx
        ps: Tammy what did you do to make Michele cry?

          1. Aw, Michelle! Now I’m crying – it’s probably the gin! I must try one of your cocktails. I’ve got coconut milk & cream …

  69. Day is going good. I did read Idaho is a good state for retirees to move to. I’d like to move, not sure what state, but not FL. I don’t know much about Idaho, want to check it out!

  70. Busy busy busy but happy. It’s the Christmas season. Fist of the family dinners today after church~

  71. Thank you so much for this giveaway. It is very generous of you! I hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas!

  72. It is Christmas Eve, and soon I must ready our house for family tomorrow. Tonight, we dine at a wonderful restaurant.

  73. I’m heading out to the kitchen to get all the holiday foods prepped and ready for the big day.

  74. My day is basically just starting. I expect it to go well. Gonna head to the gym in a bit for a run before starting some baking, then we go to my sister-in-laws for dinner and a Pollyanna.

  75. My day is just beginning, but we will be getting ready for Christmas day today. We will go to the candle light service tonight and wait for Santa to come

  76. It has been a good day. I made fudge and played with my little alien pug…now I am watching a movie with my little girl. 🙂 Thank you for asking. You are moving to Idaho? What part? I love Idaho.

  77. Tomorrow starts my holiday.. After I deliver gift baskets to the neighbors that is it…..Enjoying music, books and trying to get thru the days w/o my husband.. it will be hard but he would not want me sitting around crying so I am going to share the memories of all the past seasons by looking at pictures and videos with my daughter

  78. Well, it’s not snowing here in KY, but it sure has been a rainy day. Actually, I don’t care about a white Christmas–I’ll take rain over snow any day of the year, lol!

  79. I am patiently waiting for my son to stop over with my newest grandson! The weather has turned nasty so I’m worried about them driving!

  80. I’m carolling a couple of times tomorrow (Christmas Eve) so I’m trying to get as much done today as I can. However, motivation is proving a major obstacle! I’m manana-manana- ing like anything. Time for a nap then write a list!

  81. Day is going ok. It is raining and I had to go out in the sheer ice, not smart, and a policeman had to help me cross the street, I was stuck and couldn’t move it was so bad. I made for the first time my own chai spice blend last night, and used it in my coffee this morning, ooh so good!

  82. Good swim class. Quick trip to the grocery store and the library. Then dinner tonight with friends.

  83. I spent the day shoveling…again! Had my son buy me some rock salt because the deck and stairs are freezing and I don’t need to fall again this winter or I will be out of commission for a very long time!!!

  84. I had my nephews today. The youngest was leaning a stool over on to two legs (how many times have I said “don’t lean back on that”)—while I was mixing up some Christmas cookie dough. Yep, I heard a thud! He immediately started to cry & hold his right arm. (He can move it, so it’s not broken, but he definitely hurt it pretty good.) We did ice packs & he got babied for a while, lol. Wow. Moments like that scare the bejeezus out of me.

  85. I had a lovely quiet day today, just decorated the tree & put some little white lights in the windows.

  86. All the fancy baking is done….whew….also baked for my neighbors and have that put up…tomorrow is only panetonne for our house and the neighbors….
    i love doing this every year.. my husband used to come in the kitchen and marvel at all the lovely decorated cakes….Now a nice cocktail and my book….

  87. My day is going ok. Need to get to the store before snow and ice storm coming in a few hours. Yikes!

  88. I’m staying home today. High yesterday: 65 degrees. Current temp: 18 degrees. Had snow overnight with the cold front.

  89. We are due for a wintery mix storm so I went and made sure we had the basics to get through until Saturday. Wrapped another gift! I may be done by Christmas Eve!

  90. I can’t believe this year is almost over. It seems like just a few days ago that it was starting. I must be getting old, lol, ’cause all I can do these days is say’where does the time go?”

  91. Taking a baking break… back again after lunch….have to be ready by half past 5 for the pick-up…. then tomorrow my next round of cakes and a lovely Buche De Noel for our house….

  92. Beautiful sunny, if a bit damp & cold, day today so I made The Sarsfield Family wreath & a couple more for neighbours as Christmas presents. Love doing these; the smell of the moss, ivy and pine/fir is just yummy!

      1. Thanks Michele. I try to make them personal adding dried lemon slices for the lady who loves her gin with a twist or colourful peppers for the guy who loves his chilli!

  93. Good swim class (last one at this pool for at least 2 weeks). Will be swimming at another pool that takes Silver Sneakers so it will be free.

  94. What a great day today.. spent the day baking…made 2 chocolate cakes with walnut frosting for a customer and batches of regular type cookies….getting ready for the fancy baking tomorrow.. have the fondant and the sugar paste made and the buttercream in christmas colors…..chocolate peppermint candy canes too!! I love doing this at the holidays…

  95. Today I finished 80% of my shopping, and tomorrow will finish it. I have a chicken thawing for the crockpot tonight, and ready to bake cookies most of day tomorrow. House cleaned up today, and my back really hurts, but accomplished alot today. Trying to get everything done before below freezing temps and bad weather hit Friday.

  96. It’s been a pretty quiet day. No one’s around except me, it seems. well, things will get busy in a few hours when the grownups get home from work & the kids get home from practices & friends’ homes.

  97. I had to cancel going carolling in the little local hospital yesterday. I’ve had awful bellyache so I just went to bed for the evening. I’m a wee bit better today.

  98. Day is going good. I’m enjoying the warmer day while it lasts, will be really cold again by tomorrow.

  99. Day is going good ! I just broke a ‘plateau’ and finally lost the first 10 pounds (of 25). So last night we went out to eat to ‘celebrate’ and I had a couple of fried green tomatoes and a caesar salad. Lost another pound ! So I’m 11 pounds into my 25.. I think I’ve got this 🙂

  100. This has been one of those days where nothing I planned happened. I knew I didn’t have to watch my nephews today, so I thought I’d just kick back, watch Netflix, lol. Instead I got sidetracked cleaning out old paperwork, etc. Oh, well, at least that’s done.

  101. Had to go to the post office to sign for pick up an unknown package. Turned out to be a diffuser that I had won. It will now be a present for a friend.

  102. Last day of outside work.. All done… making a pumpkin pie for this evenings consumption and have butter warming to make my cooky dough for tomorrow….gingerbread men.. coffee bonbons and chocolate chip…..the house smells so good…..

  103. Today is cold, even though in a couple days it is going to be really really cold. I have to go to the store in a little bit, and hopefully that is the last time till after Christmas.

  104. I’m still awake (it’s gone 11 in the morning here). I just couldn’t sleep last night. Too hot, then cold, but I suppose really I’m just a bit worried waiting for the results of my CT scan the other week.

    1. That’s understandable. Sending good vibes out into the Universe for you ~~~~~It’ll be GOOD NEWS!!

  105. Good swim class although the heater was off for a while and the water not as warm as usual. Then lunch at Smashburger.

  106. I woke up still tired so decided to stay in bed & didn’t wake again for another 3 hours! Now my head’s all muzzy marshmallow & I can’t seem to think straight. I do feel less drained though 🙂

  107. Wow. It’s their first real day of Christmas vacation & my nephews are already about to drive me batty. The fussing & fighting has to stop.

  108. I’m bookmarking a few things I hope will go on sale after the holidays, I want to be ready just in case!

  109. Off to shop today.. last minute groceries and to see what is happening in the main part of town…Today would have been moms 96th birthday…she was the best of the best.. she gave me a childhood full of love and learning…ballet and piano lessons.. taking me to Broadway when a new play came out…museums and galleries…and books, books, books.. I can see her right now in my drawing room reading one of her favorite ” cozy mysteries”…..

  110. Worked on these blog hops and giveaways today. Was a nice slow easy day today. Having leg pain, so computer kept me busy.

  111. Busy day today: helped Mum in the morning then into town for Panto rehearsal till 2. Then carol singing till 4, grocery shopping till 6 and home for lasagne – much needed comfort food!

  112. I finally got all the presents sorted but now have tons of boxes to break down for recycling and then start on the wrapping/bagging process !

  113. What am I doing today? Well, I’m waiting for paint to dry on a couple of picture frames. My niece is currently infatuated with Paris, so I got her a few large prints of Paris scenes for Christmas. I couldn’t find affordable frames in teal (her favorite color)–so, I bought some plain brown & a little paint. I hope this works out, lol.

  114. CJ won big last night and I am so happy for her…She deserves all that comes her way and more!! Figured I could work this flue out but I was wrong.. now I feel like 40 miles of bad road…..but a brandy always helps for medicinal purposes only…. Tamra going to make that Sex in the Snow martini this weekend!!!

  115. Today was so busy. Thank God for coffee. I made a ham, brownies, visited my mom, and delivered a food basket to a neighbor who almost cried. I am so glad to help people!

  116. I spent today with my youngest nephew while his Dad worked & his Mom went Christmas shopping. So, I basically spent the day watching children’s TV & listening to stories about his latest video game accomplishments, ha.

  117. I spent today with my youngest nephew while his Dad worked & his Mom went Christmas shopping. So, I basically spent the day watching children’s TV & listening to stories about his latest video game accomplishments.

  118. I’ve spent my day writing out a day-by-day calendar of my days & nights between now and Christmas Day so that Mum knows what day it is & what’s happening. For instance tomorrow, Sunday 17th., I have Pantomime rehearsal from 11 – 2, then singing carols from 2.45 – 4, then grab a bit of shopping, then home! The silly season has started!

  119. We are expecting some more snow today so I think I’m going to get busy baking cookies! I found some new recipes I want to try and I may even whip up a molasses cake for dessert!

  120. Where did this flue come from??? Jeez.. no energy and still lots of outside work to do.. well after I do the morning chores I believe I will head in and relax….

    1. It seems to be everywhere. It’s definitely been hitting around here. (My brother had it last week, several other family members are fighting it.) Saw on the news today that this year’s vaccine has only been 10% effective. I guess they just picked the wrong strains.

  121. Not much to report today. My niece & nephews had a half day at school then started Christmas vacation. they get 2 weeks off, which means I get 2 weeks on kid duty, lol.

  122. The morning was spent taking Mum for a check-up on her hearing then I dropped her home & headed to a farmers’ market where I picked up some goodies for Christmas (that’s if I haven’t eaten them by then!).

  123. Crazy day today! Running errands most of the morning. Had to keep checking to make sure it was Friday because the traffic was wild like on Saturdays! Now debating if I want to start wrapping presents or wait.

  124. While I was reaping my string beans I received 3 more orders for the holidays… Must go to the grocery on Monday to get more candy canes and anything else I might be running short of for my baking…

  125. I’m sitting here watching Big Bang Theory while my older nephew plays his video games (he didn’t want to go to his little brother’s school Christmas singing.) So…not much going on around here.

  126. So tired I slept till lunchtime then up to Dublin to collect my niece from College. Dropped her off, quick change into the glad rags & out for Christmas Dinner with the choir – Bailey’s Bread & Butter Pudding: yummy scrummy and invented by the Devil himself, I should imagine!

  127. Today was really cold! My Pug has her jammies on and the crockpot Potato Soup was great. I am winding down and starting to get tired.

  128. Day is going good. Snowed today, but didn’t accumulate to too much. So did not have a hard time walking.

  129. Well painted 2 old planters that looked awful but were still in good shape.. Stopped up the drainage holes and made them into a water plant garden…we have plenty of duck weed and water lettuce that actually looks pretty so that was my morning… my great surprise I have blue lake beans on the vine.. reaping them tomorrow….now to have lunch and read…

  130. Honestly, I’m emotionally all over the place at Christmas. I’m full of Christmas cheer one minute & ready to just cry the next, lol. And that’s on a normal Christmas. This year, I’m more down than up (first Christmas without Mom.) I have to be honest: I’ll be glad when it’s done. I’m tired of the emotional rollercoaster.

    1. I know exactly what you are saying….My way is to work until I am tired….that way in bed at night I can sleep instead of crying…..

      1. Just try to keep busy. On the other hand there’s nothing at wrong in blubbing your heart out if that’s how you feel. Just go with the flow and it’ll be over before you know it (and New Year – ugh, that’s the pits as far as I’m concerned!).

        1. Thanks y’all. That’s basically what I’m doing. Just trying to keep busy. Having my nephews around most days at least means my mind is occupied. I don’t plan on putting on a bunch of false cheer, but I won’t just ignore Christmas either because of my niece & nephews. I want them to have a good Christmas.

  131. Today I stayed inside bundled under the blankets! Even my poor pup thought it was too cold out!!! She went & did her business in a snow pile on the deck lol.

  132. Oh, the joys of country living or how to cope with just a limited public transport system when you’re a 21-year old student who has to get to College for an early lecture: ‘Kaaaate? Pleeeease? Will you drive me to Dublin again ‘cos Mum’s sick in bed and I have to be there. My whole future depends on it!

  133. Day is going good. The cold front is here, so I bundled up big time before leaving today and didn’t feel a thing. I could hardly move, but at least I’m warm coming and going.

  134. Pretty much all I’ve done today is drive, sleep and sing! Gotta keep busy otherwise I’ll start to worry waiting for results from the hospital.

  135. Enter at to win:
    – a peacock Christmas tree ornament (US Only)
    – an e-copy of Roll with the Punches by Amy Gettinger (International)
    – an e-copy of Alice in Monologue Land by Amy Gettinger (International)
    – an e-copy of Pranks and Poodles by Amy Gettinger (International)

  136. Got all kinds of outside/gardening work done today….No time tomorrow….starting to bake for the holidays…need bread and apple pie for home but have orders for chocolate babka for this week….it shall be a lovely day in the kitchen….

  137. Today is going well, although it is way too cold outside and bones hurt today. I am making potato soup today, and moving slow.

  138. We got some snow overnight so I’ve spent the morning shoveling the deck and walkways. Later I will attempt to clean off the car and if I have enough energy maybe build a snowman!

  139. My day has been hectic and a bit difficult, but hey, tomorrow is coming! Just push on, push on. Looking forward to Christmas…

  140. Started the day with a swim, then my 6-week infusion and a stop at Arby’s for the Bronco deal. (can you believe they finally won a game?)

  141. Oh, my goodness. It is too dang cold. And do you realize it’s not even really Winter, yet?? All I want is to live somewhere where it’s always about 72 degrees with a nice light breeze! Is that too much to ask?

  142. Today zoomed by….had company in the morning and by the time they left it was time for lunch…. then I was in no mood to work… tomorrow is another day..

  143. It’s been a loooooooong day! I had to leave at the crack of dawn & drive to Dublin in the ice & snow for a CT scan. It’s a virtual colonoscopy but you still have to have air pumped up your whatsit and a contrast dye in your arm. That’s on top of the drain cleaner I had to take yesterday that had me pooping all night! Yuck! Still if they can find why I’m having this pain it’ll be worth it. The blood results aren’t showing any abnormalities which is one hell of a relief given the family history. A steaming mug of homemade soup & then bed sounds perfect right now!

    1. I really hope you get good results! If it makes you feel any better I know several people who have gone through this & it always turned out to be something VERY treatable. (Apparently, ‘nodes’ can cause a lot of issues in the whatsit!) Sending good vibes~~~~~~~

      1. Thank you ladies – it warms my heart to know that you’re thinking of my whatsit 🙂

  144. Fretting today about the state health care exchange. I thought I was signed up, I called to verify (as they’ve messed up in prior years), and lo and behold, they say my insurance sign up was cancelled. I spent an hour talking with the provider, they can’t see anything wrong, with a broker, who couldn’t get in, and then just a few minutes ago I got an email from the exchange saying I’m enrolled. I need to make sure that their system doesn’t say I’m canceled. They are a nightmare to deal with. I now remember I haven’t gotten myself a “treat” for signing up early, when this is done I need to get a good strong drink somewhere, even though I haven’t had a drink in a decade.

  145. Today was good, I am ready to get some sleep now. I did get alot done today, tomorrow working on porch decorations, hope weather stays nice.

  146. Thank goodness, the snow has melted, so school tomorrow, lol. YAY! (cheers from every aunt who doesn’t want to get up early & babysit!!)

  147. Its chilly here in Tennessee today, been having a lazy day. Thanks so much for the chance to win! Good luck everyone!!

  148. Wildfires are scary. We have a red flag warning out for parts of Colorado but nothing like California is right now.

  149. So now I have a new project….painting old wheelbarrows 2 to be exact and making them into decorative planters….one is done all I have to do is get a stencil and spray paint a design… the 2nd one I started this morning…..glossy white with a lovely blue trim…..have to start saving eggs for the Christmas baking…..I won’t have extra garden time when I start to bake…..

    1. It’s COLD! Minus 8 degrees in our system is 17 in yours and this is temperate Ireland. Luckily we’ve avoided the worst of the snow as we’re on the east coast but I’ve to drive to Dublin at 6 in the morning and am not looking forward to it! In a job I had after College I had to take the temps. of deep-freeze warehouses and minus 30 (minus 22F) was the norm. Now that WAS cold!

  150. It’s snowing here in KY, too. It was kind of unexpected. The weather people were saying “Oh, it might flurry a little but not much more.” well, it was sticking to the roads, there have been quite a few minor car accidents, I hear, & I just heard the ‘salt truck’ go up the street, plowing the snow & dropping salt. It’s dark so I have no idea what it looks like out there (I’m not going out there, lol!! It’s 20 degrees!) –but I think it qualifies as more than minor flurries.

    1. I say what you should do since it was snowing BAKE…..then sit down and enjoy.. there will be plenty of time in 2018 to go on a diet….that is what I told my partner this morning as she brought me new orders.. tell all the party people they should enjoy then diet…..Christmas only comes once a year

      1. That’s always my philosophy during the holidays! Food is the best thing about this time of year!

  151. Ireland has snow! WTF’s going on with the weather? We haven’t had more than a flurry since the winter of 2009/2010 and yet this year so far we’ve had a hurricane, countless major storms and now an orange alert in most counties overnight. Still, as Mum said, we’ve got toilet roll, soup, catfood, bread & wine and a roof over our heads – what more do we need?

  152. We found the outside re-set button and voila… fish pond pump working and with a few innovative extension cord ideas from CJ we are going to have lights in the yard.. no electrician bill… ok so does this mean we are electricians, plumbers, and general jack of all trades???

  153. My day is going great! I ran all my errands early before the crazy traffic started! Hoping today I get to see the newest grandbaby!

  154. Day is going OK so far! First snow of the year coming down hard, I’m going to be walking home in a few hours, so a little nervous.

  155. Another freezing day here in KY. But at least there are no fires like you guys are going through, Connie. I hope you guys have found a safe place to hunker down! Be safe, above all else.

    1. Being very vigilant still. We go from being beautiful blue skies and no smoke smell to looking like we are in a fog and needing a facemask. UGH!! Too stressful!

  156. The local Musical Society held a Bazaar this afternoon & I made a ton of money with my bric-á-brac (or as I named it, the odds & sods stall). I also picked up a couple of gorgeous silk scarves (2nd hand but beautiful quality & colours) for next to nothing. Mind you, 3 hours of being on my feet & I was knackered! All funds raised are going towards next year’s musical The Wizard of Oz!

  157. Today I feel a little better. Still have a little bit of the bug, able to hold down chicken soup. I have to pick up Kmart order tomorrow, so I better get a good nights sleep.

  158. Day is going good. Trying to think what to do for dinner, I forgot to take things out of the freezer that I was going to… woops.

  159. A very down day…. we put all the outside lights on a timer and set them with the power outlet in the yard… well it appears they blew the fish pond pump and that was that!! No lights no pump and here it is 11pm and we are out in the yard with a torchlight trying to figure out what to do….we reset everything but still nothing.. Ok here comes the electrician
    bill after we give up and call him….we have not given up yet..

  160. Win $5000 dollars from valpak ends 12/ 25

  161. Today I have had what I think is a flu bug. I have felt sick all day, and have not done anything, and I hate that. I hope tomorrow it’s gone, but right now, I would say no.

  162. well, I made a few batches of fudge today. And that pretty much sums up my accomplishments for the day, ha.

  163. All outside lights husband would have loved the new things we did.. he always strung the outside lights in his own wonderful style.. we kept that but added lots more lights..

  164. Mum & I had some ex-work colleagues down for lunch. We all taught together in a Special Ed. School in Co. Wicklow before Mum retired & we moved down to Wexford. It was really lovely reminiscing about the ‘good old days’ and the not so good ones as well!

      1. She’s doing well apart from the patchy memory, thanks! I aim for a least one hearty belly laugh a day & if we achieve that I reckon we’re better off than most people!

  165. Wow, this has been a cold evening & the next few days are only going to get colder. we’re heading into those below freezing temperatures. Yuck.

  166. There’s nothing Sweet about Storm Caroline! Our power keeps flickering off & on so I’m frantically trying to type this before it goes again!

  167. Finished laundry, and cleaning most of house, and put up some more Christmas decorations. Busy day, now I want to watch my show and elevate my feet!

  168. I’m doing good. I finished getting next year’s sign up done for health insurance on our state exchange. I was nervous about the process, so I was going to put it off, as it is a pain, but now I feel so relieved! I’ve been trying to think of a small (non-fattening) treat to reward myself for not procrastinating.

  169. I’m patiently waiting for my son to show up with my newest grandson for fresh baby snuggles!!!

  170. Took yesterday off so today it is back to work.. want to hang the lights outside but it is pouring right now…..Hope it clears up by late morning….

  171. I spent the day doing some laundry and vacuuming the house. It was cold and windy here today, so mostly stayed indoors.

  172. Honestly, if I have to sing ‘Frosty The Snowman’ one more time, I shall explode! Yes folks, Christmas carolling season is in full swing from now until 5pm Christmas Eve.

  173. OK, I have a good giveaway to share today, Connie. It’s called the 12 Days of Spud-mas. Prizes are given away every day for 12 days, & include $50 VISA Gift Cards, Instant Pots, huge bags of potatoes, lol. Here’s the link:

  174. I spent the day trying to get documents together. It should have taken a few minutes, but I couldn’t find one, lol. Anyway, my brother found it. So, hopefully, that’s done.

  175. My day is going good. Found out my neighbor can’t pay my back, yet texted to borrow money for dog potty pads….can’t pay me back, yet want more money, no.

  176. My day is going OK. I talked with the asst. fire chief this morning, our condo assn was supposed to take the door holders off (code violation), they had one month to do it, and they are defying it. He is now sending a letter to the president of the board. It is amazing how brazen some people are, they are not afraid of getting our association fines ($250 per day for each of the 18 holders) or even fires due to violations.

      1. The Asst. Chief told me the President has until the 19th to get them off. So far, they are still on there. I’m amazed at how defiant he is, there will probably be a big fine, so far, he has kept the violation and his refusal to comply secret from the association. The fine could be $1000, plus $250 x 18 per day of non-compliance (there are 18 door holders).

  177. It’s cold and rainy out today so I’m spending it curled up on the couch with a fluffy blanket!

  178. Well, I’m pretty sure my brother has the flu. He took to his bed Saturday & when he called today he sounded horrible. Of course, he’ll refuse to go to the doctor until it gets much worse…why do so many guys do that?? Now, I guess we all just wait to see who falls next.

  179. As soon as it got dark, ie 4 o’clock in the afternoon, I told Mum to ‘wrap up & get in the car’! I drove her into town to look at the Christmas lights and when we got home the dinner was ready. She hasn’t been out in ages & thoroughly enjoyed her little jaunt!

  180. Day is going along. Got up early and got some chores done. Getting some information for a bunch of things today.

  181. My day is going fantastic! At 10:43 this morning my daughter in law gave birth to my SIXTH grandson!!! Baby snuggles soon to come!!!

  182. The cat didn’t come in till 6 in the morning & I couldn’t sleep till I got him in, the little *?$%*! I ended up sleeping well into the afternoon & with a head full of marshmallow!

  183. I’m having a very relaxing Sunday! I may start sorting through gifts and wrapping them later!

  184. Trying to get everything done around because we are going to a wedding this afternoon.. I am so glad to see some happiness……

  185. It’s Sunday morning and I’m having coffee & entering some giveaways. Its a good day so far! 🙂 Hope you have a good day!

  186. Where did this day go?? It’s dark out & I haven’t done a thing. I think it just gets dark too quick these days.

  187. Today’s been a case of, remember the Ben E. King song from the ’60s, ‘I … I who have nothing’? Except it should be ‘I … I who’ve done nothing’!

  188. Done for the day……I cannot look at anymore plants or seedlings….I need to take a garden break….read and relax for the rest of the day…

  189. Today and this weekend is going to hopefully be a slow, easy one. Yesterday was chaos, and now a much needed break. Coffee and my giveaways to start my day, then filling out Christmas cards. I am going to try crock pot baked potatoes today to see how they turnout.

  190. The family is sick, the car needs to be fixed and I have to pay the bills . It’s that crazy time of the year. Hope 2018 is better.

  191. Good swim class today then a visit to t-mobile to get my new phone set up. Hooray!
    Thanks for the contest.

  192. Here’s another little bit of a comment for your general perusal: my 24-hour fast raised almost $300 – enough to provide food, shelter & medicine for 3 families in N. Sudan for 3 months. It really does make you grateful for what we have in the western world. Fitting then, that the fast coincided with Thanksgiving.

    1. That’s great! It does make you marvel at how different circumstances can be just based on where you had the privilege or burden of being born.

  193. Can anyone please tell me where this year has got to? Anyhow, back to today; just did the weekly shop & collected Mum’s meds in town and am now settling down to an hour or two on ‘net then cuddling up with a book!

  194. Beautiful picture of the snow! Just doing laundry today and glad its Friday! Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  195. It’s too bad you aren’t seeking moving advice this month because I just remembered the BEST thing about moving: you can use it to explain away any household mess! Just stop cleaning house! When people come in the door just immediately say, “We’re in the middle of a move.” They will nod in sympathy & forgive any mess, lol. And you can use this for months AFTER you arrive at your new house! “We just moved in.” Magic words, I’m telling ya! Milk it for all it’s worth.

      1. I still use it! I just say, “I haven’t unpacked everything from the move, yet” while motioning toward boxes or a mess. I never mention that the move took place almost 4 years ago!

  196. I think you’ll be happy in Idaho. And with modern technology, you can literally ‘see’ & talk to your grandkids EVERY DAY! And you can bring them out to ski!

  197. There are times Connie that I can’t believe you are leaving southern California.. the new place looks wonderful, pretty and you will make great new memories there.. I left the NYC metro area for southern NJ ( lol) and thought I was in no mans land.. but the beach was right there and I adjusted.. then in 99 we made the BIG move to the caribbean and with the ups and downs and the crying relatives I made it and now as a widow when people ask me ” are you going back to the states” I say NO.. this is my home and I love it.. You will love your new home also… trust me….

  198. Hi! It’s easy again! Lol I don’t if it’s because it is 3am or what but I’m issues with filling out the entries! I’m also bummed that I don’t get some points because I don’t have a blog! ? It’s ok!

    1. Ok so I meant to say it’s me again. Lol I think my iPad is messing with me!??I wasn’t able to fill out all the entries because they don’t go anywhere. I will try again later I guess. ?

  199. Well, it is 3am. So I’m on twitter and seen your awesome giveaway! So excited because I usually miss the start of them! Lol Thank you for the chance! It is definitely needed!

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